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Back in the ancient days , from Permatang Pasir,  you would have to pass  a floating bridge to get across a river to get to Sungai Dua , it was kinda exciting to be on a motorbike and to get on the bridge, I have vague memory of this, but I seemed to remember that it’s one way traffic on the bridge and when you see a round green wooden sign,  it’s your turn to get on the bridge and when it’s red, you wait for your turn. Alas, maybe 12 – 15 years ago, this has been replaced by a ‘real’ concrete bridge/road which doesn’t rise or fall with the tide. And double alas ( if there is such a word), the river has dried up and there is no longer a river..well, that’s development for you.

Anyway, back to the main topic, mee udang/ prawn mee

There used to be 2 mee udang stall operating at the same location, and we would always crack our head trying to recall which one serves better food but now, there will no longer be any dilemma as there is only one stall here. After you arrive, before you take a seat and get comfortable, I would suggest you go towards the icebox (next to the counter) and get your hands wet ( and cold), and select the prawns that you want for your meal, well, you can of course ask the waitress to do the honors. 1 only wanted one prawn, my colleague will have two and we decide to get three for our visitor. So, we asked the Kak ( waitress ( sister)) to select 6 medium sized prawns for us.


There are two choice for the noodles, soupy ( mee soup)  or the dry ( mee goreng) version, we ordered both.

It was a nice warm day, just nice for a cold fresh coconut drink ( RM3.50 each) , although we asked not to add any sugar to the drink, this seemed too sweet to be natural.


While waiting for the noodles, saw this notice, declaring that they will be closing during the Puasa ( fasting)  period from 21st  Aug – 12th Sept. ( yes,Mr Polis is watching you, from the flat screen TV, that is )


The soupy noodles arrived first, cabbages, taugeh, fried onions, tomato, spring onions and  hard boiled egg slices  complimented  the dish. The soup was tasty and the prawns were very fresh. The yellow noodles seemed a bit undercooked though, we were the first customer, maybe the cook was in a hurry..


The Mee goreng- this is like mee mamak,  probably pretty much the same vege used as in the soupy noodles, and the cook did a perfect job, I give this a 10/10 rating ! this was yummy yummy and  yummy, the perfect blend and balance of taste. I prefer this to the soupy noodles.


Overall, an enjoyable meal, although it can be pricey – for this meal ( including drinks), it cost us RM65+

**updates 5/8, the mee were RM3 per serving, we asked for 2 servings/pax for the dry and wet noodles  so, it was RM6 / plate or bowl  for what u see in the pixs, and the prawns were charged at RM80/kg, the 6 prawns that we had came close to half a kg 



Business Hours 12pm – 12am



Selera Sri Tambang

No.1 Pengkalan Tambang

13500 Permatang P{asir,

Bukit Mertajam

Tel 012 575 9662 / 017 4633944


From the pekan of Permatang Pauh, take the road leading to Penanti ( this place is halfway between P.pauh and Penanti) , you will pass beautiful green paddy fields and ~ 3 minutes drive, you will come to crossroad ( before crossroad, you see a rice mill on your right and directly at the juntion a kedai kopi) make a right turn, you will pass Sek. Keb Permatang Pasir on your right, go straight and when you come to a highway sorta structure and where  the road start to fork, take the left road, and you will come to  the restaurant ( which is at a dead end)

When I started this blog, Wikipedia Lim ( aka my food adviser) passed me some names cards of eateries, one of them was  Star Village. Key words include :  torchlights ( apparently they provide torchlights as it’s too dark to read the menu), puzzles ( games/puzzles  will be provided to lessen the pain of waiting )  and importantly : don’t forget to visit the bathroom , with that in mind, on a Sunday afternoon, we headed to OUG. (They have 2 other branches at Kuchai Lama and Kota Damansara)

A friendly waitress greet us at the door, the place was errr..deserted, at one corner , a family of four was dining, and that was it. The dining area was cozy, decorated with  straws, greens and various knick knacks all over the place


As you can see from the pix above, the interior is not that dark, so I wasn’t too surprise when they didn’t hand us torchlights to illuminate our menu. ( myth #1 : down) , the menu was extensive , (you can have a look at what they have to offer by clicking here ) and it was not easy to make a decision, so we look for the recommendations, ‘thumbs up’ signs  and there were also some dishes with  some ‘explosive’ signs  on the side too, I wonder does this indicate the level of spiciness ah ?

There was a 5 thumbs-up rating for Sun Tea, but I am not that into tea lah, so we didn’t try that.  For drinks we ordered : Fly to the sky I ( orange +cocktail + strawberry, RM9.80)  and Lucky leave ( kiwi fruit+ apple +sour plum, RM7.90 ). Fly to the sky tasted a bit ‘artificial’ to me, ..and it’s red jellies that you see at the bottom of the glass, (I thought the waitress said strawberry, my mistake probably). Lucky leave- was not bad, a refreshing drink, sourish, sweet a good combination.


And I will reveal that myth #2 : puzzles, no, we weren’t offered any puzzles while we wait. Then i start to wonder , was I at the same restaurant that Wiki Lim recommended..hmmmm ? at this point, the family of four had completed their meal, and we were the sole occupant in the restaurant.

