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It was a wet wet day,  luckily traffic wasn’t that bad. S picked me up made the decision that we are going for a Japanese meal . As this was a treat from S and she is very familiar with Japanese cuisine, I guess I was in safe hands although it’s still a Japanese meal, of which I am probably (you might know by now) to put in mildly,  not too much of a huge fan …

When we stepped into Niji, we were greeted warmly by the waitresses. Well, it almost felt like every one of the patrons were regulars at Niji  as when they walked in, I heard them being greeted by their names, I guess this being a golf club, these might probably be regulars guarr. And  yes , I was the unknown …

S did the ordering while I fiddle with the menu , flipping the pages quickly, then slowly and then trying not to be too obviously checking out the prices and the repeat flipping pages until the waitress asked for the menu. My only criteria was ‘ no raw stuff’, Shashimi are wasted on me.

Grilled mackerel  – This was meaty, firm and  fresh,– nice– yes, I like my fish cooked, thank you. Asparagus – this was an interesting dish, the stir fried asparagus was topped with  frozen fish flakes of some kind , which moved about as the dish was served and while we were eating, it was like watching the fish flakes locked their fingers ( huh?) and did the Mexican wave. I liked this- both the wave and the asparagusGrilled chicken – well marinated chicken, tasty and tender too, but I think we might have ordered too much and not a fault of the dish but there were just too much meat, I enjoyed the beansprouts thoughCompliment from Niji – anchovies with onions, what a simple dish, but very pleasant, this would go well with beer, crunchy anchovies enhanced by the onions. Garlic fried rice- this was good , the garlic was pleasant and subtle- and not to the point were you get to worry about having garlic breath after the meal.Overall , a pleasant meal.  Thanks S for the treat. Arigato..


Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club,

No. 10, Jalan 1/70D Off Jalan Bukit Kiara,

60000 KL

Tel : 20939791