Gubug Makan Mang Engking @ Semarang

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Glorious Food Elsewhere
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It was a short stay at Surabaya and the next evening, I flew to Semarang via Lion Air.  The slogan for Lion Air – We make people fly.. Weeeeeeeeeee.. I won’t comment about the safety records ofthe airline in case I get into a law suit, anyway, it was a relief when we landed safely at the Semerang Ahmad Yani Internationl Airport …phewww..

The next day..customer visits..blah blah blah..then time for lunch..Yay..

Gubug Makan Mang Engking ( my translation =Mang Engking Eating Hut) was gorgeous ! From the parking area, you could see the mountainHillsThe main entrancemainThe interiorinterior

It was kinda hard to order the dishes as there were only two of us, so we agreed to order the meal package for  two with a price of IDR141,000 ( equivalent to about RM40)package

Drinks – Palm sugar with coconut – this was yummy sweet and just the thing for a nice hot day..drinks

A basketful of ricerice1

Gurame bumbu cobek – spiced cobek style carp fish ( IDR 55,000 ( about RM15+ for a la carte) , from  google translate, cobek =mortar. Lucky for me, this was not a spicy dish, the carp was deep fried then the mortar-ed spice and gravy was poured over it. Taste wise, not

A view of the hut opposite where we were at … pretty..

with fishAnd the other huts at the other end pretty…chalets

Udang bakar madu –honey roasted prawns – sickly sweet prawns on skewers, this was ok although I find the prawns slightly dry and lost their succulent textureprawns1

Brokoli ayam jamur- broccoli with chicken and mushroom – the taste was so-so, one of the main factor that reduced the enjoyment of the dishes was that they arrived at the table at a rather lukewarm temperature.vege

Overall, taste wise – an average meal , full marks for the view and ambiencetotal

website :

Location :
 Jl Dopenegoro No. 249, Ungaran
Tel : (024) 7691 0332

    the ikan gurame fish you ate is not a CARP. It actually is the giant gourami which the Indonesians farm as per our Talapia (you rarely find Talapia being served in restaurants in Indonesia). Together with the “Bawal” (the Amazon Pacu) it s the most common fresh water fish served in their restaurants.

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Thanks for the info Jian Shen. In the menu they also named them as carp though…

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