Basically a slob who does not enjoy housework and delay it when i can , can’t understand those people that spend their weekends just doing housework and they  get such a satisfaction out of it…well, my theory is that this all boils down to tolerance, me, i am highly tolerant to dust, clutters and cobwebs :)..guess that is all lazy people talk lah

Please leave your comments or e-mail me bual2kosong@gmail.com if you have makan places to recommend , silly jokes to share or want to include me in your will 😀

  1. louiselena says:

    wow! really nice photos on this site, makes my mouth water……

  2. pegasuskl says:

    Louiselena, don’t just look at the pixs , go and have taste of the food too !

  3. jowee says:

    Not to sure whether you will like roast meat.

    Few more recommendations:-
    1) Roast Duck – Hoppy Restaurant (Sea Park, near to KFC) Operate at 11am till 1pm
    2) Roast Pork – No idea of the corner shop name (between Jln Brunei Barat and Lrg Baba Selatan)
    3) Char Siu – Golden Spring Restaurant (Glenmarie, Persiaran Kerjaya). Next to a corner mamak store.

  4. pegasuskl says:

    Jowee, you seemed to know all the makan places !! thanks for the tips 😀

  5. Glitz & Glamour says:

    Love your write-ups. Look forward to additional mouth watering suggestions from you.

  6. pegasuskl says:

    G&G, thanks very much for dropping by !

  7. Josephine says:


    1st time visiting your blog…

    Noted that you’ve been focusing on few places around old klang road…
    I’ve gt few recommendations around the area too.

    In Sri Petaling,
    1. the “wu kok” (deep fried yam pastry)and “wu tao ha” (deep fried prawn wrap in yam) in a dim sum shop by the road at Jalan Lazat, Sri Petaling. Their dim sum is good too but the recommended ones taste better.
    2. Meng Kee wanton noodle shop at the same place, Jalan Lazat.
    3. The “ham tan hai” (crab in salted egg) of a “tai chao” opposite Hotel Sri Petaling. The restaurant below a Korean Restaurant called “da cheong kam”, named after famous Korean series.

    In Old Klang Road,
    1. Meng Kee too, but chicken rice shop, their HQ is in Bukit Bintang. A corner lot further up from Hai Peng Seafood Restaurant. Open for lunch, as far as I know.
    2. “Chu geok chou” (vinegar pork legs) in Wai Kee restaurant, next to Meng Kee chicken rice shop. Their “yong tou foo” is good as well.
    3. Steam fish head, further up from Wai Kee restaurant, next to a bridge. They serve bak kut teh as well but is not as good. Personally, I like the steam fish head with ginger.

    Not sure whether you are interested. Just feel that they are really good food and should be recommended to everyone. I’m missing them also while commenting. 🙂

  8. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Josephine, thanks for the suggestions , will try them out !! As for the steam fish head, i tried that ( and blogged that)- Ah Wang Bak Kut Teh, yes, i like the steamed fish head too. Please feel free to drop by and suggest more makan place . thanks

  9. Arlen Murray says:

    In Sri Petaling,1. the “wu kok” (deep fried yam pastry)and “wu tao ha” (deep fried prawn wrap in yam) in a dim sum shop by the road at Jalan Lazat, Sri Petaling. Their dim sum is good too but the recommended ones taste better.2. Meng Kee wanton noodle shop at the same place, Jalan Lazat.3. The “ham tan hai” (crab in salted egg) of a “tai chao” opposite Hotel Sri Petaling. The restaurant below a Korean Restaurant called “da cheong kam”, named after famous Korean series.

  10. n.k.ahmad says:

    i’ve noticed from 1 of your pages that you are a Tumpatese..
    i can’t remember the last time i went to tumpat.
    and it’s a shame for me too as a Kelantanese…

  11. pegasuskl says:

    Guano Demo Ahmad ? well, still not too late, you can always visit Tumpat, it’s still there 😀 , nasi dage, nasi lauk- all ready and waiting for you. tunggu gapo lagi ?

  12. mike says:

    hello… tumpatese. wat a very strange coincidence… seldom found this breed like this, wat more a breed that blogs.
    a bit proud fact of being tumpatese that all the biggest buddha statues are in tumpat district. the walking, sleeping and sitting. only the other one standing one is in kampung balai.

  13. pegasuskl says:

    Hi Fellow Tumpatese Mike ! Ya, Tumpat has a lot to offer ! beautiful beaches ( Kg Geting / Kg Tujoh), temples , food ( nasi lauk/ dagang, Sumatra , keropok, kaujam and the kuihs kuihs) , friendly tumpatese etc etc.

    Tok ajing gi ketik Kg Balai, keno gi tengok weh. Demo buak rombonge ?

