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When I first saw the name Le Porc Dor on one of the Groupon’s  promotion, I thought the name belonged to a  French restaurant, then later found out that it was a play on words to make it sound French . And then  silly me thought that it was something Buddhist-y ( related to Por Thor or something to that effect) and assumed that it was a vegetarian restaurant .  I have been holding on  to the voucher to see if I could find weekends that would  coincide with the first  or fifteen  day of the Chinese calendar for this ‘vegetarian’ meal…( although the deal did say Chinese sausage with steamed chicken, pork slices and yam…I thought it’s like pseudo meat at a vegetarian restaurant one lorrr as my stubborn mind was fixated about ‘vegetarian ‘) but time was running out ( voucher expiry date was drawing near) , so any weekend seemed a good time to go vegetarian and I texted my makan kaki the day before the visit and said that we are going for a vegetarian meal…and only at night did I did  a web search and found that err…this was not a vegetarian restaurant . Me clever or not ?

The Groupon Deal :

 The setting at LPD was cozy, with marbled table tops and wooden chairs and a chalk written menu on the blackboard with  the astrisk–No MSG !

 We got to choose 2 soups ( from a list of nine) and decided to go with winter melon soup and lotus root,lobed Kudzuvine Soup莲藕葛汤 . the rest were fixed, so there was no need to exercise our grey matters.

Oh..before I go into the food matters, the Chinese name of LPD is 老婆多 ( translated to – many wives)  we asked the owners, what is the meaning behind the name, the lady boss replied that it is a man’s dream to have many wives ! Errr…!!  A friend once told me, one wife already headache liao..who needs more !! Maybe he is an exception..

The soups: The lotus, lobed kudzuvine soup was yummy with flavours, I didn’t spot any dried octopus in it, but sure taste like they were there.

The barley winter melon soup was rather bland and paled in comparison to the kudzuvine soup above.

Stir fried yau mak with garlic –the yau mak still have some crunchiness to it and the taste was well balanced and no overkill from the garlic

Chinese sausage with steamed chicken and fungus— this felt like a homecoooked dish and reminded me of mum’s cooking and dinner time at home with mosquitoes flying over our heads and attacking our bare legs underneath the table. ( no, there are no mozzies at LPD). The steamed chicken was tender and the sausage were sausage-ish, the flavour of the sausage permeated the dish which made it fragrant and reminded me (so many reminders one this one dish..) of the Chinese new year waxed meat rice…

Pork slice and yam…ah….the yam piece crumbled under the soft and yummy. The fatty pork were a bit hard though..taste wise..nice…

Overall, I would say that this was an enjoyable meal, the service was friendly ( and the washroom was clean ). And if there were future deals, I think I will come again !

At the front of the shop, there was a display cabinets for cakes, which was kinda pelik for a Chinese restaurant, but Ms Boss explain that they run Bon Ton Cafe too..oh..that is why la..the best seller is the tiramitsu…

Location :

Block G-9, 3rd Mile Square,
  No 151, Jalan Klang Lama,
  Batu 3 1/2 , 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel :  03-7982 7236       Closed on Sundays ( beginning August 2012)

We have read about Sanuki Udon from the various blogs , about the simple but delicious udon ( and also the good looking owner)   but had never had the chance to make a visit, until now….

We made our way to Taman Desa, and headed towards Bukit Desa, and saw the Bukit Desa Condos on our right and on our left was a row of shop houses and saw a shoplot with the paper lanterns- ah..this much be it lahh…

It was about 8 pm and the tables were all taken, the waitress asked if we would care to share a table , we nodded and was shown to a table seated with a lone lady who had a bowl of soupy noodles before her and a novel ,  before I could spy on the title of the book that she was reading we were told that a table was available for us.

A dog eared menu was shown to us, and as both myself and Chunny are not familiar with Japanese cuisine, from the names, it was a bit of a struggle on what is what, kaarage ? what ah  ..yakitori ? errr ? wakeme ? gapo dio …kakiage ?…thank goodness  the menu had pictures to guide us.

Chunny decided to go for the house special with egg (RM5), and I ordered the Kakiage udon ( RM7), and we added : karaage and a singular ebi tempura ( prawn tempura). One can also buy freshly made udon at the Sanuki Udon, RM20 for 1kg which should be able to feed 7 – 8 people . Yakitori, skewered grilled chicken and other ‘spareparts’ of the chicken including the heart, the err..backside ( bishop nose) etc are are also available on the menu

We sat at the table facing the tea counter, where the waiter and waitresses were seen pouring and re-filling the teas.

House special with egg. Apart from the delicious looking wobbly half boiled egg, there was also a dollop of wasabe at the side of the bowl. The waitresses pointed to the sauce and chili powder and said that we could season the udon with these..