My makan companion likes fish and as the Blue Fish had a 4 thumbs-up rating on the menu , we decide to go for this, ( mild hesitation due to the price tag of  RM25.90), well..deep sea fish mahh..sure more expensive one lahh..


I would rate the fish as average, it was meaty but find that the meat was a bit flaky ( not firm), the salad was good through and so were the thick crispy chips.

I had the Grill Cheese chicken  RM16.90 ( rated 3 thumbs up on the menu), this was ok lah, although from the name,  I was expecting the chicken to be drenched in cheese, it wasn’t. There was a piece of ham on top of the  chicken, which was interesting. Although the meat was tender ,  there were  a lot of ‘tendon’ / tough cartilage kinda thingy throughout the piece  of chicken, i wonder why ?


At 1:45. the waitress approached our table and asked if there are anything else that we would like to order, as this is the last call. We declined and after a short while, we heard the clanking of the metal doors and ohh..they are closing already.. we quickly finished our meal, I wanted to check out myth #3, the bathroom, but couldn’t locate it as there was no one around to ask for directions ( they were too busy with the doors, I guess)

There were 2 dining areas, one with air-conditioning ( where we were)  and one without (outdoor). When we were settling the bill at the cashier (the cashier was at the ‘outdoor’ area), I saw little baskets fill with  those puzzle thingies (those IQ stuff, metal thingies with 2 twisted / entwined  members which you are suppose to dislodge, wooden blocks etc).

I met up with Wiki a few days after the meal and complained that there were no torchlight, no puzzles and the missed opportunity to visit the bathroom, and his comment was ‘ Ceehhh..where got people eat chicken chop in the day time one , people go for western meal at night one maahhhhh’. Huh ? like that one mehhh ? cannot eat chicken chop in the day time one ahh, no one told me about this ?  

I would rate the food as average, and after checking out reviews from other blogs, I am glad to say that the reviews were much more positive than mine , so, if you do visit, please go at night ( which is the right time for chicken chop) and make sure that they provide you with the torchlight, puzzles  and don’t forget to visit the acclaimed bathroom ! NB: Wiki mentioned that the place is packed at night. 


Star Village Wastern Food

75, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
Taman OUG,
Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 KL.

Tel : 7784 3117

Location map is available here

Ms Host asked ‘have you tried broken rice ?’ I shook my head and start to wonder what is broken rice but my train of thought was interrupted by my fellow traveler who asked  ‘ have you ever been in a lift with a sofa  ?’. Again, I shook my head. Apparently, this can be found at The Royal Club in Renaissance Hotel Ho Chi Minh,  it’s a 3 seater sofa, the lift also has curtains and  decorated to be like a room. If those of you reading this can confirm it , please let me know .  Call me a katak under the tempurung, but I have never seen sofas in a lift before.

Anyway, back to broken rice..

Cơm Tấm Mộc looks like a regular ( more up market) fast food place, good lighting, staff in uniforms, wooden chairs and tables, magazines on the racks etc

And then, I found out what is broken rice, it’s broken rice lorr..i.e what we would consider to be lower grade rice when compared to the ‘regular’ full grain rice . Explanation from their official website : Broken rice is the rice which is broken into 2 or 3 pieces. Broken rice – Cơm Tấm is considered as one of the most traditional food from the South of Viet Nam, together with Phở from the North. You can read more about the restaurant, plus the menu and other info at the website.

Ms Host decided that everyone should have a basic set meal :  which consist of broken rice with pork BBQ, pork skin, minced pork pie


The square whitish thingy was of course the rice, dun feel any different eating this compared to regular ‘unbroken’ rice ( not that I noticed, that is)  , pork BBQ was rather good, tender, succulent and well marinated. Tasty ! Pork skin were shredded to very fine ‘strings’, looked a bit like rubberband and luckily didn’t taste like rubberband ( not that I have tasted rubberbands before), not much of taste to this actually but it does have  a nice texture to chew on. Minced pork pie ( the diamond shaped thingy) was a bit like steamed minced pork, but maybe the meat packed more loosely , the texture was soft-ish, taste was mild.

You get a bowl of vegetable soup with the set meal. Choy- sum soup, very refreshingly green and choy sum-ish.i think there were also some kangkong in the soup.

vege soup

We ordered a braised pork set as well – you get a hard boiled egg plus meaty fatty pork. I find the serving a bit small though . The braised pork was tasty and very tender . The gravy went very well with rice.Yumm


We also had the fish in claypot set , the gravy was thicker and sweet-ish compared to the braised pork gravy. Fish was meaty and tasted pretty ok.


We hadn’t been eating much greens lately, so Ms Host ordered a plate of vegetables, turned out to be a mix vege platter, including : choy sum, cabbage, carrots, sweet pea, petola, baby corns. These were blanched in hot water and served, pretty basic but was a good choice as all  the other dishes  had strong flavours


I am not sure what time they open for business but i know that they close at 9pm

So now I know what broken rice is but I still hadn’t been in a lift with a sofa … so how huh  ?