  14. mike says:

    hello pegasuskl (wat a mouthful, haha)
    the one thing i misses THE most abt tumpat is the food. in my list are:
    1. best apong: from i-peng at pasar besar tumpat.
    2. best nasi sumatra: muji near cross-junction to ktm tumpat.
    3. best nasi lauk / dagang: er the makcik same row with muji, starts selling 9am onwards.
    4. best khau jam: in wat pikulthong
    5. best keropok: well, my mum only buys from mek puteh near the bus stand
    6. best ayam percik: next to shell in wakaf baru
    unfortunately… the ayam percik makcik no more selling it bcoz nobody helping to grill the ayam perciks.

    lots more food… especially those restaurants in wakaf baru. my first time in restoran kg kulim (next to railroad) recently for my mum’s bday. tasty and cheap, hehe.
    n found out many more restaurants actually located about in the same area. must go try all of those when i go back next time.

    beaches – hm no comments there… pantai tujoh used to be much more beautiful when i was in my primary schools.
    temples – you bet, can count tumpat as the district with the most wat (temple). heck in kg bunohan alone i think got 3-4 wats on the same street.
    friendly tumpatese – you bet too. hm mind me asking which school u went to? wondering if you r the same batch as me?

    ok kelantan mode here: buak rombonge? boleh la, tapi keno la tengok maso yang sesuai. kawe lor ni based kak kolo lumpo la… so kalu nok kelik gi pung buke slalu. tapi bilo kawe kelik, boleh la contact tengok demo pung ado kelik ko dok. kalu dok silap, demo boleh tengok email address kawe buke gitu?

  15. pegasuskl says:

    Orloh, don’t need to call PegasusKL then if causing so much of problem, Mek also can lahh. Iphin already passed on , the wife has been manning the stall for sometime already.The ‘Robot’ is still there and although the others are selling their apong for 40cents, Robot’s are at 50cents.
    You didn’t mention the satay ! the same stall that also sells nasi kerabu- the fried fish-walau ! and the satay -i must say is better than the so much hyped about kajang satay lah.
    Kito ngaji kak SMT, tapi lupo doh nama cikgu besar zame tu, Demo ngaji mano ?

  16. mike says:

    mek mek. ops sounds like a billy goat.
    sorry sorry, my bad. my best apong vote goes to apong from din aka the robot that you describe. that is still by far the best apong ever, even as plain as it is without any peanuts whatsoever. heck last time i went back it was sold out by 11am. and the next “door” apong iphing still selling, hehe. n i noticed that the quality of the apong iphing now also not as good as last time as the son is now doing the “baking”. it seems that he is firing the stove too hot causing it to make the apong too “black”.
    which satay stall u r talking abt? in the pasar besar?

    SMT tahung bilo. raso kawe, maso demo masuk SMT tu… kawe doh tubik gi ngaji form 6 kak SIC doh. kawe spm tahung 1992 la. tapi jange tanyo namo guru besar SMT maso tu… kawe pung tok ingak doh hahaha.

  17. pegasuskl says:

    Wahh…talking like a apong pro la u. Really la, watching Robot in action is really something, i wonder can he do a mean moonwalk, waddayathink ?

    The satay stall is the one at the far end corner near the fruits/ vege stalls manned by a Kak ( dunno her name) but also very crowded lah and she only open the stall a bit late ( i.e. after my breakfast), feel a bit guilty if i have 2 main breakfast in a day lah

    Ohh, demo SPM tahung 1992 , maso tu kito pung sudoh masuk pah tubik SIC doh, jadi ghaso nyo demo kena pangir kito Kak lah weh ( jange pangir Auntie sudoh)

  18. mike says:

    auntie pegasuskl haha. keno tabik hormat skek orghe tuo tuo nih.
    demo dok kat mano ah? banda tupak ko? kawe dok dekak kepalo batah.

  19. pegasuskl says:

    Guano orge palo batah ? Demo ni gak, kito oyak doh jange pangir auntie mahhh. Kito gaso nok mecok tok sir balah doh weh.Mokcik nih dok dekak banda.

  20. Nice Blog~
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  21. ABelle Chua says:

    Hello from across the Pacific Ocean…

    Landed on your interesting blog while surfing for Asian bakery. I like your writing style and ticklish humor, refreshing and entertaining; something I’ve missed since I left my hometown near Johore. I also enjoy reading about the historical sites in and around KL and surrounding states, wow! I’ll mark these places to visit next time I return. Keep up your good writeup. I look forward to reading more. Cheers!

    p/s may I ask what sort of “Malay” language do you use in your responses?

  22. pegasuskl says:

    Hi ABelle, thank you for your kind comments. How long have you been away ? Please come back more often and visit lah ( both the country and the blog :P).

    the ‘foreign sounding’ malay is kelantanese !

  23. wak says:

    helo Mek

    I m another tumpatese, your pok cik may be, mari KL in 1977 after my MCE

    bakpo di gambar tu muko tu tepek bungo, ambo nok ce (cam) tengok mek ni anok sapo tok kenal. Kalu tepek bungo ambo panggil Mek Bbungo lah.

    Another tumpatese blog you might want to browse @ ,


  24. pegasuskl says:

    Weh Pok Cik Wak, kalu tahung 1977 demo MCE gak, tentu demo pokcik pado kito doh lah, Olohlah, kito tepek bungo sebak malu kheh, takuk takuk nati along cher koh kito payoh lah kito keno bayar hute pulok. Mek Bungo pung jadi lah..Demo ni anok sapo dok kapung alik mano ?

