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Was in Ho Chi Minh for a short working trip, the first day of arrival was  a long day, I was looking anxiously at my watch and hoping that we could stop the discussion soon, as it was already 8pm ( and 9pm in KL , which meant that my feeding time was long overdue ). Finally, the last question was asked and discussed and then we set off for dinner. Huraaahhhh

Before we drove into the compound of the restaurant, I remembered that our host had brought us there before and of course I was pleased as I have had a pleasant dining experience here. Read about the previous visit here.

For the appetizer we were served pickled cabbage, luckily ( for me) this was not the full fledge kimchi  but a milder version of it, the cabbage were crispy , a bit sourish and tinge of chili powderDeep fried prawns – the prawns came with plenty of garnishing –garlic, spring onions, dried chili and the potent chili padi. The prawns were fried to a crisp and the flavour from the garnishing had penetrated the prawns which made this so flavourful and yummy, the garnishing was very good to eat too, until one bite into the chili padi and start a coughing fit 😀Deep fried  tofu –crispy on the outside and smooth soft tofu on the inside, not sure what the sauce was but we guess to be fish paste.Vegetable with scallops- I am not sure what the vegetable is, seemed to be something from the gourd or melon family, the vegetable came with scallops and black fungus, the sweetness of the scallops adds to the enjoyment of the dish.Grilled cuttlefish – the grilled cuttlefish were sprinkled with pepper and salt, taste wise, this works but sadly the cuttlefish was a bit chewyBeef fillets on skewers- the beef was well marinated and the addition of the vegetable rolled between the fillets made the whole thing chewy plus a bit of a crunchiness which was good.Seafood hot pot – in the pot were prawns, fishballs, mussels, cuttlefish , tofu and vegetable, this was served with noodles, the soup base  was slightly sourish which was a change from the hot pot we get back in KL, but interestingly, the soup works with noodles or the rice.Overall, an enjoyable meal- Ms Host commented that the dishes that we had were more closely reflecting a Chinese version  rather  than Vietnamese.

Location : (not far from the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park ( VSIP)
11A, Binh Duong, Lai Thieu,
Tel : 06500371888

Oh yes, another meal with a deal thanks to Groupon ! 3-course Dim Sum Dinner with 7 Dishes at Luk Yu Tea House, Starhill Gallery. Pork-free (RM70.65 value) for RM25 inclusive of service charges and government tax,The timing was rather tight as we only had a few days left to the validity of the vouchers that we had purchased. And when Chunny called to make the reservations, we were told that they could not accept reservations as they were full, but asked us to walk in and try our luck  

The lift from the car park area was rather confusing, the address called for LG5 Feast Floor, but we ain’t see no floor marked as Feast on the lift…why so like that one ? luckily we met a guy who seemed to know where he was going and gave us directions on how to get to where we want to go..We were the no.5 on the  group of people waiting in line to be seated, so we waited to be called…and waited…and waited…I think it was almost after half an hour that we finally got to our seats…we were seated on the outer area where we get a view of bird cages sans birds hanging on the ceiling

Luckily the service was brisk so we didn’t have to wait too long to be served. First up was the har-kau , the skin was kinda thickish and sticky  but the filing was rather tasty, so this was ok .Siew Mai- Steamed chicken and prawns dumpling – when we tasted the first 2 siew mai, Chunny and myself gave differing comments, but then turned out that both of us ate the different version, one being chicken and the other prawns, the prawn version was sweeter and tastier, the chicken version was a bit more meaty and thus heavier ..Deep fried chicken spring roll – these came with the rolls still sizzling but luckily wasn’t that oily, the filings were tasty. We were rather happy with the size of the servings and the quality of the food, not bad lah..Wu kok – Deep fried yam puff with chicken and mushroom – a bit of a disappointment, the yam section were rather thin and thus the yam-ness wasn’t pronounce and I find that these were a bit over fried too. The filings were reasonably tasty though.Wok fried prawns with salted egg yolk ..  the size of the prawns made us rather happy, the prawns were juicy and freshly crunchy.  I am impressed ! Salted egg yolks + prawn = a deadly combination in terms of clogged arteries ? who cares !Fried rice – this was a bit oily and seemed like an odd dish with the series of dimsum that we were fed with, this taste like tomyam fried rice rather than something I would associate with Chinese dimsum, but anyway, I guess it made a good contrast with the dimsum. This was so-soMango sago with pamelo – this dessert was mango-ish without being overly sweet, the pamelo added a different dimension in terms of texture and a slightly sourish and tangy flavour to the dessert 

Oh, i forgot to mention that the meal also came with a pot of chinese tea. Overall, an interesting and enjoyable  meal,

 Location :
LG5 Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 2782 3850

Tappers @ Bangsar South

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e  decided to venture to The Sphere located at Bangsar South ,  one important criteria is that parking is free for the first two hours, and from previous experiences there are ample parking spaces over the weekend too.

Well, actually for the time being , Bangsar South is rather dead on weekends . We surveyed the available makan areas and the bunting on display outside Tappers which offered various combo sets seemed to be rather reasonably priced, so we decide to give it a try.The setting at Tappers was simple and cozy,  white furniture, white walls adorned with black and white framed  pictures of well dressed mat salleh perched in cars in estates settings  and estate workers with cheerful smiles.I had the Cabonara set, I find the sauce a bit weak and not as strong or rich as what I would have liked . The portion is quite big though, and for the price of RM12.50 inclusive of a drink is rather reasonable.

The selection  for the drinks that come with the set meals are iced lemon tea, lemon tea, lime juice and air bandung. Both of us ordered the iced lemon teaMy makan companion had the Schnitzel set ( RM 13.50), again, the portion was very generous, a bit piece of chicken in light batter with side dish of chips and coleslaw, this was rather nice.There is a 10% service charge to the bill.  Overall, a pretty reasonable meal.

Location :
Unit G-1, Ground Floor, The Sphere,
No 1, Avenue 1 Bangsar South
No.8Jalan Kerinchi,59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 22412963