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My earliest association with the Germany was my pen-pal – Sabine,  back in my secondary school days. I guess in the age of e-mails, FB, twitter etc , pen-pals might be something obsolete..ah..the joy of getting a letter with the foreign stamps delivered by  the postman. Exposure to the German language was when Chunny took up German in Uni-days, and from that I got to learn one word- guten morgen.

Anyway, as you might have expected, this is another meal we purchased from the Groupon promotion.  The deal was inclusive of :

 It was a Saturday night , not a good choice to go to Bangsar Baru as parking can be atrocious, Chunny- my makan kaki for the day managed to spot a free spot at a backland not far from the House Frankfurt, Bravo ! The place was packed and in full swing when we arrived at about 8 pm. The setting was cozy . Our table which was at an enclosure near the end of the restaurant was set rather close to the next table, if I stretch, I could probably nick some garlic bread from our neighboring diner

First up, the soup, there were two choices, soup of the day and goulash. We ordered one of each. Did a www search on goulash and got to know that this thick stew/soup originate from the Hungarian cattle herders. There were generous amounts of beef cubes in this beef soup, this could have easily have  been a meal on  its own, The soup was very flavourful, rich but not too heavy.

We were also served with some garlic bread. Crispy, warm and garlicky – the way garlic bread should be !

Grilled knuckle of pork (RM52) with sauerkraut, mash potatoes and gravy. The knuckle was a fairly good size. The knuckle was covered by thick crispy grilled skin which didn’t take too much of an effort to cut through to get to the meat. The knuckle was lightly marinate and one could still taste the porky taste from the meat, so I guess tThe meat was lightly marinated which , not too tough, not too soft. This was quite enjoyable. I guess the correct way is to eat this with the skin, but after looking at the layer of fat underneath, I got a bit worried and did  my best to remove some of the bad fat before introducing it into my system. I found that the skin lost its crunchiness and turned slightly rubbery once the knuckle loss its heat. I must say that the sauerkraut is an acquired taste which I have yet to master. After checking from the wikipedia, I got to know that the sauerkraut is fermented by various lactic acid  bacteria. The sour flavour is a result of the acid that forms when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage

The other main course that we ordered was : Thueringer bratwurst, fried pork or chicken or veal sausage served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  We were served two sausages, one big and the other one smaller, I am not sure which is which, was in pork and chicken ? pork and veal ? chicken and veal ? I don’t know. But anyway, the bigger sausage had a more even texture and from someone like me who is only exposed to (cheap) frozen hotdogs, this was delicious, the texture was springy and very tasty. The smaller sausage was a bit tougher and both Chunny and myself prefer the larger version. Size does matter ?

You can view the menu by clicking here

Overall, an interesting and enjoyable meal, and I have added sauerkraut and bratwurst to my vocabulary.

 Operating hours : Open daily from 12 noon to midnight
Location :
House Frankfurt Restaurant
12, Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru.
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 2284 1624

A woman’s best friend

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Mumblings

A man’s best friend is a canine and a diamond is a woman’s best friend. What does that says about us womenfolk horr…The following posting is about a woman who has a man’s best friend as a friend…I am not sure would she have preferred diamonds though …

Time : everyday ( Mon – Fri)  at around 4 pm
Location : a commercial area
Cast : Auntie –  fruit seller , Dog A, Dog B, Dog C, Dog D, Dog E and Dog F
Theme :  a showcase of loyalty, affection, faithfulness and love  

At about 3:40pm, 3 to 6 dogs can be seen crossing the road…and why did the dogs cross the road ? (sorry, can’t think of any chicken crossing the road jokes )

 Their purpose – To meet their beloved owner – Auntie , the heroine in our story

The dogs greet Auntie and exchange pleasantries – there will be lots of sniffing , whines and jumping about from the furry pack. In order to protect Auntie’s  identity, as usual- the subject will be pumpkin-ed. 

Auntie will carry the emptied fruit-display box and walk home with the pack.

At about 3:50 Auntie will return to her business site , load the rest of her stuff onto her bicycle -with a little help from the mamak stall kakak

 After checking that  all her wares are secured, Auntie gets ready to push her bicycle . Dog A and Dog B show more affection to their owner  while Dog C decide to pose for the camera. What a diva !

The dogs can be seen prancing and running circles gaily around Auntie

4.00 pm : Time to head home.

Auntie and the dogs make sure that the roads are clear before crossing the road, can you see Dog D waiting- waggy tail and all smiles- across the road ?

