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When I am back in my kampong and want a change to the regular nasi lauk/nasi dagang for breakfast (which is frankly speaking -not that often,  since it’s not easy to get tired of eating nasi lauk/nasi dagang) I will head on to Kampung Terbak for Kau Jam ( salad/ vegetable rice – rice cooked in herbs ( which gives it a greenish colouration))

I used to have to cycle pass Terbak everyday to get to school , on the way-  you get to see familiar sights of monks going around the houses for alms, baby piggies and mama piggies , stray dogs, monitor lizards, the occasional snakes and  biawaks running around the place. Now the place is all modern with traffic lights and all that…( sorry, I do not have any jokes on why the piggies cross the road lah)

The Kau Jam is available in the compound of a Thai temple- Wat Pikulthong ( which is directly in front of the Terbak traffic light junction heading towards the town centre of Tumpat.


In the midst of the foliage .. ( it was ~ 7:30am, it was still dark…) – spot the stall


The Kau Jam makcik cutting vegetables.


i (always) try to practise some Thai words with Makcik during my visits , but i think she prefers to speak to me in malay in response to my broken Thai lah

(Notice the calendar with a picture of the Thai King in the background)

The normal vegetable ( all raw)  in  Kau Jam include : cucumber, long bean, onions, daun kelsom ( spicy and fragrant herb), lemongrass , ginger flower.


Previously, Makcik  will have all the vege ready-mixed in a big basin , but she had since improvise and will ask the customer what they do not want , and she will then omit those and then mix up the portion according to the packets of rice. ( this sure beat having to pick out all the long beans pieces that I do not want in my rice).


The vege are packed separately from the rice .With the rice, Makcik  will pack – fish meat, grounded and fried coconut, pepper, chili paste, and also a packet of Budu ( fermented fish (sauce), for those who do not take budu, you can replace this with soy sauce.



Apart from kau jam, Auntie also sells porridge, these are the ingredients to be added to the porridge, I tried the porridge, it’s pretty good too ( very peppery and tasty)


You can either pack the food ( tarpau) or  have it there, under the trees ( chair/table, eating utensils and drinks are available) , enjoy the serenity of the temple …. It’s a wonderful experience..(you should also try having  keropok (fish crackers) available from Makcik’s stall , with kau jam )   And after you enjoyed the healthy kau jam ( so many vege, sure very healthy one !) take a walk around the temple, the statue of the Standing / Walking Buddha is close by to makcik’s stall …

Update Nov 2012- Kau Jam Makcik is no longer operating the stall in the Wat, she has moved ! Makcik is now operating from her home, i have not been there – so, the following instructions are based on what i have heard :- from Wat Pikolthong ( on your left), go straight after the traffic light ( i.e. don’t head towards Tumpat town center)  , and err…ask around or look around you to find the stall..



I did a search on Wat Pikulthong and found that in Nov 2008, the temple became the first Buddhist temple in Malaysia to be homoured with the Royal Kathin award from Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej. You can read the article by clicking here

how to get there :

From Kota Bharu – you head on to Tumpat ( which should be ~20 mins away on regular traffic), After passing Kg Sedar, you will come to Terbak and the  traffic light ,  The temple is one  the left of  the traffic light juntion ( It’s so prominent, you shouldn’t miss it !)

We arrived a around 1:30ish pm on a Sunday , and we found most of the tables were occupied , inside and outside  – which was a good sign lorrr.

The menu centers around Pan Mien (PM) 板麵 , the PM / servings range from RM5.50 -RM7.00/ bowl. And the choices include :

Herbal chicken PM ( RM7.00) -one of the more expensive choice, Lor PM , Curry laksa PM, Lat Jiu ( Chili) PM, Fried pork PM, Knife cut PM, Century egg PM

For light meals, Jojo has : economy fried beehoon (RM2.50), plus a fried egg (RM3.50), beehoon + curry  chicken (RM4.50)

 Snacks include : fried wantan /soup wantan, century egg dumpling soup, fried fish cake, fried pork, curry chicken, toast.

 Dessert : tau foo far (RM2.20). TFF +soya milk (RM2.50), TFF + cincau, TFF +longan, TFF+ sweetcorn. Gingko +red dates +water chestnuts.

