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I tend to cringe( a bit)  stepping into a Japanese restaurant ( not that I frequent them too much seeing that this in my first posting on Japanese food after more than a year of being online), having to ‘suffer ‘ the ritual of facing individual/ rows of  waitresses /waiters  screaming/ reciting  their welcomes ( I do not understand a word of what they were saying, they could be saying that ‘ there is a really good program on TV tonight or ‘what a group of badly dressed people’ but I take it that they were welcoming us ) as one stepped into their establishment.

No difference at Midori, we went through the recitals at the entrance and were taken to our seats, the set up was rather nice and cozy.


To cut down on waiting time, we had pre-ordered  the special Bento set  for everyone, and once everyone was seated, the food arrived, fast and furious.

The Chawan Mushi ( steamed egg custard) was a delight, smooth, light and so tasty, I scraped the bowl clean of  steamed egg molecules.


Then the Bento box arrived. Tan tan taraaa…. In the box, we get :-

Yasai sarada ( fresh garden salad), Yasai  Nimono ( simmered vege in light stock) . Tori Tatsutaage (deep-fried marinated chicken) – which I found to be kinda dry, kaisen furai (deep-fried crumbed assorted seafood ) – the batter seemed a bit thick and heavy , I would have prefer the lighter tempura batter. Shake teppanyaki (Norwegian salmon on teppanyaki hotplate)- which was rather nice. Some pickles, and also steamed white rice.


We also had the customary Miso soup ( Japanese bean-paste soup) and green tea.

Overall an ok meal and I won’t mind another helping of Chawan mushi..hmm…yummm.

Open daily :-

Lunch: 11.30pm- 2.30pm Dinner: 6.30pm- 10.00pm

Location : Marriot Putrajaya, 101 Resort, Putrajaya

 Telephone: 603- 8949888 ext 1222/1223


A convoy of 4 cars and with only 1 person who knew the direction and what with the heavy  rain, it was a wonder that we didn’t get lost, it was easy at the main road but when we were closer to the restaurant there were a lot of twist and turn and I am not sure would we have made it there if we didn’t have a navigator and had to use a map.

The scenery and the ambience of the place was well worth getting lost ( although we didn’t) . We got a  good view of Putrajaya


The Alfresco Cabana section can sit 42 pax.


At the main restaurant building , you can choose to  dine indoors ( air conditioned ) or outdoors to enjoy the natural breeze and the  view (and maybe feed some mozzies)


We chose to dine indoors ( private room) , we make reservations and had pre-select the set menu. So, we only had to worry about ordering our drinks.Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant is part of the infamous Tai Thong group. For the website, please click here

First up – Phoenix white prawns with three combination, fishballs coated with almond flakes was rather good- springy fish paste and the crunchy almond flakes seemed a goof combination, deep fried prawns in batter – this was somewhat with a twist as the prawn was seasoned with some curry powder, the guys seemed to enjoy this. Fish paste  rolled in seaweed – the fish paste was ‘enhanced’ with carrots, bits of garnishing and sausage- nice. Stir fried asparagus and celery – vege was fresh and crunchy- nice. Being the first dish, the plate was ‘cleaned’   very quickly without too much of a fuss.


Braised shark’s fin soup with vegetables & crab meat was next—ok, apologies, I should have refrained from eating this / asked Mr Boss not to order this, in lieu of the sharks. Anyway, since the waiter had already filled up the bowls, would be quite a waste ( think of those hungry African children without food ) not to eat it. ( Yes, I have no backbone) . The soup was quite ok (a few strands of shark fin bits were visible)  and to support the cause, I didn’t refill my bowl.


Deep-fried grouper with Siam sauce, the deep fried fish was garnished with mango shreds  and onions . At this point the conversation around the table centered on   steam fish vs deep fried. Being a person who preferred fried ikan kembung to steamed Soon hock – I dare not make any comments in case they throw me into the lake. By the way, the fish was rather good and the main complain is that no one could have seconds.


Stir-fried venison with black pepper– the venison was tender and well marinated, but the black pepper was really very hot la, I felt like I was breathing fire after a few slices of the venison.


After the ferocious attack on all the earlier dishes,  most of us are starting to have that ‘fullness’ feeling and some had left the table to take a walk and some announced that they  will only move their forks  for ‘expensive’ dishes. When the next dish – Stir-fried vegetables with three varieties mushroom arrived, being curious that could the  thinly sliced  flattish beige thingy in the mixture be abalone,  prompted some greedy folks to lift their fork, well, it was a form of abalone lah, abalone mushroom lorrr…there were 3 types of mushroom- shitake, abalone and whatchacallit ( the smallish mini mushroom) plus some vege in this dish, I find the abalone mushroom rather salty ( and a bit slimy) but I enjoyed the other two mushroom which were succulent and tasty.


Stir-fried crab with chilli  – by this time, those that had wandered had returned and built up an appetite and as crabs can be considered as ‘expensive’ food, it wasn’t too much an effort to lift the forks – well,  they would have missed a pretty good crab if they didn’t try this ! The crabs ( fresh although not too meaty, but still ok lah) came with a dishful of tasty gravy. The slices of fried buns were greedily dipped into the gravy and ahhhhh…nice…major consensus around the table that this was the best dish of the night.


 Most of us were very close ( and for some, maybe over) the ‘full tank’ capacity  and so, when the Hong Kong style braised noodles with seafood  arrive, we weren’t too receptive to it and choose to continue with our conversation on the glory of Malaysian football, and names like Mokhtar Dahari, Soo Chin Aun, Aramugam ( spiderman), etc etc  were proudly mentioned. Anyway, some of us decided to give the noodles a try and hey, this was  very good noodles. the noodles were springy and with a bit of a bite, gravy was tasty and with sotong lah, prawns la, fish paste lah. Nice. was dessert – Chilled sweetened lychee with sea coconut and Deep-fried pancake . I have always liked  the shanghai pancakes and thought that  pancakes were suppose to be served crispy and usually kinda hot, but this was something like a ‘masuk angin’ pancake , the skin was not very crispy, doesn’t feel or taste fresh .


Overall- a pretty enjoyable meal ( I wasn’t sure how much the meal cost as Mr Boss who foot the bill was sitting at the next table)

Business hour : Daily
Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm
Snacks 2:30pm – 6:00pm
Dinner 6:30pm – 10:30pm

 Location :

 Putrajaya Seafood Restaurant

Taman Botani,
Presint 1,
62000 Putrajaya,
Wilayah Persekutuan  . Tel : +603-8889 1188