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This was our first dining experience using the Groupon voucher, a 2 course western meal at RM33 ( usual price RM74.24) sounds like a very attractive deal. There was a footnote that the voucher exclude the RM5 jockey parking fees.

Two days prior to the visit, Chunny called to made reservations, we arrived at about 6:30pm and the parking area or maybe more suitable to say- the open space – which was situated directly  in front of the Chandelier , was empty. Before disembarking from the vehicle,  someone came up to us to collect a RM5 parking fee. We weren’t very happy to pay that amount of money and after a brief discussion amongst ourselves, we drove away and parked the car at a furniture showroom across the road…cheapskate ahhh ? no lah..i would say it’s a matter of principle !  And been a bit thin-skinned, we wanna give a bit of face to the shop and thus went through the glass door . We karpor around the shop, ohh-ahh over the grandiose accessories , tsk tsk over the price tag of the furniture,  and after about 15 minutes decided that that was enough of face given, we slipped out of the door and walk across the road back to the Chandelier, I wonder did the carpark attendant contemplate to throw stones / shoes at us when he saw us, anyway, we arrived safely without any mishaps.

One could dine indoors or under the stars, as it was a cool windy day, we decide to dine alfresco. Chunny decide to play paparazzi , thanks to quick reactions from yours truly, Chunny’s plot was foiled.  The choices for starters: Seafood soup or chef salad  and for the main course , options are : whole grilled sea bass or braised lamb shank .To cover all the bases , we ordered all the above.  

The chef salad had fresh tomatoes, Portobello mushrooms, rucola*, and parmesan flakes tossed together in balsamic dressing. This was refreshing and light , a good way to build up the appetite for the following course. And then disaster strike…the battery of my camera  had gone flat and I didn’t bring along the spare battery….would this be a meal without photos ? would this spell the end of Bual2kosong ? was this a conspiracy of the jockey and the furniture shop ? Luckily Chunny’s handphone came to the rescue..the following photos are courtesy of my trusted makan chum – Chunny..

 * checked out what Rucula is  , extract from   :also known as arugula, eruca, Italian cress, garden rocket, rocket, or roquette, rucola is an edible green leafy plant that belongs to the mustard family. Its scientific name is eruca vesicaria sativa and is said to be found only in countries near the Mediterranean region particularly Portugal, Turkey, Lebanon, and Morocco.

Rucola is an annual plant related to watercresses and radishes. It could grow from about 8 inches up to almost 40 inches in height. Its leaves can grow as big as 8 inches in length while its flowers are usually 2 to 4 cm in diameter. Since the Roman times, rucola has been grown on dry ground as vegetables. It was said that the Romans used rucola leaves for cooking vegetable dishes and the rucola seeds were used as flavoring for oil. The Romans also started using the rucola plant to make aphrodisiacs and substances used for medicinal purposes.

Rucola is said to contain lots of vitamins and minerals including folate, magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamins C and A. It is also very low in calories and the leaves can be eaten raw, mixed with salads, or cooked as normal vegetables. Many people also prefer to have rucola sautéed and added to pasta dishes, much like the pesto version that people are more familiar of. Some people also use it along with grilled meat because of its strong flavor and peppery taste.

Seafood soup – the soup was filled with prawns, mussels, squid and clams in a light tomato sauce. This was like tomato soup with seafood. The soup was tasty and we can’t help but  compare the two starters and though that the seafood soup was more value for money compared to the salad

For the main course, I had the grilled sea bass. The fish was said to be ‘aromatised with rosemary thyme’ , it was rather tasty but I find the texture of the fish a bit too soft, I am not sure is that the nature of sea bass or not lah.. the fish had some green salad for company.

 The braised lamb shank was a wonderful sight, it came sitting on top of a bed of  mashed potato. The lamb was fell of the bone tender and didn’t have that overly strong kambing-ish smell.  The fresh mushroom gravy went very well with the lamb. This was good.

While we were enjoying our meal the live band came on, this is a daily affair and comes on after 9 pm. Chandelier is pork free and serves alcohol. The ambience is cozy and romantic, a good venue for couples, and  to leave a good impression on your date please pay the jockey the RM5 instead of parking your car across the road  😛

Overall, a good dining experience.

Business hours : 5 p.m. – 2 a.m. Closed on Sundays. 

Chandelier Restaurant
No 22a, Jalan 2/87G
Jalan Syed Putra (Off Jalan Taman Seputeh)
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22737882
Fax: 03-22739917


The leaflet for Yun Heong Yun came with the newspapers and the specialty mentioned in the circular  include : fish head noodles  fish paste and bitterguord soup, pork noodles, steamed tofu, fish balls, fish cakes, fish paste fried egg, sambal fish,yong taufu, homemade teochew fish ball noodles, fresh prawn wantan noodles. The best part is that we know the location of the shop so off we galloped to Seri Kembangan.

