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On the way to Chuan Kee – a Hakka restaurant  restaurant, everyone were giving their 2 cents worth of what they think and know about hakka dishes and the memories that came with it : khau yoke (the famous – yam and  fatty pork sandwich) ,  a friendly neighbor’s mother who cooked hakka dishes unsurpassed by the best restaurant, yong tau foo etc etc ,  which made us even more hungry that necessary and all geared up for the meal .

We didn’t really know the location and at the traffic light, instead of turning into the lane directly beside PGRM, we missed that, and had to made a big detour around some housing area. Anyway, better late than never.

 When you arrive at a restaurant that is full of happy noisy crowd and with some more waiting in queue for good measure, you know that you have come to the right place ! Thanks Alpha for the recommendation.

 We ordered : Char yoke, stir fried sweet potato leaves and yong tau foo

 First to arrive was the stir fried sweet potato leaves – with the roughish fibres from the stem removed, this ensured a nice clean bite into the succulent  and tender leaves. Stir fried with bits of garlic and chili – a simple yet satisfying dish.


Char yoke  – stewed fatty pork with wood ears . initially, the comment from the table  was that this was just ok but I guess it sorta grow on you and the review became better and better as we dig into the tender and well marinated fatty pork ( trans fat or what, who cares lah) .The tasty gravy, the tender pork pieces,  the cruchy wood eats..ahh…excellent to go with rice


Yong Tau Foo – I only learnt that the original hakka YTF are made with fish paste plus some salted fish and bits of dried sotong. And before this ignorant me thought that the original thing should be  pure fish paste. The texture of the fish paste was firm yet springy, and the aroma of the dried fish and sotong although subtle gave the right Umppppp to the dish contributed to the dish.


And you know what the best thing is – you get good quality food at a reasonable price. The above dishes , plus rice and Chinese tea only came to RM29 for 3 of us. Long Live Chuan Kee !   

 Hours :

1130-1500 (lunch)/1800-2130 (dinner)/ Closed – Every 3rd Fri&Sat of the mth

Location :

14, Jln Pudu Ulu, Batu 3, Cheras , 56100 KL

Tel-03-9284 4530

 ( head on towards PGRM, turn into the lane beside PGRM ( i.e. where you get into the PGRM car park) go a bit further up the road, you should be able to see Chuan Kee on your right)