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Later in the evening we have tickets to catch a  performance at KLPac , and in the morning, I received an sms saying that we are going to have dinner on a tree somewhere around  Sentul ..HUH ?? I know some misguided people might think Malaysians live on trees, but dinner on a tree is something beyond my league one I bring my own coconut ?

Stepping into Naili is like…hmm…being transported to a beach resort, sandy beaches,  swaying coconut trees, seashells, warm lights…lush greens ….very nice ambience..there are these things that seeing  trees all lighted up does to you…it will make you feel warm and gooey and be in a pretty good mood for dinner !



Our doors opened on 1997. Founded by Jamal and Norizan, the café was inspired by the founder’s daughter – Naili, which means “achievement” in arabic language. We began our humble operations with a mere 4-table setup in an orchard at Sentul. You can read more about Naili by clicking here


We had our own little private pondok (hut)  , you leave your shoes at the verandah and get to sit cross legged on the floor. We were all gushing about the ambience until the waiter came along and we get down to the serious business of ordering dinner.

Naili has a variety of local and western dishes and stand alone meals like , steak, fish and chips, nasi lemak, char koay teow etc. We decided to order some dishes and also some local standalone meals.

The  ice kacang (RM6) looks divine


Chicken Wings (RM15.90) – this seemed to be a must order, as someone in the group seemed to be the President of the Chicken Wing’s fan club. The wings were pretty good, nicely marinated , deep fried- crispy on the outside yet juicy and tender on the inside.


Tom yam ( RM15)- although we ordered the ‘small’ portion, it was not that small, we had enough to go around for 5 of us . there were chicken, prawns and squid in the soup. This was well received although I find it lacked some umppppp/ not much of a kick ..not spicy and sour enough maybe  ….[ Coming from someone whose degree of spiciness is 2/10..anyway, I am happy, as that means I can finish the soup without burning my tongue]


Twin mermaid (RM12.90) – initially I wasn’t impressed, tasted just like any deep fried fish, but after savouring more of it, eh..pretty enjoyable..deep fried to a crisp on the outside and sweet and fresh on the inside ( hehe…2 very blurry mermaids..i am sorry, must be too hungry that my hands are shaking so.. 😛 )


Sayur campur ( RM 6.90) – vege include cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes- everybody agreed that the cook was pretty heavy handed with the pepper, not something I would recommend.


 Mamak mee (RM7.90) – I like this , this was good. ..just the right blend of flavours


Naili’s special fried rice (RM12.90) – this was pretty ok , you get chicken wing, keropok, fried egg, salad on the sides. Although I would prefer the fried rice to be slightly ‘drier’


 I guess I should mention that , no you don’t get to eat dinner on the trees, but rather you get to eat dinner surrounded by trees. There is a 2 storey malay house kinda concept dining area- reservations will be necessary and only for a group of more than 7 pax.


If you have foreign guests or have plans for a romantic dinner , Naili’s place is worth considering.


One other thing , while we were dining, it started to rain pretty heavily ( our shoes at the verandah were all wet) and didn’t stop when we were ready to leave, the staff kindly provided the umbrella as well as accompanied the ‘drivers’ to get to their cars. What a nice gesture !


Bussiness Hours: 5pm to 2am (Open 7 days a week)

Naili’s Place

Taman Dato’ Senu, Sentul
116C, Kampung Chempedak,
Jalan Taman Dato’ Senu
51000 Sentul, Kuala Lumpur

 From the name card, there are 2 other outlets at Ampang Point and Taipan

For reservation : 017 9843350;  019 2020755, 019 0102165 019 3930878