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I hadn’t been to Subang Parade for sometime, and I was always puzzled by the matrix of walkways that connect the floors, it’s like a maze for me, I felt so guinea-pig-ish trying to move from one floor to the other and find that the target place is always not where I end up at. Maybe it’s just me with my myopic vision. Maybe I should start saving up to get a  GPRS.

Was not sure what to have for lunch, there’s a shop called  Uncle Lim that had a big crowd but F is no fan of Penang themed food, pass. KFC, Nandos, McD , pass, Cafes – pass. Hmm..what’s this- Dave Deli..oh..F eyed the western themed menu displayed outside the place and nodded. Hurahhh..lunch!

Ordering is done at the serving counter. I wasn’t very hungry and decide to try out the pies. My choice –  Chicken and mushroom pie @RM6.90 – tasty gravy swarmed the pie, soggy pie but taste ok. Not that much of filing, more pastry than filing but the taste works, Add a side order of cole slaw @ RM2.80 which  almost filled up ¼ of my plate. Well worth it ? Finely shredded cabbage, not too heavy on the mayo- not too much of guilt

F was hungry and decided to go for the Combo 2 in 1 .For RM16.50 you get 2 types of pasta – spaghetti bolognise and lasange , The tomato gravy was ok , Lasange was not bad but it got  a bit soggy from the gravy of the spaghetti . The serving was rather big and F tummy had expanded a few cms after the meal.

 We ordered 2 glasses of Iced lemon tea @RM3.50 /glass. Total bill came to be RM33.20

 On that day of our visit, the place was rather packed. The ¼ chicken meal seemed to be a popular order  as I saw quite a large number of people eating that.


Location :

Lot G15J Gr Floor
Subang Parade
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Eshan
Tel: 03-56358042


Website :

We were a bit too early for the next appointment , it was a comfort that when there  is a need to kill time – food seem to be a natural ‘time filler’. Ain’t that great ? !!

We stopped by at the Toast Bar, Mr Host and myself  ordered the beef noodles which was highly recommended by Mr Host, while my colleague ordered the egg and sandwich set. A few minutes later, the waiter came back to us and said that they only have enough for 1 bowl of the noodles. Being the kind host that he is, Mr Host let me have the noodles and ordered the charcoal sandwich set.

Apart from toast and sandwiches, Toast Bar offers local ( Asian) food like : nasi kunyit with chicken curry, curry mee, chicken shop with rice, nasi lemak etc.

I had a barley drink with the noodles

The sandwich ( cheese and ham)  plus fried egg set  

My bowl of stew beef noodles The noodles were springy, some of the beef chunks were a bit dry and stringy, beef balls had a floury texture and not much of a beef flavour.  The soup was tasty though –  beefy and rich..yummm. The raddish were soft and mushy..yumm. 

The charcoal sandwich – according to Mr Host, this tasted like ‘normal’ bread. I looked up the www to find out what is charcoal bread, the answer :  these are made with  bamboo charcoal powder. And considered to be ‘healthy food’. Maybe I should start to buy some charcoal from the market and use them as snacks rather than my staple of :  chocolate, kuachi, muruku, twisties (cheese flavoured), ice cream, pringles…

Saw this ‘weather wheel’ at the payment counter.As it was a sunny day, we weren’t entitled to any freebies. But keep in mind that if you feel any tremor when you are in Kuching, do not hesitate :  head on to Toast Bar and redeem one free set of Asian food dinner.

Toast Bar, Block 16,
Brighton Square,
Jalan Song,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

Had a short working trip to Sarawak, one of the stops was Sibu. In Sibu, I will usually stay at TanahMas Hotel, to me the best thing about the hotel is not it’s breakfast , but the proximity to the Sibu Sentral Market and the Tua Pek Kong temple. In half an hour I can walk leisurely  from the hotel to the Tua Pek Kong temple, have a sniff of the sea and incense and make my way back to the hotel in time for the next appointment.

That morning, I left the hotel at 7am, took a 3 minutes walk to the market –Pasar Sentral Sibu. I heard that you could start your marketing at 5 a.m ! ( or maybe even at 4 !) . The early bird catches the worm?  I suppose at 5 a.m, the worms will still  be in a daze and could be easily caught.

A very practical way to transport poultry .

They came in all shapes and sizes, each for RM10. They didn’t make any noise ( not when I was there anyway), it must be rather comfortable in that newspaper cocoon

The ducks were not spared too

Saw a stall with a big basin of…..turtles. I asked the owner what are these used for ( cringing inside that these creatures might end up in a soup bowl somewhere) , and she replied that the Chinese will buy these and then set them free at the temples. Phewww..when I asked to take a picture of her wares, without any hesitation she said yes and put her hand into the basin and ‘adjusted’ a few of the turtles so that they faced the camera, she even lifted the heads of a few of them to perk them up for the photo shoot.Each turtle will be sold for RM10 and quantity discounts can be negotiated lah.

Not sure what these were ? I asked the man what they were and being a forgetful slob, I forgot the name the uncle mentioned. Do you know what these are and what are they used for ? looked like an acorn ? ( not that I have seen an acorn and I think acorns are not so colourful lah)

Saw a stall that sells everything ! canned sardines to canned pork, mirrors to hair dye, brooms, mineral water, sauces , soap powder, tooth brush , you name it , the stall might have it ! anyway, I asked permission to take a picture of the stall  and the auntie can’t seemed to understand my mandarin, lucky for me she had a customer and the customer explained my request in the hockchew dialect . The auntie gave a shy laugh , walked briskly to the back of the stall and posed. ( and to think I only wanted a picture of the stall) . I took a few shots and show her the images , resulting in more laughter( auntie) and a few pats on the back (mine) .

The market is a two storey building, I am not sure how many stalls are there,  it’s huge..

There were also a large number of stalls selling dried seafood :  dried prawns ( small, medium, large, extra large…), salted fish, ikan bilis, dried sotong and other dried stuff from the sea. Nemo too ?

After the market, I continue with my walk to the Tua Pek Kong temple…one of Sibu’s landmark..

I have been to the temple a few times but never really noticed the raintreeInteresting history of this 100 year old tree …

Before heading back to the hotel, I stopped at one of the shops to get this bread/biscut- which is a Sibu specialty, it’s like hard bread , there were no filing. Texture was kinda coarse and hard ,  and it can be chewy , but it does have character and make an interesting munch especially when you bite into the fragrant sesame seeds.

Another Sibu landmark, the shiny dolphins riding on waves ( do they have dolphins in Sibu ? I need to check that out !)

I  likeyy Sibu !