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The initial options for dinner were : TGIF or  Rumahku, then the ideas flew / grew, Bangsar ? ( parking susah lerrr) , city centre ( traffic jam ler..and stomach already growling, doubt we will survive the jam) , Sunway Mentari ? seemed that there is an area loosely termed as ‘steamboat hub’, waalauuuehh..this, we got to see lahh…so , to infinity and beyond…we headed to Sunway….

We drove passed  blocks of shoplots..waahh..true many steamboat restaurants one geh..there was even a 3 storey steamboat restaurant across the street..after finding a parking space..we decide to go on foot and have a closer look at what was available..there was this place that seemed too outrageously packed..sooo many tables- covering the whole street, ..pheeww..…walk around the block..more steamboat restaurants ( but none can match the crowd we saw earlier) …. Decision made—we will see what is so good about that outrageously crowded steamboat restaurant..- Tasty Pot Restaurant-BBQ Steamboat Buffet Restaurant

2 types of seating arrangements – outdoor – by the highway


Or indoor – close to the refills


We didn’t have to wait too long for the waiter to clear a table of remnants from the previous diner. Service was pretty efficient ..after getting a seat, time to choose a soup base for your boat, the boat is divided into 2 portion , so you get 2 version of soup in each pot, unless you choose the same soup for the 2 section….errr…?

The choice for soup include  :    the Specialty Soya Bean Soup豆浆清汤, 1st in Malaysia   Curry Soya Bean Soup 咖哩豆浆汤, Chinese Herbal Soup中式药材汤, HK Satin Porridge香港沙田粥底, Thai Tom Yam Soup 泰式东炎汤 or Chong Qing Spicy Soup 重庆麻辣汤. Chunny wanted to try the Chinese Herbal Soup and I get to choose the other soup,  Well, if I had done some research before coming here, my choice of soup might have been different, i.e maybe would have been more adventurous and tried the soya bean soup, which seemed pretty unique, but at that time..whhaaaa ? I don’t think I want the fishballs and mussles soaking in soya bean soup lerr..i didn’t want something spicy as well,..and the winner is HK satin porridge.

Extract from  their official website here :   Established on June 18th , 2006, Tasty Pot has been famous for their unique soup flavours. Deriving from Baodao , Taiwan (nicknamed Treasure Island ), the special soup recipes was brought across countries to enable Malaysians to be able to savour the delicious soups without even traveling to abroad. Among the unique soup recipes, the Soya Bean Soup Flavour is a Must-Try.

My pupils dilated ( or something to that effect ) when I saw the buffet selection..there was really really a large variety and not just quantity, you know, quality also got one, you know..

At the seafood section, you get crabs ( meaty kind and the flowery kind), fish meat, prawns, squids, many types of shellfish : mussels lah, scallops lah, clams, bamboo clams etc etc ..I shed a few happy tears…


But u also get to see the ugly side of human nature, where- when scallops were being refilled into the trays, this fella stacked up his plate to the brim ( and left maybe 3 sickly looking ones  for the rest of the crowd), jostling for the less a bit can die isit..?


The vegetable section , again…soooo many different types of vege, kangkung, bayam, yau-mak, cabbage, yam, baby corn, jagung, mushrooms,  siau pai chai etc etc..

The fishball section ( I almost wanted to fall on my knees and thank whoever responsible for my existence – thanks mum and dad) ..there are sooooo many variety of balls , I think maybe > 30 types – not all fish though, meat balls, yong tau fu etc…


Back at our table..this was what our pot looked like after we ‘downloaded’ the good stuff , right- Chinese herbal soup and left – HK satin porridge.


One thing i forgot to mention- drinks are not inclusive in the set buffet, so, you have to pay extra for that lah

And while waiting for the goodies to cook, there were a variety of cooked foods to line our stomach.  Fried rice , fried noodles, fried buns, curry chicken, chicken feet, chicken wings, fried meatballs….

cooked food

The chicken wing is a must try !! sweet sticky crunchy exterior and  soft tender meat inside.yumyumyum

 chicken wings

And there was also a grill churning out grilled stuff, the crowd was too big here, I didn’t bother to venture as I was pretty contented with what I have in the pot,  so I am not too sure what is available at the grill, when checking out other blogs, I read about a whole lamb being grilled…ahh… ( i took this pix of the grilled fish when the crowd was already thinning )

 grilled fish

OK, finally, bubbles appear and the food was cooked.

AHHHH….manyak sedap…the porridge soup base was tasty ….( the porridge was soupy so don’t worry about  cooked stuff covered in porridge)..the ingredients were fresh…and bottomless..refill until you burst…ahh..bliss

 in a bowl

The Chinese herbal soup base was good as well, before tasting this, I was thinking that shellfish in herbal soup, can one meh..? kangkong in herbal soup, can one mehh ? ehh..turns out that can worrr !! ….the herbal taste of the soup was not too strong, just nice so that one can still savour  the original taste  of the ingredients.


Sometimes, it takes a bit of an effort to get to taste the goodies..Chunny initially thought she could use a toothpick as an ‘extraction tool ‘, but turn out that the shellfish is a stubborn guy…but finally with perseverance and a hardy chopstick, Chunny managed to wrestle the shy ( and dead guy) out of it’s shell…


Oh..after the meal, if you still have some space in your system, you can fill up with a few scoops of ice cream or some cut fruits

Overall : a very enjoyable meal . Highly recommended. Good variety and good quality.

RM23.80 per pax – Steamboat BBQ Jumbo set

 Operating hours Daily   4:30pm – 1:00 am  ( this is the new operating hours)

Tasty Pot Restaurant

9, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel 03 5630 1282

 Map copied from their official website.

map tasty pot