The restaurant was having a quiet day ,  apart from our table,  one other table was taken up by a couple and the next table by a child ( must be taukeh’s son guarr) with his hands and eyes glued to a handheld console.

We decided to try : steamed egg, yong taufu and sambal fish

Steamed egg (RM8) : I was looking forward to  smooth, light steamed eggs but this didn’t meet that criteria lah, the texture was just average maybe a bit overcooked , there were generous amount of fish balls in the steamed egg though, the fish balls were quite ok, firm and springy. The fried onions on top of the steamed egg were a bit too soggy for our liking.

Sambal fish (RM7) : this was rather nice, the sambal was a mix of sour and not too spicy with bits of onions and ladies fingers. Interestingly the fish was deep fried -which made it a bit dry and hard, I would have thought a steamed version of the fish might have been better.

Yong taufu ( RM1.20/ piece) we had ordered a mixture : taufu pok, chili, brinjal and fuchok roll. This is the teowchew style I guess, as it was  ‘pure’  fish paste  as opposed to the Hakka version where the fish paste are mixed with salted fish, dried squid etc .We find the  YTF to be average, the vegetable ( sayur manis) that came with the soupy YTF were a bit tough

Overall- an average meal The total bill for the abovementioned + 2 plates of rice and 2 drinks came toRM25.80  ( no service tax)  

 Business hours : 8 am – 3 pm daily

Location :

Are you a subscriber of Groupon ? I am a latecomer and started my Groupon subscription just a few months ago thanks to Chunny and so far had makan-ed a few times courtesy of Groupon. I probably shouldn’t use the word ‘courtesy’ as we still have to pay for the meal except that they were at a discounted price. Some say that with the promotion the portion are smaller but as I have never dined at those particular establishment prior to this / as a ‘regular’ customer, so I can’t really tell is that true or just hearsay. Apart from the discounted prices the other good thing is that we get to dine at interesting new places and try out new food ! subscription is free , click on

This meal at Black and White station was another promotion from Groupon, we paid RM20 for 2 sets of : soup + main course and 1 dessert which should have cost RM42.35. A word of thanks to my trusted transporter and makan kaki Chunny for navigating us through jalans and tamans where I have never ventured.

Once we arrive, we immediately got down into business and ordered our meal ..hungry mah, no time to dilly dally one..

Oversea mushroom cream soup –the soup was not bad, had the right consistency, not too thick nor thin, i wonder did this come out of the tin, this tasted much better than what i get ftom the tin. There were sufficient  bits of mushroom in the soup.

For the main course,  the Groupon deal limited us to : BBQ grilled chicken chop and grilled fish, so we ordered one of each.

For the grilled fish, there were 3  choices of sauce : brown sauce, garlic or black pepper, we chose garlic sauce. Normal price for grilled fish is RM11.50 .The dish came with a swirl of pasta in tomato sauce, chips and salad.  The fish  portion was a bit small, I guess being grilled fish , this came without batter as a padding to make the fish looked larger. The sauce was a good choice, I am not sure what type of fish was this but from the texture I guess it was not dory, but a finer texture which was rather enjoyable.

The grilled chicken was a bigger portion , we didn’t get to select a sauce , I wasn’t sure what was the sauce, but it works- it was tangy, a bit of tomato-ish flavour, chunny said she tasted lemon grass. This came with the swirl of spaghetti, chips and salad too. the usual price for this is RM10.90

Drinks weren’t included in the Groupon deal, I had honey lemon iced RM3.90, although I asked for hot honey lemon, oh well, I am not too fussed about that, Chunny had lime juice (RM3.70)- although the menu in Chinese read as mint and lime juice, I wonder where did the mint go in the English version .

 Looked at the other items in the menu, priced seemed reasonable ..noodles range from RM6.90 – 9.90 . Side dishes : chips, salad, chicken wing etc are available

For dessert, also in Groupon deal ; chocolate and vanilla in the orea (I forgot to check out the regular price for this dessert  ) We had one scoop each of chocolate and vanilla ice cream plus 2 oreos.

We paid an extra RM8.35 for the drinks inclusive of   10% sales tax , Overall an enjoyable meal made even more enjoyable that we have had a good deal !

 B&W is pork free, wi-fi. Ample sitting area, indoor ( air-conditioned ) or outdoor

59A, 60A Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3
Pandan Indah, 55100 KL
Tel : 42800910