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Selamat Hari Raya

Posted: September 30, 2008 in Mumblings


Selamat Hari Raya to those celebrating,

And happy holidays to all.


Maaf Zahir Batin

The continuous melodious chant of ‘namo ormitofu, namo ormitofu’ playing on the PA makes me solemn and melancholy as  it reminded me of funerals and Ahber in her last moments at the hospital..well, it’s just me… anyway, that is what you will probably hear as you step into Kam Yen for a meal…

Our choice  :  mutton curry, asam fish and plain fried spinach. Herbal drink of the day was barley

The mutton curry was not too bad, although i find the curry powder taste was a bit strong and the texture of the mutton was slightly on the ‘soft’ side lah. The potatoes that came with  the dish was nice and mushy though..


 The fried spinach was ok

The asam fish…hhmm..this was tasty and very sour as well , could sort of imagine my intestine shriveling, I don’t think I would be able to eat this dish without rice. There were also slices of  brinjals, ladies fingers and pineapple, this was the best dish amongst the three.

 The bill came to  ~ RM35, although it was not a big fat bill, I somehow felt  that it was not cheap – considering the set up of the place, the size of the servings and the quality of the food.


Kam Yen Vegetarian Restaurant 感恩素食馆

No. 6-1 Jalan SP 2/4

Taman Serdang Perdana

43300 Seri Kembangan

Tel : 89442298

( Kam Yen is located at the shoplots on the left of  South City Plaza)

Closed on thurs of every 2nd and 4th week. If this falls on 1st  and 15th day of the lunar ca;ender, business will be as usual.

We were undecided on what to have for lunch, and walked up and down Citrus Park to see what catches our eyes, we were studying some banners outside a food outlet and then someone ( which we later found out to be the boss) came up to us and explain the menu , the prices of noodles / rice -set advertised on the banners looks reasonable, including this which clinched the deal – ‘add RM2.50 and you get soup + drinks +  orange ( dessert) and today’s soup is lotus root + peanut, home cooked, no MSG, guaranteed- I boiled the soup myself’

We follow the stairs up to the restaurant.


We selected Spare ribs Noodles (RM6.90)  and Hakka Trotters Rice (RM7.90) and also the ‘Upgrades’ – additional RM2.50. The drinks and soup arrived first, the Loh-Hon and Lorng Ngarn drink taste very ‘serious/authentic/home boiled’. The lotus root+ peanut soup was like something from mum’s kitchen..Yumm.

The oranges looks pretty cute huh ?

The noodles arrived with a very large portion of spare ribs ( boneless) on top plus green vege. The pork was tender and tasted pretty good.


The Hakka Trotters Rice came with sauce for the rice and the Trotters in it’s vinegar sauce. The rice and vegetables came in a separate bowl. The sour and sweet balance of the gravy was just nice and the good for fan of ‘ Chu-koik- chou’ 猪肉醋 ( Station serve another version of Trotter rice -which is said to be like the ‘mun- chu-kiok’)


Station specialty is said to be  Bak Kut Teh ( hence the name) – from reading the newspaper clippings posted on the wall,  BKT is in  the family business for more than 40 years, but Station chose to have a variety and serves other dishes as well.

 Station Bak Kut Teh

Citrus Park,

Plaza OUG

Tel : 79816050

( Citrus Park is in the same plaza hosting  Parkson of Old Klang Road ( or for those that know it in the earlier ages, the old Yaohan ,  or to go back even further – this was where Kimisawa used to be)