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This was my first trip to Surabaya and to meet up with Pak Vic a business contact that I have not met, so, it was an interesting wait at the arrival hall of Juanda International Airport, I am not sure what Pak Vic  looked like and vice versa, kinda like a blind date…err..maybe not..and that made me wonder, how did we managed in the past without handphones, well it wasn’t too long ago, and now it seemed like something we cannot do without. Anyway, upon exiting the arrival hall, I gave Pak Vic a call and the conversation was something like – ‘Selamat Siang Pak Vic,  oh yeah, I have arrived, I am wearing a  black polo shirt standing in front of the cafe’  and in turn I was told to look out for Pak Vic in a red shirt…lucky the airport was not swamped with people in black and red shirt that day …. We had drinks at the cafe and made the necessary plans for the customers visits…

Made a few blunders with my Bahasa Malaysia/ Indonesia, I hope the customers thought that was cute and I didn’t looked too big a mongkang. Haha…anyway, after all that work, it was lunch time…We drove up to a bungalow-like building – Pondok Tempo Doeloe

Vic did the ordering , while I stared at people sitting in the restaurant, the set up was cozy with nice wooden furniture and  the low chatter of the diners.setting

Es Cianjur – Es = ice. This was like a ABC, but the ice was a bit more coarse than what we get back in KL. And in this Chef recommendation – there were the black pulut ( sticky rice), coconut, jelly, avocado and milk. Just the perfect drink / dessert after exposure to the hot Indonesian sun.  Cianjur is the name of the city in West Jawa, located between Jakarta and BandungABC

I had nasi uduk –rice in coconut milk – which is similar to our nasi lemak. Uduk means ‘mixed’ , i.e the rice was mixed with coconut milk and some spices  during the cooking process.nasi uduk

Gurame bakar – deep fried carp, the fish was crispy but fried just right that the meat wasn’t dry, there was a special original sauce that came with the fish, yummilicious.gurame goreng

Gurame Pesmol – the menu described it as  fried gurame cooked with yellow seasoning ( tumeric ?) Sudanese spices , chilies and tomatoes. Vic urged me to try the gravy, it was sourish but tasty and when very well with the fish, now I am not sure do I like the gurame pesmol better or the gurame bakar, life is full of hard choices !fish

Stir fried kangkong – this was average.kangkong

Overall, an interesting meal . IBC or Ikan Bakar Cianjur has a few branches in Indonesia. You can read up about IBC at their official website

Location :
Pondok Tempo Doeloe
Jl. Mayjen Sungkono No. 206-208
Surabaya, East Java.

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, below is a view of Surabaya from the hotel surabaya

Restoran Tak Fok is famous for crabs, lobsters and such..and well, during my visit, over half of the people at my table had issues with cholesterol – so I guess you know where this post is heading- dining at a restaurant that is known for crabs and not order any . When we stepped into Tak Fok, I could hear Cheng grumbling about the colour of the table cloth. Itu lah, we Chinese like red- red colour one, we see white- white table cloth, not so siok one lorrr.setting

The waitress appeared at our table promptly to take our order, she seemed to know well enough about the menu but I found her to be a bit cold and kinda missed the bantering, or maybe it was because she find us weird when we didn’t order any crabs or lobsters.. There was a promotion on at the moment , for any orders above RM30 in one bill, you only pay RM1 for one of dishes on the special promotional menu.

Chopped garlic, chili padi and an interesting looking dip- this tasted like it had dried prawns in it , it wasn’t spicy and rather tasty really.sosPickled raw papayapickles

Chicken with marmite sauce 妈蜜鸡( RM14), the sliced chicken meat were tender and with a slightly sweetish taste, this was nice. I can’t stand marmite when they come in their little smelly, but I find that with marmite dishes, somehow the flavour that I was adverse to will miraculously be non existentmarmite chicken

Braised tofu with seafood 星光豆腐(RM14) – the tofu , I think these were closer to being tau-kwa as there were tougher – were deep fried and then bath in a soupy gravy. Taste wise, this was usual, nothing outstanding.tofu

Long bone pork 一枝骨( RM26) – this was like pork ribs but then there were no big ‘central’ bone, so from the piece you see in the picture below, more than 90% was meat, and it was very good meat too, it was like a cross between roast pork and charsiu, The meat was not overly fatty, not overly lean, it  was moist and tender. This was a magnificent dish. And there were some broccoli served at the side tooribs

For our RM1 promotional dish, we ordered claypot brinjal, this came with minced meat and gooey black sauce. a good choice. This was nice too.brinjal

The total bill came to a bit less than RM75 including drinks ( herbal drink which received good comment all around) and 3 rice. The portions were not that big but I think that it managed to feed 5 of us without any problem.

Overall, an enjoyable meal, maybe next round I will visit Tak Fok again without those cholesterol laden people ( opps, I should mention that I am one of them ..) and have some crabs ! what say you ?

No.26a, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa (Faber Plaza)
Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur 58100
Tel : 7981 1446