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Hadn’t met V for sometime and finally ‘negotiated’a suitable time for a meet-up, I wasn’t sure what was V’s inclination in food, but her simple pre requisite was ‘ anything, as long as it’s tasty’. Hmmm…should I suggest somewhere tried and tested ? or venture to the unknown ? Well, venture to the unknown won, hands down.

As we stepped into Little Tree Cafe, we found it  to be a cozy and comfortable, where you could yak in low voices for hours or get busy with  your laptop as they offer free wi-fi. The cafe occupies 2 shoplot, which must mean rather good business ?

We weren’t sure what to order and asked the waiter to recommend something. V was having Little Milan Chop, I wanted rice ( yeah, typical Asian) and asked for the  butter chicken lotus rice

For drinks, they have  health tea series, premium Italian coffee and fresh juices.  I ordered  the  Refresher – which was Celery + cucumber + sour plum. The strong taste of celery overpowered the other ingredients, very refreshing. Do not order this if you don’t like celery, duh !

V had Rainforest – which was a combination of guava + green apple + sour plum ( and maybe some other stuff), this was rather good. V was rather happy with her drink. (our drinks were RM7.50 each)


Butter chicken with lotus rice ( RM9.90), this was prettily presented. The rice topped with shredded dried seaweed came in a lotus leaf parcel, and a rather generous portion of bite sized chicken pieces drenched in some creamy gravy. The rice was fragrant, rather like chicken rice. and the chicken was interesting, the taste is not unlike  the taste of butter prawns complete with curry leaves and all. This was nice.

 lotus rice

The Little Milan chop (RM15.90)  is a undercover chicken dish…hmmm…the chicken is sandwiched between 2 slices of ham and generous amount of cheese, the dish also came with a dollop of mash potato +cauliflower + broccoli  . this was creamy cheesy rich, the gravy was tasty, the combination of the ham+cheese+chicken was rather good. V was smiling ear to ear and will start to recommend Little Tree to her circle of contacts.

 Little milan

Overall, I would rate this as good , in terms of food , service and environment.

Thanks for the treat V !!


Location  :

 No 13 & 15 Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,

Jalan Kuchai Lama

56200 K.L

Tel 7983 1380

( Little Tree is at the next  block of shop lot behind Jojo’s kitchen, you can refer to the location map to JoJo here )

Biz hours : Mon- Fri 10am – 1 am

                   Sat – Sun 10 am – 2 am

Ever since reading about Restoran Sun Huat Kee which was featured in Food Trails ( in The Star), I have been looking forward to eating that bowl of curry laksa and also having a plate of  Soo Kee beef noodles (without having to go to Jalan Imbi)

Sun Huat Kee is a kopitiam with many stalls selling various kinda food, but since it’s Bangsar we are talking about, it’s a  higher end kinda kopitiam establishment , nicer tables and chairs, nicer looking stalls and probably nicer looking customers  😛

 I was torn between having curry laksa or the beef noodles, but since my fellow diner does not eat beef, guess that meant I was having Moo-moo for lunch ( well, the advantage was, I do not have to share my food)

Tak Kee curry laksa ( RM5.50), what is not to like about curry laksa ?  well, mainly is the guilt, I guess , about consuming santan, secondly- global warming and thirdly..err..ok, eat first, think later. Co-inhabiting the bowl with the noodles : cockles, long bean, brinjal, taugeh, taufu pok, fu pei ( bean curd skin) and chicken. And the star of the bowl- the gravy. Rich santan , fragrant and not too heavy..ahh…very nice, the gravy struck me as being very refined and elegant.. elegant gravy, huh ? kari mee

Jalan Imbi Soo Kee ( tai shue tou) beef noodles, this was full  of promise ( especially at the price tag of RM8). The first spoonful, hmmm.. good wok hei (  the wok power), second spoonful, umm..a bit tasteless one gehh ? can’t be mahh…try another spoonful, yes, still tasteless, add more soy sauce, nope, doesn’t help, dumped the whole saucer of soy sauce into the noodles, nope , doesn’t help. This was a real disappointment, I struggled to finished the rather big serving of noodles and the notion of admitting defeat crossed my mind many times, but I must prevail (and not waste that hard earned RM8 ) . Maybe the chef forgot to add something in this particular bowl of noodles ? The only consolation was that the beef was tender and springy.beef noodles

Overall, good curry laksa and sadly, bad experience of beef noodles, might return to try out the fish ball noodles and meat balls noodles which seemed  to be rather popular at the time of our visit.


Location :

 Lucky Garden, Bangsar

 Sun Huat Kee is Next to  Alliance Bank

When we were dining at Adai a few weeks back, noticed that a few doors away directly at the five foot way of the 7-11 shop there was this open air stall which had a larger crowd than the shop I was eating at, so guess this make it pretty noteworthy lor..and hence, why we were here.

We weren’t too sure what to order, and asked the waiter to recommend something and we agreed on : Thai style Fei Chow fish, Fu yue ( fermented beancurd) vege and pineapple chicken. For drinks they have home boiled chrysentimum tea and also cincau. 

1 thing very commendable about this place, service was very fast. The dishes started to arrived when we hadn’t even warmed our seats.

First up- fu yue vegetable – the cook had been kinda heavy handed with the salt and the vege was kinda tough , it takes a bit of wonder a cow has 5 stomach..err..or was it 4 ?


It was a nice surprise when the pineapple chicken arrived, it was somewhat unexpected to us that an open air warong took pain in presentation of the dishes ..the deep fried chicken pieces atop banana leave came in a halved pineapple ..ada class mannnn. The bite-sized chicken pieces were deep fried to a crisp accompanied by pieces of pineapple. This was quite tasty, there were some slight tinge of spiciness in a sweet-sour thick gooey gravy. ( the other version is pineapple pork ribs)

 pineapple chic

Thai style feichow  fish – the fish was deep fried and coated with Thai style chili sauce, which gave it a sweet-spicy flavour, this was pretty ok too but maybe a tad too dry as there were not much of gravy.


There were no signboard, so I had to ask a waitress for the name of the place, judging by the crowd ( there were ~12 tables, and all of them taken up)  this seemed to be a reasonably popular place. The bill came to RM42 ( including 3 drinks and 2 rice) which we all find to be reasonable.

We find that all the dishes that we order had rather strong flavours ( including the vege which was kinda salty).  Overall an ok meal


Hung Wun

Jalan Landak
Off Jalan Brunei, Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur

 7 11

Location, from old airport road..get yourself onto the road leading to Pudu, go straight, turn right at the junction when you see Caltex, go straight, at the second  junction turn right and look out for the 7-11.