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This year,  for berbuka puasa fare,  we took a drive to Putrajaya, actually, I am not sure where the pasar ramadan will be at, but decided to head on to the masjid area where I thought it could be at, after asking around and driving around, we saw some buntings with the information that we were looking for  —- the Putrajaya Pasar Ramadan is at at  Precinct 2, the open area opposite the Ministry of Finance. The pasar is open from 4:00 – 7:30 pm.

After disembarking from our car,  parked along the same row as the Ministry of Finance, noticed that the were yellow lines along the road but as it was a Sunday, should be ok guarr  ? We walk across the road to the pasar where even more cars are parked by the roadside ( also with yellow lines) ,  we then saw 1 policeman busy writing summons and another was lifting a car wiper to secure a summon . And  before you can say ‘keropok lekor’ , we got back to our car , drove further up the road, make a U-turn ( legal, of course) and then parked our car at the designated car park area which was in front of the pasar.

Ahh…you could smell the aroma of food, see the smoke where some deep frying or panggang-ing are taking place before stepping into the pasar..


A lot of stuff on sticks to choose from : fishballs, fish fingers, chicken liver, hot dog, filaments sticks, and stuff not on sticks too, fried chicken, fish etc…

 on sticks

Noodles in big kuali…


Rows of Otak-otak being grilled


There is a stall where you can choose the sotong, ikan pari, other ikans that you fancy and the abang will slapped  some sauce  on these, and cook them on a banana leaf  over the grill

 panggang everything

I was surprised to see a queue, maybe it’s just the courteous Putrajaya folks, but..this is the only stall where people are queuing up rather than crowd around the stall..


And it’s all for …. ten ten tenn….Roti John, must be good stuff…

 roti john

The innovative air tebu seller, I checked the’s clean..don’t worry..


Ikan and ayam percik – the colour, the aroma…


Many species of Ikan being panggang-ed 


The infamous Kampung Baru Bubur Lambuk..

 bubur lambuk

The more ‘modern’ buka puasa fare – pizza , wasn’t that popular with the Putrajaya crowd..


Apam in various stages of gestation ..


BBQ Lamp shanks..the abang manning the stall said to me ‘ you want a whole kambing also got, please call me, I can arrange, anytime..’


Jus Ori..

 Jus ori

My buka puasa choice :  Nasi kerabu + a piece of chicken wing + solok lada ( stuffed chili ) = RM5

I noticed that there weren’t that many stalls selling  kuih-muih at the Putrajaya pasar ramadan , there were more stalls selling ‘proper’ meal  rather that the ‘dessert’ part of the buka puasa fare. The 2 most popular stall  : the Roti John stall ( mentioned above) and the ‘ayam golek / ayam pusing’ stall .. this is a more hi-tech version, where the ayam were pusing-ed  inside an oven rather that in the open fire


Pasar Ramadan Putrajaya

Precinct 2

( To avoid summonses, please park your car at designated parking area !)

After looking at the shop signboard with the two friendly elephants ( and one of them was pink by the way) I was going to give up having a meal at Xiao Fei Xiang ( in mandarin = little flying elephant) .Perception : this would be a kiddie kinda place , serving kiddie kinda food, with lots of noisy kiddies. Anyway, I braved myself and after studying the menus on the glass doors, the elephants seemed to  offer a large variety of food ( western, local, Chinese ) . and the thing that sealed the deal was – after pushing through the glass doors, on the left side of this  air-conditioned establishment , were a row of partitioned  ‘rooms’ or maybe tents would be a more accurate way to describe these.. where you sit on the floor, with soft flowing chiffon curtains , low table, cushions.. For those of you that prefer the more conventional sitting arrangements, there are plenty of tables to choose from.


The menu include :

The Rice menu : curry leaf pork, sweet and sour fish, kung po cuttle  fish rice, salted fish and chicken rice, butter prawn rice etc, and 7 variety of fried rice and 4 variety of cheese baked rice.

Noodles menu : shanghai noodles, S’pore fried noodles, black pepper seafood udon, hokkien noodles, dumpling soup noodles…

Spagetti and paste menu, western cuisine, snacks ( chicken wings, lamp ribs, fried squid …)


For drinks I had soya bean milk and longan (RM2.80), which tasted like soya bean milk, the taste of longan wasn’t present in the drink until I bite into the succulent ( tinned) longan pieces.


