Pu’Er Tea Shop & Restaurant / BHYJ Gourmet Tea House @ Seri Petaling

Posted: November 24, 2013 in @Seri Petaling
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Sorry for my tardiness in updating this blog, the dog ate my laptop..

Parking is such an atrocious experience at Seri Petaling, where did all these cars and people come from ? Another contributor to the anxiety was, I did not have any idea where Pu’Er restaurant was and my GPS (Guna Pun Sesat) did not help, called up the restaurant and they told me that they are opposite the police station, well where the H*ll is the police station !! Anyway, once we got there, it was really not not too difficult to find also lah….hahaha..sign

The voucher mentioned Pu’Er Tea shop but another name was on the signboard , so I am not sure was the name change something recent or what was the story behind this.There were two types of seating area, one was in the airconditioned area and the other one without, the airconditioned area was full during the time of the our visit, it was rather cool on the outside too. The wooden chairs and table plus the chatter of other diners added coziness to the atmosphere.

We asked the waitress for the house speciality and her confident reply was there were too many, there were only the two of us, so we decided to order one meat dish-chicken, a tofu and a vegetable plus a pot of Pu’Er tea ..

Our pot of Pu’Er tea..kudos to the service, the teapot was magically topped up every time the need for a refill arises. RM1.50 per pax, with minimal order of 2 pax per pot.tea

Two taste kalian (RM13) , the leaves portion where finely shredded and deep fried and the stem plus young leaves were stir fried. The dish kinda remind me of my friend who had an afro hairstyle.This was an interesting combination, the deep fried leaves had a soft crunchiness to it and the stem portion was tender and crunchy. Expectedly the deep fried leaves were slightly oily , and it was the stems of the kailan that stole the show. Nice !kailan

Karaage chicken ( Japanese flavoured chicken) ( RM 18), this was recommended by the waitress, I have to say that this this was just like the usual fried chicken although the dip that came with the chicken was refreshing- lemon + pepper maybe ?chicken

Kumjum tofu (RM15), in the menu the dish was named as ‘ Flammulina with tofu ‘,Flammulina ? HUH ? anyway..this is the fine mushroom- Kam jum – that we usually add into steamboats. There were more that just Flammulina is the dish , there were straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, carrots and broccoli too. I couldn’t place the flavor, taste-wise it was pleasant and sufficient tofu

Overall, an enjoyable meal and would deserve another visit to check out the other dishes..

Location :
No. 76, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling
57000 KL
Tel : 90562473
The restaurant is directly opposite the Seri Petaling police station, and on the same row as Alison kopitiam


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