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Rice Dumplings

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Things To Do

The hardwares

  • Bamboo leaves – soak these overnight in water , and if you still find that they are not soft enough, boil them in water. ( if the leaves are not soft enough, they will be brittle and breaks easily during wrapping)
  • Strings – you will need to soak these too ( unless you are using the raffia strings)
  • A big pot to boil the dumplings


The yummy stuff /ingredients


 1 kg of glutinous rice, soak in water for a while, drain- add some salt and oil and mix well  ( some versions will also call for adding some  soya sauce and thick soya sauce into the rice and fry it for a bit before wrapping)

 Pork , cut into big cubes , marinate overnight with :-5 spice powder, pepper, salt, sesame oil, oyster sauce, thick soy sauce and soy sauce

 Split green beans- soaked in water for 10 – 30 minutes

 Dried prawns – soaked in water for 1-2 hours

Mushroom- soak to soften , marinate overnight with 5 spice powder, oyster sauce, thick soy sauce, soy sauce and some sugar ( retain  the water used for soaking to boil the dumplings )

Chestnut- soak overnight and remove the bits of skin/shell that are caught in the crevices

Salted egg yolks ( divide 1 yolk into 4 portions)

 Optionals :- dried sotong, peanuts, broad beans, Chinese sausages  etc

 NB: for 1kg of glutionous rice, we made ~ 35 pieces of s-sized  dumplings


Keeping it under wraps

The most challenging part of dumpling making is of course the wrapping, and the number of leaves used will depend on the shape and size of the dumplings. This is the version that my mum makes.

If you would like to see a video of this , please click here , or read on

1.take 2 leaves, cross them at the centre- make an X

x leaves

2. twist the leaves to make a conical  shaped ‘mould’  (like the shape of an upside down nasi lemak )

fold shape

3. put all the ingredients into the mould


4. Add additional leaves at the sides if required


5. Fold-down both sides of  the leaves –covering the contents of the dumplings


6. Fold over the leaves at one end


7. Fold over the leaves of the other end


8. use a string to secure the dumpling 


9.ending up with a knot on the ‘under side’ of the dumpling


10. Cut away the excess part of the leaves


11. Boil the dumplings – in order to save time, you could start to heat up the water while wrapping the dumplings, add some salt into the water ( you can also pour in the water used to soak the mushrooms).  the time required will depend on the size of the dumpling, the ones that I did ( considered small size) took about 1:15 hours, larger sizes may take up to 2- 2:30 hours.


Bon appetite !!


NB: to make things easier / if you chose not to ‘wrap’ the dumplings, what you can do is lined a  bowl use for steaming with lotus leaf / bamboo leaves, pour in the ingredients, and steamed it.

NB2: i was reminded not to  forget to give credit to the photographer.

When I first came across the name Aheko hot soup restaurant in some blogs , I thought it was some Korean or Japanese restaurant or something, since the name is foreign sounding, and only after reading the Chinese name of the shop that the mystery is solved ( for me anyway), it’s Ah Hee Ko, or brother Hee glamour one..

I am not too sure about dining at a hot soup restaurant since my tolerance for hot /spicy food is very low, so we were flipping the pages at the kaki lima of Aheko to see what they have to offer. One of the staff/waiter approached us and explained the menu. including an assurance that—they can ‘tailor made’ the soup to suit what you want, not hot, little bit hot, very hot – all also can one. With that assurance, we decide to try it out.

The menu begin with the Top 6 famous dish 六大名菜

-Aheko hot soup specialty 13/26/39  small/medium /big

-Steamed fish head  18/-/28

-fried fish tofu  8/14/20

-belly pork with seasoned yam  15/-/28

-Cabbage with shrimps  8/12/14

-stir fried chicken with huadio wine 花雕鸡  10/18/26

 As the name imply, Aheko specialty is hot soup, with variations of :seafood hot soup, four season mushroom hot soup, also available : spicy claypot pork with salted fish咸鱼花煲, fried egg with bittergourd/onion/carrot, and seafood which include, steam fish, la-la and curry squid.

 They also offer a variety of combo set which comes with rice and priced from RM6.90..including pork ribss set – sweet and sour fish slice , Spring onion and ginger fish There are also set meals ranging from  :  for 2-3 pax, 3-6 pax. 5-9 pax etc

We ordered : stir fried chicken with huadio wine , Aheko hot soup –pork minus spare parts, less hot, and for vege, the waiter recommended a new dish : mooi choy ( fermented vege) with Hong Kong kailan.