Dog D, E and F join Dog A, B and C…ahh…happy reunion.

Usually, about six dogs will be make their daily pilgrimage to escort  Auntie home..and according to Auntie, there are another six waiting at home…

This dog parade phenomena is happening on a daily basis, and how do the dogs know when is the right time to make the journey to get to Auntie ? can they tell the time ?  I wish I had some friends to escort me home too…

And allow me to introduce Rex…said to be the handsomest dog in the universe- no this is no part of Auntie’s furry team..

Finally, an unGroupon related  posting  …although it was still a promo-meal from Dealmates . When can I breakaway- when ? when ? is there something like AA to cure my addiction ?

In my small , mysterious and belacan mind,  the name Yogitree conjures images/concept of :  green, healthy ( in my vocabulary- this translate to being  : boring and bland ) , body cleansing, contortionist (yoga), save the whales, stop cruelty to the mother-in-laws movement , re-cycle, Yellowstone Park ( Yogi Bear and Bobo) , Baobab tree ( tree of life), Everest ( as in heavily bearded guru high up in the mountains seeking the meaning of life), the abnominal  abdominal abominable snowman  — oh that is Yeti, not Yogi lahh, and so much more,  that my brain hurts…

 Anyway, I have never dined at Yogitree, so, I sorta jumped ( in a good way) when I saw the promotional meal on Dealmates. The promotion was for : Bruschetta, Macarons, scones, cake and tea. Sounds good to me ! And I don’t even know what are bruschettas,  and although I have heard of the heavenly macarons , I never had any in my life…so *katak bawah tempurung one….( *frog under coconut shell..meaning-amphibian and can quickly adapt to any occasion …errr..that is certainly NOT the correct interpretation) 

Did a bit of shopping at the Megamall, and then made our way to The Gardens- well, for someone who can only eat a decent meal when they are featured on Groupons/ other discount sites- how can I afford to shop at The Gardens lorr..

It was about 11a.m on a Saturday when we stepped into the Yogitree and the place was rather empty except for a guy who was enjoying his cuppa coffee at the next table. We presented the voucher and was asked to select our choice of cake to go with our meal- the rest of the items on the voucher were fixed. The setting was pleasant  and simplistic, rattan chairs and wooden tables and no Yogi Bear or Bobo in sight.

I hadn’t had Earl Grey for a while…this was pleasant …but why no milk one..or maybe we should have asked..but I rather liked the Earl Grey flavoured with brown sugar..

Bruschetta… pretty one..although I was a bit skeptical when I saw the bundle of alfafa sprouts that looked like a bad perm on the Bruchetta and ekk..what  is that meat with that green thingy one. They were :  Pesto chicken bruschetta and grilled vegetable caramelized onion bruschetta. The verdict after tasting : healthy food can be yummy too !! I was a bit worried that the alfafa might be too green for my liking,  but the grilled vegetable and caramelized onion  was flavourful and the alfafa had to play second bass to them but contributed by adding a crunchy texture to the topping.

Macaron and scones: the scones were served warm, a tinge of sweetness,  bits of  raisins- and when eaten with the strawberry jam – was heavenly….so nice one…no wonder the Queen ( the one in England) like scones. The macarons were light and expectedly sweet, I prefer the mint flavoured macaron which had a stronger and distinct flavour compared to the chocolate flavoured version.

For the cake of the day, we choose to try the chocolate truffle torte served with whipped cream..what is the difference between a cake and a torte ? according to the

  • Cakes are lighter than tortes.
  • Cakes use cake flour only while tortes will often add ground nut meal or breadcrumbs to the recipe to increase density of the cake.
  • In many tortes, the cake is soaked with a liqueur or at the very least simple syrup.
  • The simple syrup is often flavored with a citrus peel, extract, or with a liqueur.
  • Tortes are almost always a central European recipe.
  • All tortes are cakes but not all cakes are tortes.
  • Because tortes are more complicated to make than cakes, tortes are usually more expensive.

The usual price for cakes are RM12 per piece. The torte was light, creamy, rich chocolaty – I likey the tortyyy.

 You can view the menu on line by clicking here ,Yogitree serves salad, sandwiches, soup, main courses like- poached salmon, fish and chips, duck confit, wagyu beef cheese burger, asian fares –organic hainanese chicken rice, asam laksa, lamb shanks bak kut the, ayam percik nasi ulam etc, and a series of desserts and home made ice cream too.

 Location :
Lot F-237-B, First Floor ( Isetan Side) , The Gardens , Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur 59200
Tel 2282 6163
Website :