 Beverages : soya milk, cincau, chrysentimum, honey dew, logan, wheatgrass, tea, coffee..etc etc

 We wanted the Curry laksa PM but that was out of stock liao, the waitress recommend the Herbal chicken PM, but I wasn’t too keen on that, so we settled for the traditional basic PM and also the knife cut PM,

The ‘sauces’ – roughly pounded pickled green chili, red chili/ sambal and chili powder


The basic PM was ok, with the usual ‘supporting’ ingredients – black fungus, sayur manis, ( the one with the  roundish leaves), mushroom and ikan bilis, I am not a fan of pan mien as I don’t like the heavy flourly taste of the noodles, but the PM at Jojo is pretty good, the noodles were smooth and doesn’t taste too flourly. The soup was pretty sweet too, and do try the accompanying chili paste/ sambal


 The knife cut PM didn’t have the usual black fungus and mushroom in PM  – these were replaced by pork balls (they weren’t very round, so maybe i should call them pork lumps instead ? 😛 ), the pork balls were nicceeee…they were solid and springy with some chopped carrots and tinge of Chinese wine,. The noodles were in big pieces /sheets, for those that plan to impress your date, this is slightly tough to manipulate,  you might not appear too elegant if you open your mouth too wide to swallow the ‘sheets’ whole, or attempt to bite the sheets into sections but found that the remaining piece had taken a dive and created quite a splash in your bowl…anyway, the texture of the noodles were nice and smooth. I enjoyed this very much.


 Overall, a pretty good meal ! I search for reviews for Jojo and found that the Herbal chicken PM is said to be pretty good, and from our visit we found that they ran out of the curry laksa PM, this might be good as well guarrr…


Jojo Little Kitchen

No. 30, Jalan Kuchai Maju 9,

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,

58200 KL

Tel : 79871090




Location map to Jojo’s


Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

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I first visited Taman Tasik Titiwangsa (TTT)  to go on a ride on the Eye On Malaysia, i.e. the gigantic ferries wheel thingy which had since relocated to Melaka. TTT is a 46 hectare recreational park located in the northern park of KL.  If you are anywhere near the General Hospital, IJN, Istana Budaya , National Library or National Gallery ( or even the Blood Bank) , then you are already not too far from TTT.

We were there on a public holiday a few weeks ago, we arrived before 8  am and there were already a number of people jogging or walking at the park. The blue roofed building you see below is Istana Budaya


There are a few of what not to do at the park including : No to – littering, fishing, pets, picking flowers , berkelakuan sumbang..translated would roughly mean, no hanky panky (?) –


The lake must be cleaner than I thought as we could see some middle sized fish swimming amongst the seaweeds at the edges of the lake.


As you walk along the lake, you will come by a mini stadium ( with stage), public toilets are available, boating area ( I am not sure if it is operational), also the Taman Tasik Titiwangsa Sport Complex where gym, tennis, squash, table tennis and volleyball facilities are available.


 And we come to my favourite part of the lake…Hey..they have horses here…


Horse riding and horse drawn carriage rides are available on Sat/ Sun ,  public and school holidays. The charges for going 1 round ( I am not sure how big the ‘1 round’ is though ) of RM1 ( children) and RM1.50 ( adult) for horse riding, and RM0.50 ( child) and RM1 ( adult) for carriages seemed very reasonable..for details, please refer to signboard below.


It was before the operating hours, so we asked for permission to enter to have a closer look at the horses, and the nice people there allowed us to go in.


 When I saw carriages ( there were numerous), reminds me of the old cowboy movies and of course – Little House on the Prairie and my childhood heroine Laura Ingalls ( and that Nelly Olsen- that nasty nasty girl ) ….ok ok..enough of reminiscing


 I have never been on a horse, the closest thing was probably the mechanical bull ride at Aformosa Resort in Melaka..heheh…we waited for the clock to show 9 am ( which was 20 mins away) , and then trotted to the counter to buy some tickets, (it took a while for them to sort out the tickets, some sequence seemed to be missing – this took 10 mins ) and then …..we were told they can’t organize the horse ride for us as the handlers for the adult horse rides are not available..sniff..ok we settled for the horse carriage..’bo hear hou yar ho’ ( no prawns fish also can) …and then…it start to drizzle..and we were told….no rides until the rain stops ..oh ah..i guess by that time, our patience was already a bit thin, stood around for another 10 mins, then call it quits and got our refund.


As we were leaving, we saw one pakcik brushing ( for want of a better word) a horse in one of the stall, we went for a closer look and chitchatted with the pakcik and I grouse to him about coming all the way and not able to get on a horse and he said, you just want to get on a horse and take some photos isit ?  then he led the horse out of the stall and before I knew it I was in the saddle,  yeeehaawww..i would like to thank the pakcik for going out of his way to make my dream come true 😀

We passed an area /track for the remote-cars – I am not sure the proper term for this’s a pity that we didn’t get to see any action,  we might be a bit too early, but we did see  some guys who seemed to be setting up their gears for this.


The drizzle was pretty light and didn’t bother us, so we continued with our walk along the lake




How to get to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa :

Map from