For drinks we had chrysentimum +lemon and Honey lemon –both drinks were pleasant and soothing ( need to order ‘cooling’ drinks la..since we are having hot soup mah)


The hot soup arrived in a clay pot mounted on a steel pedestal ( for want of a better word), there were quite  a lot of needle-mushrooms , button mushrooms and slices of pork in the soup. The taste…Hmm… very tasty.. it was pretty good lah.., it was not very hot ( as per our request)  but still pretty hot, it’s like those ginger-ish kinda hot, this would be perfect for a rainy day. The pork pieces (with a bit of fat) were tender. ( you can order the chicken version if you do not fancy pork). We ordered the small serving, which I think should be able to  feed 2-3 pax.


The stir fried chicken with huadio wine sizzled it’s way to our table and yes ! another winner, this is yummy ! The fragrant of the Chinese wine, the tender chicken pieces –ahh..i would recommend this dish. ( I am glad this dish turn out good as I had to ‘forgo’ my initial choice of belly pork and seasoned yam to try this out)

 wine chicken

When the fermented vege +kailan arrived, it was kinda a surprise, I never expected so much of mooi-choy…( kinda scary really 😛 ) on top of the kailan. Order this only if you love mooi-choy. As for me, there were too much of mooi choy which overpowered the kailan. The kailan was nicely fried and fresh though, crunchy yet not tough


Location :

Aheko Hot Soup

No 6-1, Jalan SP 2/2

Taman Serdang Perdana

Section 2, 43000 Sri Kembangan


(The shoplots next to South Cuty Plaza, Serdang) 

Tel : 8941 1377


For the location Map click here   


Aheko is also available at : First World Hotel, Genting :  Citrus Park, OUG and in Kuching

When I first started this blog, there was always this thought at the back of my mind, what happens when  I run out of eating places  ? That phobia which is termed nomoremakanliaophobia, is still lurking at the back of my mind although in a lesser magnitude  nowadays…know no fear, eat now and worry not.. …that’s what accumulation of   saturated fat and triglycerides will do to you…

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, we head on to Jln Kuchai Lama for lunch, my makan partner for that day was suffering from a toothache, so something soft and soupy was requested.  We parked our car, scanned the street and saw this cozy little shop which we hadn’t noticed before and after seeing that they do serve something soft and soupy, we decided to give it a try.


The menu, included   Ramen and a hometown noodles :

Ramen with minced pork and egg (RM6.90)

Ramen with crispy fried meat ( RM5.90)

Ramen fishball  (RM5.90)

Home town noodle special (RM5.00)

Or rice – bean rice with fried meat (RM5.90), bean rice with fried egg (RM5.00)

And for snacks, Fruit rojak (RM4) is available , crispy fried meat (RM3.50), fishball soup ( 5 pcs)

Tea-break special : White bread- kaya and butter, wholemeal bread with peanut butter. Tuna toasted bread.

The Toothacher ordered the Ramen fishball soup . Alice had a special for that day -Yam rice –, I ordered Yam Rice with crispy meat ( RM5.90). For drinks , the waitress recommended the house specialty Logan Milk..logan with milk…you sure about that..? anyway, being brave people out to conquer where angels fear to tread..… we ordered this, as well as the other recommendation – Special milk tea

The drinks arrived, the logan milk is white..umm…like what you expect milk to look like, I took a cautious sip…ehh…ehh..this is a pretty interesting …the  milk doesn’t overpower the  logan taste, so it’s like you get a sip and get this taste which is  50:50 milk and logan , can you imagine this ?.. Nice and refreshing  The special milk tea was smooth and creamy, not bad..


Ramen fishball soup, the ramen had a nice springy texture, and came with quite a number of fishballs. The fishballs were not bad , springy although  not as fishy as I would expect. Soup was pretty ok too


Yam rice with fried meat – you get crispy ikan bilis on top of the rice, crispy meat , cucumber slices and sambal on the sides. The Yam rice was fragrant with soft mushy yams pieces in it..hmm…the fried meat was tender ( even The Toothacher could enjoy this) and tasty. The sambal belacan looks spicy but wasn’t so, more towards the asam sambal, slightly sour, and it compliment the rice and meat very well. Nice

yam rice 

Service was good , environment was nice, food was ok so – overall, a reasonably enjoyable meal,


Alice Noodle Garden

No.15 Jalan Kuchai Lama

Kuchai Dynasty 3,

Kuchai Entrepruner Park

58200 KL

Tel 012 2936978

 Location map :



 If you know where JoJo Kitchen is , you should be able to find Alice ,  [Alice is on the same road/row  but the next block of shoplots from Jojo ]