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I hadn’t been to IOI Mall for many months and was pleasantly surprised that there had been some extension and with that additional shopping and  a few more eateries and one of them was TGIF… Yayyy.. My first TGIF experience was at Section 14 ages ago and I still remember the immense joy and satisfaction I experienced from that first mouthful of TGIF’s mud pie – a piece of heaven…Hmmmm…

I was curious about the origin of the phrase and  looked up ‘Thank god it’s friday’ on Wiki- and found that  ‘ The term was originated by the Akron, Ohio disk jockey Jerry Healy on radio station WAKR the early 1970s’ . So, now you  know.

From their official website ( click here) , the first TGIF in Malaysia opened in 1994 and there are now 13 restaurants in Klang Valley, Johor and Penang.

Restaurants everywhere lure their patrons to order more than what they could eat by promoting combo meals. Well, we were willingly lured by the 2 course meal offered by TGIF – appetizer and entree at RM29.90 ( click  here for details of the 2 course meal ).   Or maybe I should say half lured, as yours truly  didn’t succumb to gluttony and greediness ( ahem)  and opted for a stand alone meal.

For the appetizer we chose to have – Boneless wings – succulent pieces of chicken breast basted in TGIF traditional buffalo sauce . I find the deep fried chicken very salty and cheesy, I don’t mind the cheesy part but it’s the salty part that I mind lah. The celery sticks were good for the conscience as heyy, I am eating my greens too! The fresh and crispy celery was also a good balance to the heavily flavored chicken.


And our entrée was – Southwest Adobo chicken  – roasted half chicken with lemon, garlic, cilantro and herbs, served with sweet potato fries and spicy jalepeno chili sauce. The chicken was rather plain tasting and not being a fan of chicken breast, I find the meat a bit tough. But this was greatly improved with the sauce. The best thing about this dish was….the sweet potato fries, a change from the usual fries ( potato), the sweet potato was sweet, soft and yum ! the burning question – where were the goreng pisang ?


Sizzling chicken and cheese (RM29.90) , I am a sucker for cheese ( excluding blue can you people eat this ? !) ,  ..- sizzling skillet of onions and peppers together with garlic marinated chicken breast over melted Colby & Jack cheeses served with cheddar cheese mashed potatoes. This arrived,  sizzling , spluttering and blowing smoke,,and messed up my glasses. Ahh..again, chicken breast …they seemed to be following me everywhere. And again, rather bland chicken. The mashed potatoes was rather good, creamy and rich. The melted cheese was good with the soft onions and peppers  but after the hot  pan had cooled, the melted cheese had kinda stuck  to it and deprived me of my pleasures. I was scraping away on the pan for MY cheese  and then a corner of  the molten cheese lifted and voila, a large piece of molten cheese dislodge from the pan revealing the smooth dark surface of the pan.  I wrapped the cheese ‘slice’ around the chicken meat and YUM…I am not sure what is the protocol of eating sizzling chicken and cheese, i.e should one scrap the pan and feast on the molten cheese, but the thing is, the pan was rather clean after I finished with it.

 Location :

TGI Friday’s

Lot EG001, EG30 & EG31
Ground Floor, IOI Mall (New Wing), Batu 9
Jalan Puchong, Bandar Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong, Selangor
tel: 03 – 8070 7350

Shopping is a tiring affair for the feet and the bank account. Don’t you hate the large crowds ? ( oh, you don’t ? then it’s just me, being antisocial). Don’t you hate those pretty young girls , with their killer heels,  oh wow, envy envy envy – (how can they walk for hours and hours without spraining their ankles ?) not a single strand of shiny healthy hair out of place,  makeup still flawless, perfect set of teeth..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Think of  the long  queue at the cashiers,  the long queue at the washroom ,  the long queue at the changing room . ARrgggggggggggggggg!

