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Scan the  racks for  the latest Korean or Hong Kong fashion ( so claimed the stall owners), salivate at the colourful cakes and breads, check your reflection in the shiny stainless steel crockery, catch a whiff of dried Chinese herbs, you can do all this (and more) while weaving your way through the OUG wet market crowd .

Restoran Sun Sea is across the street from the OUG market and filled with goodies. You can get ‘pan mien’, ‘pork ball noodles’, char koay teow, mee jawa, wat tharn hor, curry mee- the works ( almost)

We ordered  pork ball bee hoon, and you don’t just get minced pork patties (also intestine and liver) , you also get squid and prawns plus  generous amount of vege.  I find the soup overly sweet  thoughpork noodles

The char koay teow was not too bad, tasty and not too oily


The curry mee didn’t look too  impressive when it arrived ( the portion didn’t seemed that big too ) , the gravy was a bit on the thin side but luckily that didn’t compromise the taste. Tried to look for some chicken meat, but you  get prawns instead , with  taugeh and tau-pok. Not bad.  kari mee

I was intrigued by the stickers on the table advertising Authentic 3 layer tea. Below is the studio versionadvert

  Below is  the ‘real’  kopitiam version. the drink is  actually :  tea + milk + gula melaka ( palm sugar) . The  verdict  ? the gula melaka overpowered the other 2 ingredients and I felt like I was sipping cendol ? a bit too sweet for me and errr..i don’t think I will order this againtea

Recommend to try the  Pan Mien , it’s pretty good,  Jawa mee -average  and uummm..had bad experience with  the wat tharn hor though

Parking can be a problem at OUG wet market, we parked further away at a small lorong and hmm…guess what I found ? ….. now I know why traffic is so bad at OUG lorr..  or maybe too many people fell through the manhole and someone decide to make it noticeable  or maybe this is a landing spot for UFO ? or maybe this is Malaysia’s smallest roundabout ?arrows

 location : OUG wet market

Imagine this, a comfy cozy nicely decorated restaurant, friendly and good service, eat and refill all you want, reasonably good food, bottomless fresh mango lassi..and …u get to decide what you want to pay. Whaaaaaaat ? Like that also can ? Well, experience that when you dine at Annalakshmi  

Annalakshmi is a vegetarian restaurant serving a variety of north and south Indian menu, and with the tagline where vegetarian dining is a cultural experience’   , Annalakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of food .Read more about this from their official website  here.  

The entrance , intricately carved wooden door.


Once you walk through the door, you will be greeted by this lovely sight


 Checkered tablecloth line the tables


The spread

 the spread

It’s self service, first you collect the big steel plate at the beginning of the line, also collect  the steel bowls ( for gravy /curry/dessert). Then u get in line..and fill your plate /bowls…

On that day of our visit, there were 2 different types of rice, plain white rice and rice plus some condiments, was this  Pulao  rice ?   And  if you would like to have  tosai ( plain, ghee, paper, masala or rava) or plain Ootthappam  – which were not served on the buffet table- you can order these from the waiters.

The menu : ( can read ahh ?)


 There were various dishes available, I am not an Indian food expert ( not even a regular) , so I won’t attempt to name them, this was what was on Chunny’s plate

 HC rice

And this was mine- no points for spotting that I had a bigger portion than my fellow diner ..greedy person that I am…


What was on my plate : potato in dried curry ( nice), vegetable chutney ( I like), bittergourd curry ( the first bite into this, when u taste the spiciness, then aiks..the bitterness..wonderful combination), some chopped mixed vege, pampadam ( fried fritters). In the bowls, dhall and something that has a soy-ish, taufoo pok-ish texture thingy.

And guess what, after finishing what was on my plate..i got into line again…had my second helping of bittergourd curry and vegetable chutney, tried some fried bee-hoon as well..

Some of the food, up close, maybe you could name them better than i can..