  25. wak says:


    Pokcik ni tua doh, saing saing pok cik hok cina lah anok beng wat tokay ike, anok anok Yu jual sayur and barang2 rucit atah kedai, Bo Cheng anok tukang jahit (botak) dekat balai polis bapak mertua dia kedai kopi depan market. ramai lagi kalu nok sebut..
    Pokcik dulu duduk dekat dekat pantali Ndo.

  26. pegasuskl says:

    PokCik wehh,

    Orghe2 hok pokcik sebuk tu senior2 ambho , loni pokcik ado kelik Tupak lagi kor? wagih2 ado lagi kor kat Tupak ?
    Tok lamo doh nok masuk bule porso, kat KL tepak mano hok ado kuih2 kelate hok sedak heh ? kito tengok akok hor dok jupo kak KL nih ghupo betuk dio pung hudoh, tok lalu pung nok beli !

  27. Anonymous says:

    tiap2 taun balik sokmo mek, makane sedak adalah kalu rajin gi ko taman greenwood gombok ada kedai nasi belauk sor lagi di medan selera sebelah mrr2 kg pandan nasi belauk sedap jugok (tapi kuah dia kunyit lebih sikit) tapi org jual ni dua dua bekeng sikit tapi sebab nok make keno sabarlah mek. Kalu nok gi green wood gi lah hari Ahad pagi ada lagi kueh kueh lain. Kalu nasi kerabu hok authenthic sikit gi lah kat wangsa melawati.

    ok mek pok cik pulok terliur nok gi tok leh pok cik dok Jakarta minggu ni.

  28. pegasuskl says:

    Pokcik, olohlah, keno gi sapar gombok kor nok make nasi lauk, buak habih minyok keto weh, ghaso keno tehe lah, balik make kak atah pasar tupak tu. hangi tu kito dok teliur ingak kor nasi kak Sumatra tu, olohlah…rende dio sedak buke main, aye gogeng pung best, sayur pung best, lepah make pung boleh siper paku buak bekki ghumoh
    Pokcik balik dagi Jakarta doh koh ? gi make anging ko gi kijo ? gi sokmo ko ? ado make gapo hok sedak koh ?

  29. wak says:

    hallo mek

    Pok cik baru sapa ni . . .Gi Indon khijo mek , bele bele make . . Biasa gi cari nasi padang/minang , Kalu tupat sumatra/muji lah tu. Tapi kita dok rasa muji lagi sedak. Pok cik kalu gi kena try semua nasi padang lepas tu Sunda (bayak sayur dengan sambal) , gerai jawa , betawi, Menado , Aceh .
    Aceh demo kena try Nasi Gurih, kaw habih, cross between nasi lemak/sikit2 nasi dagang and lauk macam macam but my favourite is ikae ayor. Best place is still in Bandar Aceh.
    Kalu mek nok gi royaok mari kita bagitahu kedai kedai dia lah.

  30. pegasuskl says:

    Weh Pokcik, ghaso pokcik nih gi Indon sokmo lah..dengar supo beso sangak pah gi mace mace tepak make mace mace makane kak Indon. Kito minak nasi pade, gado2, bakso, hok lain tu kito tok ce sangak. Nasi Gurih dengar supo sedak weh, boleh cagi mano mano kak Indon ko ? Bandar Aceh kito tak ajing sapar lagi. Tak apo lah, lain kali sebelung kito gi Indon tu kito tanyo pokcik ado ghapo hok sedak, hok gi sokmo tu Medan, ado ghapo hok sedak ?

    Esok Poso doh, selamak berposo deh Pokcik . Pak mano ado tepak juar akok koh kuih muih kelate hok sedak2 di KL maso poko nih ?

  31. wak says:

    lamo tok buko blog mek ni.
    Ada sebab tu, bule bule poso ni bukok blog mek koho lapar perut.

    kuih akok jalo mas buah tanjung lopat tike kalau dulu pasar keramat banyok. Ambil LRT turun Keramat. Pasar dia depe stesen betul betul.Keno gi lepah Asar baru rama ore jual.Thun ni pok cik tok sapa lagi situ.

  32. pegasuskl says:

    Weh Pokcik, timo kasih lah, poso poso pung Pokcik maghi jengok blog ambo hok tok sebegapo nih.
    Tahung nih, kito sibik sikit, tokde nok gi pasar ramade weh, ngaso nok tubik airliur dengar pasar akok denge lopak tike, tengok lah, kalu ado rezeki kito nok gi beli kueh kak Keramak tu.
    Kito ambik peluer nih ucapke Selamak hagi gayo kor Pokcik denge seisi keluargo.

  33. muyaszed says:

    if you want to try the best johor food in Klang Valley and some say in JB you can try Tumes Cafe, can check at Facebook their page

  34. glitznglamour says:

    Hi, you stopped blogging?

  35. glitznglamour says:

    Pegasuskl.stopped.blogging? why?

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