Walking around the mall  (without killer heels or shiny healthy swaying hair) is a tiring affair.Oh, I said that earlier, I guess I need to emphasize the point and to justify having a break just one hour after lunch . I was in desperate need to rest my feet and to have a drink. And in the vicinity was Rak Thai, ah…..sawadeee kha

It was way past lunch hour, but the place was  pretty packed. The environment was good, very Thai-ish – with the Buddha statues , the Thai music, the Thai waiters /waitresses, the crowd savouring Thai food etc etc


There were also a variety of Thai sauces, noodles and whatnots for sale.


This was our tea break, so nothing too heavy, we ordered : Som tam, mango sticky rice, Tab tim grob and Lin Chi Kang ( oh yeah, nothing Thai about LCK, I just needed the sugar rush)

Som Tam /papaya salad (RM4.90) – this is usually prepared by pounding the following ingredients in a wooden mortar : green ( unriped) papaya shreds plus long beans, chili padi , onions, garlic, dried prawns  etc .


The dish was garnished with roasted peanuts . With a few  squeezes of lime and some special sauce / brew.The som tam that arrived at our table looked pretty enough but somehow lacked the ummph in the taste department. Spicy- checked , Sour- not sour enough, ,  Sweet-not sweet enough. Seemed like a watered down som tam to me.


 Lien Chi Kang (RM4.90 )- this was biasa lah . Tab tim grob ( RM5.90)- waterchestnut  with the ruby coloured skin thingy and jackfruit. I find that the santan ( coconut milk) gravy was not sweet enough to make this enjoyable for me. Or maybe Rak Thai support the Malaysian Government plea- that Malaysians are eating too much sugar ? the jackfruit weren’t too cooperative as well, the aroma of the sweet ripe jackfruit was seriously missed.


Mango sticky rice (RM4.90) – oh..come on, I really want to have something positive to write about the experience at Rak Thai. I guess the Mango sticky rice was the wrong choice and didn’t save the day. The sticky rice was an unattractive blob of white, it was tasteless and sticky ( the grains of rice seemed to have coagulate and fused into something else). And the mango wasn’t sweet. Drat !! [ if I have done some net search, I would have avoided the mango sticky rice , for most of the reviews for this wasn’t so great either]


Overall , a kinda disappointing tea break for me. But please don’t take my word for it. I read rave reviews from other blogs about the clear tom yam noodles and the other dishes (which we didn’t try ) that Rak Thai serves.

 Rak Thai

LG 232 A, The Gardens

Mid Valley City

I tend to cringe( a bit)  stepping into a Japanese restaurant ( not that I frequent them too much seeing that this in my first posting on Japanese food after more than a year of being online), having to ‘suffer ‘ the ritual of facing individual/ rows of  waitresses /waiters  screaming/ reciting  their welcomes ( I do not understand a word of what they were saying, they could be saying that ‘ there is a really good program on TV tonight or ‘what a group of badly dressed people’ but I take it that they were welcoming us ) as one stepped into their establishment.

No difference at Midori, we went through the recitals at the entrance and were taken to our seats, the set up was rather nice and cozy.


To cut down on waiting time, we had pre-ordered  the special Bento set  for everyone, and once everyone was seated, the food arrived, fast and furious.

The Chawan Mushi ( steamed egg custard) was a delight, smooth, light and so tasty, I scraped the bowl clean of  steamed egg molecules.


Then the Bento box arrived. Tan tan taraaa…. In the box, we get :-

Yasai sarada ( fresh garden salad), Yasai  Nimono ( simmered vege in light stock) . Tori Tatsutaage (deep-fried marinated chicken) – which I found to be kinda dry, kaisen furai (deep-fried crumbed assorted seafood ) – the batter seemed a bit thick and heavy , I would have prefer the lighter tempura batter. Shake teppanyaki (Norwegian salmon on teppanyaki hotplate)- which was rather nice. Some pickles, and also steamed white rice.


We also had the customary Miso soup ( Japanese bean-paste soup) and green tea.

Overall an ok meal and I won’t mind another helping of Chawan mushi..hmm…yummm.

Open daily :-

Lunch: 11.30pm- 2.30pm Dinner: 6.30pm- 10.00pm

Location : Marriot Putrajaya, 101 Resort, Putrajaya

 Telephone: 603- 8949888 ext 1222/1223