 The cozy and nicely decorated environment

 dining area

It was only towards the end of the meal did we realized that the available food is not just what is on the table , but that you can also order some of these stuff on the menu from the waiter ( no extra charge, i.e. still falls in the pay-as-you-eat-category). And although I was very close to full capacity, I had to have my mango lassi..

The lassi was nice –thick and mango-ey..yummyyyy


After the meal..that will be where the dilemma creeps much to pay worr..? we start to work on what we would normally pay for this quality and quantity of food , factor in the nice ambience and good service..and while Chunny visited the bathroom, I was observing (kaypo-ing ) what the other dinners were  paying..i saw this guy ( family of four) counting four fifty dollar bills and passing to his wife ( is that the weekly allowance or to pay for dinner ?), another couple passed a RM50 bill to the waiter behind the counter, but i saw the cashier returning 2 RM10 ..sooo…how..? hahah…anyway, the thing is, be sincere lah..just pay what you feel is right, and at the end of the day, what you give will support the temple of fine arts, enjoy the food and don’t be too greedy…as mentioned on their website – You cannot put a price on the food prepared by a mother or a wife, and this is why at Annalakshmi you – eat as you like and pay as you feel.


I think this would be a nice place to bring guest ( local and foreign) and being vegetarian..i guess it should be halal as well..

Close on Monday. Operating hours :

Lunch 11:30 am – 3:00pm

Dinner 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Location :


Annalakshmi @ The Temple of Fine Arts

114-116, Jalan Berhala,


50470 K.L

Tel : 03-22723799

(across the road from the side entrance of the Brickfields Buddhist Temple). Map is available here

When I was young,  a steamboat meal was a very slow affair, the pot was ‘powered’ by coal, so,  it took ages for the soup to boil and as the steamboat pot was not that big, it will be a few rounds of ‘uploading and downloading’  until everybody get their fair share of the fishballs, quail eggs, vege etc…and mum will constantly have to re-load the coals.(.wow..i sound so ancient) … forward to present day… convenient one gehhh….now we have electric steamboat or use  portable gas stoves, and of course, one can eat steamboat  at a shop..

We were at Tiang Seng on a Saturday night ~ 7:30 , tables that were not taken up had that little plastic triangle ‘reserved’ signs, but lucky for us, one last table was available .


We ordered 2 set of  the set order, which was priced at RM14/set order and we held back on the  side orders . Pix below show what  you will  get for a  2 set order, which will include  : fishballs of various sizes and shapes , fish , prawns, tofu, quail eggs, cabbage and yau-mak, fried wantan, 1 block of yee mien, mee hoon and eggs.


The following side dishes are available ( pay extra lorr) :


We dropped the raw stuff into the pot, and waited….and waited…


After making sure that the soup had boiled..we fished the goodies out of the bubbling soup and ah..blisss…the soup was sweet, the fishballs were fresh, springy and fishball-ish ( alamak..fishball-ish..? fishballs mahh…sure fishball-ish lor..). yumyumm….


After the ‘first harvest’, we dropped the ‘2nd round’ of stuff into the pot, including the yee mein, plus broke an egg  into the soup…ah…so nice one….There was still another egg left…dilemma …what to do with the ‘unused’  egg,  already paid for worr..leave it here meh..? err…I am not telling what I did.. 😛

When we were settling the bill, I asked the lady boss ‘wah..why the soup so sweet one ahh ?’, she replied that they use fish skin and bones to make the soup , no MSG. The soup is being prepared fresh everyday ( no leftovers), and as they are from Pulau Ketam,  they can ensure that they have the supply of fresh fish to make the fishballs. One can also tarpau the set orders , minimum is  for 2 set-orders, they will pack everything, including the soup and the chili paste.


Close on Mondays,

Operating hours : 6:00pm – 10:30pm

 Tiang Seng Pulau Ketam Seafood Restaurant

34A, Jalan Desa Bakti,

Taman Desa

Batu 3 ½ Jalan Klang Lama

58100 KL

Tel : 012 2106893