Kakiage udon, a large piece of kakiage –a vegetable fritter usually made with strips of onions, carrots and radish  was served with the udon. I like the taste of the kakiage, the different vegetable contributing their unique flavour and the crispiness and the fragrant from the deep frying…ahh…The udon was very Q –which requires a bit of chewing and overall, an interesting texture. The miso soup that the udon was served in was not too overpowering. Not bad..

Karaage- don’t ask me how to pronounce this..this appears to be deep fried chicken. From the www, I found out that the usual way to cook this is marinate the meat with a mix of soy sauce, garlic and ginger, coat with seasoned wheat floor or potato starch and then fry them.  There is a step by step pictorial instruction on how to prepare this dish from the website, please click here . the verdict, the meat was wonderfully soft with a light crispy shell /batter. This was nice.

 One thing that really get to me when visiting a Japanese eatery is everybody and everybody who works there will yell out greeting and thanks yous (or whatever it is that they yell ) whenever a patron enters or  leaves restaurant.  The fella who was taking care of the grilling yakitori skewers, the fella who was deep frying the tempura, the waiter who was refiling the teas, the waitress who was clearing the table, the waiter who was seating the patrons, the guy who was giving you change for the bill …everyone will be chanting and yelling in that high pitched cheerful voice….Grrrrr….

My camera battery went flat after the picture of my bowl of udon, arigatho Chunny for the pixs from your iphone !

Location :

Restaurant Sanuki Udon
9, Jalan Bukit Desa 5,
Taman BukitDesa,
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
( Closed on Mondays)


At Little Jakarta you can order  ala carte dishes like Sambal petai udang balado  (small RM15, Big RM25), crispy fried dancing fish ( RM11.90) , sotong goreng mentega ( S: RM15, B: RM25) , sotong bakar (RM12.90) , Javanese sambal sotong ( S: RM15, B: RM25), rendang beef (S: RM9.90 , B:RM15) , rendang chicken ( S: RM8.90, B : RM12) ,  pepes tenggiri (RM7.50) , ayam kremes (RM7.90) , fried kangkong belacan /garlic ( S: RM10, B : RM15) , Gado Gado (RM7), long beans tempe (S: RM10, B : RM15)  soups include : rawon (RM7.90) , soto ayam and  bakso.

Set meals are available and include  –served with rice : pepes tenggiri special (RM11.90), Javanese sotong balada ( RM9.90) , nasi goreng petai (RM10.90) , ayam bakar set (RM8.90), ikan goreng joget.. ..oh. pretty much what is on the ala carte dishes, can come as a set meal too.  They also serve nasi goreng, mee goreng etc

For drinks..Yikes..i just realised..they serve fresh humans…take a look below : Fresh Orang/ Apel..

 During our time of visit, there was a special promotion…

But of course, we have Groupon and our package as below- although it said for 2 pax there were only 2 choices, during our visit, Little Jakarta gave us three  options : pepes tenggiri special,  ayam bakar nasi goreng and nasi rawon. We decided to go for pepes tenggiri and ayam bakar nasi goreng.

The setting was kopitiam-ish with marbled table tops and wooden chairs, the waiters were efficient and friendly.

Ayam bakar nasi goreng,  –this was described as :  quarter BBQ chicken served with Indon style fried rice, ikan bilis tempe orek, lalapan and keropok bawang. The chicken taste like ayam masak kicap and the rice taste more like rice with kicap rather than fried rice lah. The ayam was tender and the kicap flavour had permeate the chicken thoroughly although we can’t really taste any BBQ-ish fragrant.  The deep fried tempe and the ikan bilis, these were crispy and so tasty- would be something suitable to go with beer. The were a few slices of tomatoes and cucumber with the set – this is the lalapan or vegetable salad

Pepes tenggiri special – this was described as – tenggiri fish cutlets wrapped in banana leaves, served with nasi uduk kuning, telur balado, ikan bilis tempe orek, lalapan amd keropok bawang. The tenggiri cutlets were fresh and I love the fragrant of lemongrass in the curry gravy. Nasi uduk is rice cooked in coconut milk ( like our nasi lemak) with cloves, kayu manis and lemongrass  I was afraid that the nasi uduk would have a strong spice-laced flavour- luckily it wasn’t overpowering. Tempe—yumyum.

For dessert, we have 4 choices : ice kacang,  cendol special, es cincau ijo or cincau ijo limau . We went for the ice kacang and cendol. The ice kacang – a hill of delightful goodies- cendol, cincau, peanuts, red beans, lychee with gula melaka and red syrup, this was sickly sweet—nice…

The cendol was served with the usual cendol and red beans, plus : cincau and lychee, I ate many spoonful of ice kacang before tasting the cendol and I think my tastebuds must have been overpowered by the sweet and flavourful ice kacang as the cendol seemed rather  bland . so a tip for you, please eat the cendol before the ice kacang. I find that the santan was a bit too diluted so this wasn’t as rich as what I would like it to be.

 Overall, an enjoyable meal, I will return to try out the gado-gado, soto and bakso

Location :
GF, Lot 1-0-23, Pearl Point Shopping Mall,
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.