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We flew from Manila to Cebu via Cebu Pacific (click here for the website ) which took about 1hr 15 mins.  The interesting part about flying Cebu Pacific is, they organized quiz on the flight ! The stewardess will ask the questions and the passenger that has her/his  hands up first gets to answer and win a prize , A tote bag or something. Usually 3 questions will be asked and centers around the air carrier, , e.g name 5 international destination that Cebu Pacific flies to, so if you plan on winning something, do some homework first ! I wonder will MAS or Airasia have something like this in the future ?

Our host had kindly arranged for someone to pick us up from the airport and we decide to go directly to the restaurant for a drink before meals rather than to check-in.And oh..we are having dinner at the Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant -which serves Filipino food.

While waiting for our host- the guys had some San Miguel ( Filipino beer)  while I opted for a coconut ( =Buko in tagalog) drink . My drink didn’t arrive in it’s original container ( coconut) but in a glass, and it was  only ¾ full ! ( or ¼ empty – you pessimmist ! )

Nice, friendly , casual  ambience at the Golden Cowrie , wooden tables, wooden deco, warm lights and plates lined with banana leaves. Rice is bottomless and the waiters come around carrying the rice in a container hung around their torso.




















Baked scallops… eyes lit up when this first dish arrived. The fresh scallops were baked in rich santan – like ayam percik style..yummyyy


Tuna Fingers – minced tuna formed into fingers and fried, this was pretty good, goes very well with the mayo sauce


Lapu-lapu (a type of red grouper) soup -this is like tom-yam soup minus the spiciness and extra on the sourness, this was overly sour for me.


Fried squid in sauce- our host mentioned this is the traditional way of cooking squid- in thick black gravy, this was pretty nice, fresh and springy squid.


Grilled fish – the sweetness of  fresh fish grilled over a low fire… -ahhh…


 Crispy pata (Pork knuckles ) -the outer skin was deep fried to a crisp, the meat was tender and well marinated. Oink if you love pork. OINK OINK OINK


 Sisig – this is minced pork plus chili, onion, egg seasoned with calamansi ( lime) and vinegar – on a sizzling hot plate , the original sisig was made from chopped part of a pigs head -ears, snout, brain etc but now ‘simplified’ to minced meat. This was nice. Goes well with beers. My host commented- ‘very high in cholesterol , but never mind, we don’t eat this everyday’ and later add on to that ‘ eat today, die tomorrow never mind’


I was already full..but who could resist the temptation of a Halo-halo ( halo = ‘mix’ in Tagalog).  Halo-halo is  the Filipino version of the ice-kacang… What a wonderful way to end a very enjoyable meal…..



 Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant

3.5km N of Cebu City, Salinas Dr, Lahug

Tel : +63(32) 233-4243, +63(32) 233-4670

Operating hours :

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

6:00 pm – 10 pm (Daily)

A short post…

I think our host was trying to make us feel at home or something like that hor.., Guess what we had for lunch in Philippines…Dimsum.! After touching down at Clarke Fields , it took us  ~ 1:30 hr drive to Manila after a ~ 4 hours flight from KL LCCT, I am game for anything as my stomach was growling  !

Causeway Seafood Restaurant serves steamboat as well as regular ala carte meals, dim sum and crocodile meat..wahhlahh…the menu looks pretty interesting hor ? Premium Crocodile meat with broccoli flower..wonder how will that taste  ?


We had dimsum..not too bad really, about Malaysian standard, I would say, actually they said  this should be more authentic that what we get in KL, as the chefs and kitchen help here are from mainland china.













At the end of the meal, my colleague told our host, next time when you visit KL, we will take you for a Philippino meal  – he didn’t said that in a kindly way but rather with a sinister smile  😛

 Causeway Seafood Restaurant

883 Banawe cor. Del Monte Ave. Quezon City

Tel: 410-8690, 740-8787

How about this, one posting and 2 reviews…:P .


1. Restoran Jalal Yusof

 Hmmmm….teh tarik



Roti kosong …. Average


Roti Tisu – ok ( I think roti tisu is a foolproof dish, hadn’t tried any roti tisu that I do not like ( yet)


 Mee goreng ….not something I would recommend, I find this somewhat bland



 Location :

Blk B, No.1, Grd Flr, Plaza Danau 2,

Jalan 4/109 F

Taman Danau Desa,

58100 KL

( opposite Danau Impian Condo ( the green ones))


2. Shauiya Curry House,

 Shauiya has its roots in Bangkok Lane, Penang where the family first started its business. To read more, please click here

On(almost) every table , there was  a coconut and a bunch of bananas.


Mee goreng + sotong – pretty good !! The mee is the soggier version ,  sotong pieces were pretty tough though


 Mee rebus … the ‘kuah’ ( gravy) was a bit too thick for my liking


 ….Nasi kandar



 Location :

Jalan 5/109 F,

Taman Danau Desa

( map is available here )