Kong Nam mee ( RM6.90) – interesting to see cucumber shreds in the noodles, other ingredients include  fried egg shreds, onion shreds, slices of chicken and prawns. I find the combination  a bit weird, cucumber , onions and noodles doesn’t seemed to ‘jive’ with Chinese style noodles ,it was somewhat like laksa plus Cantonese koay teow sorta thing, once we got over the weirdness of this, it was bearable lah


It was fun sitting in our little tent , (made me felt like Genghis Khan), and I got to make faces at some inquisitive kids from the neighboring rooms peaking though the cloth walls , the down side is that it is rather difficult to catch the attention of the waiters from inside the tent, so one would have to pop one’s head ( and limbs) out from the curtains to flag them. curtains











Wanton soup with 5 pieces of wanton ( RM 5). The soup was a bit salty but the wanton was not bad. Smooth and slippery wanton skin and the minced filling was well seasoned and the texture was springy. We liked this.

 wan tharn

Four vegetable king with rice 四大天王飯 ( RM5.90) ,ahh…this met my expectations..yummmmyy.. the four kings were : petai, four angle bean, long beans and ladies fingers. And in the company of the kings were ikan bilis, onions and brinjals. The vege were cooked just nice, and brought up the different texture of the ingredients , the crunchiness of the petai and the beans, the softness of the charred brinjal,  cooked in sweet, sour and spicy gravy..this went really well with rice…i loved this..only grouse would be that the ikan bilis was a bit  too chewy .


Overall, pink elephants and all , an enjoyable meal, and the price was quite reasonable –( there were no service charge or sales tax).


Business hours : 11:30 am – 11.00 pm


Restaurant Xiao Fei Xiang

27-1 & 28-1, Ground Floor,

Jalan BS 4/1, Taman Bukit Serdang

Seksyen 4. Seri Kembangan

43000 Selangor

Tel : 8945 7619

There is a branch in Taman Setia Rawang ( tel 6092 9218)


From Serdang main road , passed BP ( left) , passed  the market ( on your right) , go straight until you see Public bank on your right , and at the traffic light, turn right, go straight ahead ~ 500 m until you come to some double storey shoplots on your left… find the pink elephant.

We were at another food outlet at Kuchai area the week before and saw there were quite a large crowd dining  at Hailam Kopitiam, so, I made a mental note that this would be a  potential makan place to explore.

We were greeted and welcomed by uniformed waiters and waitresses as soon as we stepped on the kaki lima belonging to Hailam Kopitiam, and I tell you ah..there were really a large number of waiter and waitresses, we counted 14 of them..

We weren’t sure what to order, so we referred to the ratings / recommendation on the menu ( come to think of it, how trustworthy  do you think the self- ratings are at most of the eateries? are these really based on customers’ feedback ? )

 We decided to go for Hailam Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce- other variations of the gravy include original, black pepper or rending , Hailam fried mee hoon and otak-otak rolls and for drinks we ordered cincau (RM2.80).

The place was cosy, marble table tops, wooden chairs, wi-fi, the place was about 2/3 full at the time of the visit.

 You can view their menu by clicking here

 The otak-otak roll (RM 4.2) didn’t have any star ratings on the menu, but it sounded interesting and we like Otak-otak , so we had to order this. 4 (flat) spring rolls  piping hot, just scooped off the frying pan was my guess, arrived at our table . This was oozing with hot oil as we bite into it ..OUUcchh…the skin was too thick and floury and err..what’s this at the centre… it was a spicy-ish paste thingy err.. forgettable …maybe that was why there weren’t any star ratings guarr..

 otak2 roll

Hailam fried mee hoon (RM 6.80) came with prawns, chicken slices, fishpaste slices and some vegetable, this was pleasant, I especially like the gravy which had a strong fried onion smell…blends well with the mee hoon.

 mee hoon

Hailam Chicken Chop ( RM6.60), I had high expectation of this ..didn’t the Hainanese ‘invented’ chicken chop ? firstly let me comment about the chicken,  the meat was tough, stringy and tasteless..umm.. and as for the mushroom sauce –..there were a lot of chopped button mushroom in the sauce ( good point), but the sauce itself was kinda tasteless  and one dimesional ( bad point). When I ate the chicken with the sauce, all I could taste was the fried batter and the saltiness of the button mushroom.. ..maybe I ordered the wrong sauce and got some tough ‘pencen-ed’ chicken.

 chic chop

Overall, a so-so meal lah…



Hailam Kopitiam Sdn Bhd

 No 20, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8,

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

Taman Entrepreneurs Park

58200 KL

Tel : 79821563