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It was a wet wet day, Chunny picked me up and we headed to Brickfields. Traffic was heavy, we were running a bit late…but the traffic refused to budge…eventually, we got to Sentral, pusing-pusing-ed the Sentral Station and found the car park at Sooka. We much have entered from the wrong end, as we looked high and low and couldn’t find the signboard for Olive ..eventually..we got to wasn’t that hard to find, we just hadn’t been looking at the right places.

We were shown to our reserved table, with Chunny big name on a placard. This Groupon deal was for a 3 course meal, and the meal include :

Drinks weren’t include in the deal, so we scanned the drinks menu…Olive serves fresh juices with prices ranging from RM 6 – 8; Healthy mixed juices including Melon Dialogue : watermelon, holey dew and mint ( RM10) , Citrus green : apple, cucumber, celery and ginger ( RM12) , apple+lemon+wheatgrass (RM12); Calamansi Freeze ( RM12); Smoothies (RM14), Organic tea (RM7) plus a variety of coffee, teas and soft drinks. Both of us decide to go for Hot lemon tea (RM6)

For starters, we forfeited the soup to stay green and ordered 2 portions of salad – Italian balsamic toss. Ah…we liked the balsamic toss, the dressing was light and fresh..

For the main course, Chunny ordered the Braised beef and I decided to go for the Herb and almond-crusted barramundi.

Braised Beef : The serving was a generous portion, the beef was wonderfully tender and the marinate had penetrated to the core of the big chunk of beef. The gravy was tasty. This was oh-la-la..

Herb and almond-crusted barramundi : The skin of the barramundi was crispy and made a krukk-krukk sound when eaten with the crunchy almond flakes. The fish was sweet and ah..overall, a good blend of flavour. Hmmmm..i loved the potato croquette too ..and not just taste but what a pretty dish to behold…i likeyyyy. Oh..i did a search on the net…barrmundi = siakap !

For dessert , we chose to have the Earl Grey creme brule and apple banana crumble.

The creme brule was surprisingly not too sweet, I am not sure where the Earl Grey came into the picture as I don’t think I tasted any Earl or Grey. This wonderful dessert came with blueberries which gave a burst of flavour when eaten with the smooth brule.Apple banana crumble –not overly sweet and not overly spiced with cinnamon. This was not too bad too..

Overall, an enjoyable meal and the staff were friendly , the place was cozy and comfortable . We hope that Groupon will repeat the deal soon as we would really like to come back to olive again.. Pretty please ?

Thank you Chunny for the yummyummm treat.

The prices at Olive are  rather reasonable, Australian ribeye steak : RM36, Char Grilled lamb chops (RM28), Pan seared salmon salsa ( RM30); Chicken parmigiana ( RM 22), Basil Chicken fettuccine ( RM20) etc

NB: Olive Sentral does not serve pork, but offers alcohol on its menu.

 Location :
Unit G-4, Sooka Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur 50470
Tel : -2785 1988

Being a weekend, the drive to Brickfields was a breeze.. we parked beside SMK Vivekananda ..yes.. it was a yellow line zone but since my makan kaki said that she will bear the costs for any summonses- should they find their way to my car’s windscreen… I was worry free..

My first impression of Legend was a bright and clean environment. We presented our Groupon voucher and was shown to our seat and presented with a menu. You can view the online menu by clicking here . Legend offers banana leaf rice, tosai and ala cart dishes as well.

 We were later presented with a Groupon prefixed menu. We decided to try the claypot seafood and the claypot fish. For drinks I opted for ginger tea while M ordered lime juice.

 This was the first time I had ginger tea- and I liked it, the aroma and the kick from the ginger was very refreshing and yet gave my tummy a warm and fuzzy feeling.

 While waiting for our claypots, i.e. nothing to do- we started to notice our surroundings. A table next to us was occupied by an Indian couple with a chubby ( and very mischievous looking ) boy –he was an energetic little fella, running and weaving his way through the tables and once even attempted to run with his eyes closed, his dad was chasing after him and feeding his pieces of tosai.   He looked about 7 or 8, I made funny faces at him whenever he passed our table. My efforts to be noticed by this little fella was rewarded when he stopped by our table, then patted my hand and pointed to the steel cup that he was holding and uttered ‘ this is very nice’ and continued with his running

While attempting to bond with that little fella, our claypots arrived.…

An hardboil egg perched daintily on the long grains of briyani rice. the set came with a pampadam, onion salad and a bowl of gravy. The portion is rather large for one and maybe not enough to be shared by two. 


One has to dig into the claypot  and turn the world upside down to revealed the goodies buried under the mass of fragrant and richly coloured rice

 Insulated by the claypot, it really took a long time for the rice to be cooled ..i was puffing away to reduce the temperature of each spoonful- which was a bit of a chore. I find the meat of the fish was rather dry and hard. The rice was richly flavoured and  after a while I think my tastebuds got lazy and the taste became rather one dimensional.

 From the company website, Legend has four  branches, two in Brickfields, and one each in PJ and Serdang.

Website :

Business hours 7am – 11pm daily

 Location :

No 50, Ground Floor,
Jalan Vivekanada,

The following review will be quick and simple because I am not a Japanese food connoisseur . This will avoid embarrassing myself, lagi pun, less said rather than exposing my ignorance for Japanese cuisine. Oh..i just had an inspiration, maybe I could do some pseudo haiku and kill the piece ( and kill myself ) in the process

 Sea urchin  on buttery rich tofu
What bliss my stomach cries..
Misty eyed I silenced a burp..
Pretty earthen teapot
what ware does thou holdsOh blimey a kettle of soup so yummy
 Be-headed prawn blushed ,
Fish fresh and sweet
On the chair I satisfiedly recline
Fish wrapped in egg roll so sublime
Steamed pumpkin , mushy and sweet,
Japanese cuisine I can learn to likey muchy
Fish meat as tough as the soles of my shoes,
Left to cook over the kitchen fire and melancholy
Lotus root stuffed with wasabi, fiery and deadly…I shed tears
Firm and fresh as a maiden calves,
Never thought raw fish could be enjoyable
I look at raw with new insights….
Fried rice – each grained well defined,
Pickled vegetable in threes,
Soup a cloudy whirl of soy
Chocolate mousse so sweet..
My blood sugar raced, My tooth ached..
The dentist bill inflate..

 I am not a fan of shashimi, but I have to admit, the meal was rather enjoyable . i was surprised i enjoyed it so much (more so since it was a company do and we didn’t have to dig into our wallets) . I must say I am starting to get a feel for raw fish, it sort of grow on you ( and maybe inside you too ).This  set meal was RM200+/pax , no wonder lah so nice and inspiring to the extend of breaking into haiku territory , I promise not to repeat the haiku disaster, please come back..

 Hilton KL
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral,
50470 KL
Tel : 2264 2264