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I had a bit of a warning a few weeks ago that an Uncle from overseas  might be in town but wasn’t informed of the time and the date. So it was in between being a surprise and an expectation when I received a call at 3 p.m. from said Uncle that we are expected at  Restoran Chinatown Pavilion at 7 p.m. Both Uncle and his traveling companion do not have mobile phones and the hotel that they were at, do not have phones in the room..err..kinda tricky …which took me back to the pre-wireless era

I am not sure what is the condition and food at Restoran Chinatown Pavillion so had also made reservation at another restaurant as standby.  Anyway, we made it safely to Restoran Chinatown Pavilion and it looked ok so we stuck with Uncle’s choice lah.

What we ordered :

Four heavenly kings –. The aromatic gravy of dried prawn, chili, bean paste and whatever that was put into this dish worked ! In my book, this dish can almost score a 10/10 lah. The four kings are : French bean, four angle bean, brinjal and asparagus. If petai was included ( they do not have petai) , I might even score this a 11/10.

 Famous tofu – deep fried tofu topped with crunchy bits of dried prawns, onions and whatever that was put into this dish worked.Another winner.  I dunno lah..i think the dishes served at  definitely fit my taste buds.

 Prawns – prawns were fresh, the gravy had onions, chili and whatever sauces made this another enjoyable dish. Can be a bit salty but still very enjoyable.

 We ordered half of the Crispy salted kampong chicken –the kampong chicken was tender and the saltiness was adequate. This was light and didn’t feel sluggish or too meaty. I am not sure why I am using ‘sluggish’ and associating it with food …

 The total bill – for the above bill plus 4 rice, 2 beers and Chinese tea came to ~ RM140, which is probably on the pricey side but I guess Hang Lekir is a touristy place and this is a tourist price guarr. I am pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised of being served such a tasty meal..

 Location :
25 & 27 Jalan Hang Lekir
5000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 20709284