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Sometimes, you need to go up market a bit lah, and to me, having an English tea on a lazy weekend where you can sink yourself into thick and comfy upholstery and lift your little pinkie as your sip tea is something both aristocratic and elegant…. maybe I was thinking of the Queen , the one in England- in case you are wondering . Although I must say – and I guess you would know without me telling you that- I have not both of these quantities- the closest link to  aristocracy that I could think of  is I know of a friend who has a friend that has a Datukship. I don’t even know any datuk directly – let me rephrase that – there is no Datuk that know of me ..if there are any Datuk, Datin or Tan Seri that is reading this, please identify yourself, Do you have a FB account  ? Let’s go for tea hor ?

Back to tea and being a commoner…

I called Piano Loungue at Dorsett Regency a week earlier to reserved a place / to redeem the voucher (Don’t even talk about being aristocratic, have tea also must use voucher one…) and was lucky that I did as while we were having our tea the rest of the sofa spaces were being taken up. There were three of us and the high tea was for two, so we ordered an extra drink so that the third fella has something to sip .

 Sandwiches – we were served salmon sandwiches and incidentally the other two that I was sharing my meal with do not eat raw fish. And so , heroic me had to save the day and finished all the sandwiches- all four of ‘em. The salmon where thinly sliced, with some mayo and vegetable which made the filing moist but I find the bread slightly dry lah. 

The next tier were the scones and puffs… the puffs were savoury but maybe a bit too pasty and not that generous with the filings. I find the scones ok but the other two said that these were dry and ‘heavy’ so- guess who got to finished the scones too? But I am not complaining, I like scones and the burst of sweetness when you bite into a raisin

The third tier were the tarts and cakes- and guess who didn’t get to eat these ? I only got a bite of the carrot cake- which was nice- moist and rich. The chocolate layered cake thingy was soft and nice too. I didn’t get to taste the tartlets at all ! aAnd after finishing 4 sandwiches and 2 scones I guess I have to give the others a chance to taste the food too.

Overall, I won’t say that it was an outstanding afternoon tea but can lahh..

 Piano Lounge  +603-5031 6060

Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
Address: Jalan SS12/1, 47500 Subang Jaya


A bit of diversion from food – i was at Midvalley Megamall a few weeks ago and had the chance to have a look at the ‘Mickey Mouse through the years’ exhibition , where Mickey the well known rodent that is familiar to us all had a makeover …kinda interesting Would you have guessed that this was Mickey..? Inspired by Alice In Wonderland ? Hail Queen MickeyOk ok..back to food.

The food court at Carrefour in Subang Jaya was out of action for a few months and finally it re-opened a few weeks back, for the better , I think. Most of the stalls/ counters that exist before the renovation were retained with some additional new eateries / restaurants, one of them was Kung Fu . The Kung Fu signboard came with a figure of the Big Boss himself , Bruce Lee..The setting was simple with red and white plastic chairs.  One would order at the counter , then collect your food when  your number is called. During our visit, there weren’t that many customers and we had our food delivered to our table.What we ate..

Crispy pork chop coated with oatmeal ( RM9.90), the presentation was nice, a mayo net was cast over the pork chop, this came with a bowl of rice. The pork chop was in thin flatten section, it was crispy, can’t say we detect any oatmeal on the coating though. the pork was tender and well marinated. Nice.

I ordered ‘Ye Ye ( grandpa) ginger duck rice (RM8.50) , the duck was tender and the tasty gravy seemed to have fully penetrated the duck, making this very flavourful, there were plenty of soft and flavourful  ginger slices were deliciouos too. ah..nice. This came with a bowl of rice as well. I think they should use another serving plate lah, as there was a ‘blank’ section of the plate which looked a bit odd and undone.

Soup of the day (RM3.90) was ABC soup, we had about 4 small bowls of soup out of the bigger bowl. The pepper was a bit too strong for my liking but F liked it fine.

Century egg and pork porridge- the texture of the porridge was even and not too gooey, which was the way I liked it. there were generous amount of century eggs in this too and maybe a tad too heavy on the sesame oil but overall, not bad lah.

‘Khau yoke ‘ Pork and yam , with rice. This was not bad. The pork portions were kinda fat and oily but then if too lean then the meat would be dry and tough. The yam slices were soft and crumbled when touched. This was good too.

For an addition of RM4.90, we were get a plate of vegetable, 2 fried thingies and a drink. Well, we decided to try this  since all the other dishes that we ordered didn’t have much vegetables. This was  a bit of a disappointment, the portion of vegetable were so small only ah ? taste-wise ok lah. The fried stuff were fish tofu and something like ‘lorbak’- normal lah

Although all the dishes were rather salty, overall, pretty enjoyable meal, I am still puzzled what does the name KungFu got to do with the food served at KungFu,

 Location :
FO5, Second Floor,
Carrefour Shopping Centre, Subang Jaya.

This was my first trip to First Subang so we did a bit of a walkabout to check out the complex, it was a mid sized complex , looked very new and not that busy.

We decide to give The Library a try.  It was not a regular lunch hour, ~ 2pm, we were the only patron there . We were inside the complex and only saw a smallish door which was too small to be a main door so  we walked all over the place inside the complex and yet failed to find  a more entrance-ish kinda door, so we resort to slipped in thru the side door. where kegs of beers lined the walls. The deco  : shelves of books, kimono clad mannequin with a lampshade as its’ head, dozens of colourful Japanese fish kites/flags and large overhead TVs graced the restaurant – mainly showing football and  one was showing music videos. While the PA emitted  a wide variety  of songs ranging from Lady Gaga to Boney M to Thai and Malay songs.

The ala carte menu seemed pretty pricy, what attract us was the set meal, which was RM16.90 ++inclusive of drinks, main course plus appetizer.

For drinks , I had iced lemon tea- which was a very much watered down version and the others that had coke complained that these were flat.

For the appetizer : it was either  mushroom soup or salad. The mushroom soup was rather watery and had bits in it that I think must be mushroom. My choice of salad seemed  a better option as I got a big bowl of tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and capsicum- the sauce was nothing great though- it looks like thousand island but taste like mustard ?

Fish and chips- I liked the thick chips , and as this was the fish dish to arrived and we were distraughtly hungry, everyone attacked this dish.  The 4 pieces of fish squares were deep fried, taste was pretty ok even without the chili sauce. Only complain was that they were a bit heavy handed with the salt on the chips.

Stuffed chicken leg – came with rolled up chicken meat , a blob of mashed potatoes and some steamed vegetable – carrots, French beans and cauliflower. The chicken meat were cut into sheets and then rolled, at the centre of the roll were some mushy softer stuff which tasted like liver- which some (like me) liked and some otherwise. I feel that these chicken roll were fried for a bit too long as the meat were overly dry and hard. The mash potatoes were creamy though.

Chicken Fajita – this started a discussion :  did the popiah come first or the Fajita…I dunno, do you ? Chicken cubes plus lettuce and some other chopped vegetables were rolled with the soft fajita and seasoned with some mayo. This was not too bad although the chicken could use with a little bit more of marinate as it was rather bland. This dish came with a generous portion of chips as well.

Overall, an ok meal and the servings were rather large.

There are a multitude of beers available by the kegs or off the tap. Live band are available on Friday and Saturdays.

The Library
Lot G1, G2 and G27, Ground Floor,
First Subang, SS15/4G
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel : 010 877 7237 / 7238