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On Thursday,  I called up Outdoor Adventure to reserve a table for lunch on Sunday and the person that answered the phone said that there will not be a problem as lunch time is not a busy time for them. With that in mind, I was expecting it to be pretty slow and quiet…

We arrived at Outdoor Adventure at about 1pm, the staff were busy prepping up the place, there was one guy wiping the glass doors, another was re-filing the bottles of sauces and we were the only patron at the restaurant…One could sit outdoor or in the  air-conditioned indoor seating area. as it was a hot day, we chose to sit in artificial air..the ambience was cozy. So, if you would like to impress your date ( or potential mother-in-law)  that you booked the whole restaurant for him/her, you might be able to pull it off here..yeah , just like in the movies ..setting

From the beer brands logos on display all over the place – you could tell that this was probably a place where people come to lepak for a drink or two..err..rather than for a quite Sunday lunch- that

We had RM60 to spend ( yes, another online voucher thingy) and after doing some simple mathematics, the set meal of a fruit juice plus a main course for RM26 seemed rather reasonable. Charlie chose fish and chips while I selected the grilled pork chop.

If not as a set meal, the fruit juice were RM6 each. Freshly squeezed apple and lime juicedrinks

The fish and chips came with coleslaw, fries and a fried bun. The fish had a heavy coat of batter, not sure where there more fish of more batter, probably something that came out of a box. One very interesting thing was that when the waiter deliver the dish, he didn’t come from the inside of the building but rather from outside of the restaurant…hmm ? This was averagefishnchips

The grilled pork was also came from outside of the building to our table…Hmm..? the portion of the grilled pork chop was generous, and this came with the same side dishes as the fish and chips. The pork was tender and juicy. This was enjoyable. I didn’t use the black pepper sauce that came with the dish but enjoyed it in the ‘pure’ oink oink version. the sauce tasted good too though.grilled pork

When we settled our bills I asked for a name card and ehh..the name card said ‘Star Village’ , which was at the building next door..ok, that explained why the food came from ‘outside’.

 Location :
No. 2, Jalan 11/116B, Kuchai Entrepreneurs’ Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Kuala Lumpur, 58200
03-7980 0466 / 012-274 3117;

My friend Thamby commented that – why you never eat western meal one meh, why your blog nothing much on western food geh. So, because of  your comment , Thamby( who is currently in  Iran and getting rather sick of kebabs nyah nyah nyah), I had to forfeit my noodles,  petai and pork intestine and dine at a western restaurant. [truth is, I ate the meal before the comment lah, but you don’t tell, I don’t tell and we keep Thamby happy lorr]

Kuchai Business Park is still quite a new businesss centre , most of the shoplots still have posters with names of agents to contact if you are interested to rent / purchase the units. At the time of visit, they hadn’t impose a packing fee. We found Cafe Indulgent easy enough as it was facing the main road. I read the feature in the paper before the visit, read here   courtesy of Wiki Lim, who had also passed me the name card as well as mentioning that this cafe was worth a try-out

 The menu wasn’t too big but it covers most of one’s need – soup and salad, snacks and sandwiches , main course, pasta , desserts and drinks.

 For drinks, V had a cold and just wanted some warm water, I chose to have the lime & mint drink (RM3.90) . The drink was refreshing for a nice hot day , there wasn’t that strong of a mint presence ( although I can see the mint leaves at the bottom of the glass)  but rather more of a lime drink.


V had the linguini pasta with Seafood (RM15.90 with  mushroom and home made tomato sauce . V seemed to enjoyed this a lot . i had a nibble and found this to be tasty. The sauce was rich and full of flavour.


I had the Butter Fish on Garlic Mash, Tomato-Cilantro Salsa and Citrus-Asian Vegetable  (RM15.90)  – there were 2 piece of  fish meat on the plate.  I took the first bite off the smaller piece and tasted tender succulent fish meat , and top that with a bit of that black sauce (which to me, tasted somewhat like the sauce that goes with Peking duck – it was thick and sweetish) nice…. I found the meat from the bigger piece to be somewhat tough compared to the earlier smaller piece. There was a square yellowish thingy on the plate, I thought it was some egg thingy- and was pleasantly surprised when I tasted potatoes on my tongue. And instead of the regular coleslaw/ chips/ salad, I have some stir fried sprouts on the dish, which was rather tasty too. A good combination ..


We ordered a piece of the highly recommended mille crepe cake (RM7.50) – I hadn’t had mille crepe cake before, so I do not know what to expect from it as to the texture, the taste etc. and guess what ? it doesn’t matter at all ! from the first bite, I let out an uncontrollable contented sigh ..UMMMMmmmm…and V was going  ‘this is good cake’,


the second bite- Ummmmmm..and similarly from V ‘ this is good cake ‘, the third bite..UMmm…. and V ‘ this is good cake ‘ we  went on in this manner until we finish this wonderful wonderful cake.


Apart from meal crepe cake, for dessert you can have ; bread & butter pudding, apple torte, chocolate brownie, sundae and something like cake for the day. After that amazing experience with the mille crepe cake, we decided to try a slice of the deluxe cheese cake (RM6.90) . I find this to be not as rich as I would like cheesecake to be, or maybe after the mille crepe cake, the benchmark was set rather high. The cheesecake  was average for me.


Overall- a rather enjoyable meal !

Location :

 A-0-11 Kuchai Business Park,

No.2, Jalan 1/127,

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

58200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 7984 0866

Business hours: 11am to 10.30pm daily

When I started this blog, Wikipedia Lim ( aka my food adviser) passed me some names cards of eateries, one of them was  Star Village. Key words include :  torchlights ( apparently they provide torchlights as it’s too dark to read the menu), puzzles ( games/puzzles  will be provided to lessen the pain of waiting )  and importantly : don’t forget to visit the bathroom , with that in mind, on a Sunday afternoon, we headed to OUG. (They have 2 other branches at Kuchai Lama and Kota Damansara)

A friendly waitress greet us at the door, the place was errr..deserted, at one corner , a family of four was dining, and that was it. The dining area was cozy, decorated with  straws, greens and various knick knacks all over the place


As you can see from the pix above, the interior is not that dark, so I wasn’t too surprise when they didn’t hand us torchlights to illuminate our menu. ( myth #1 : down) , the menu was extensive , (you can have a look at what they have to offer by clicking here ) and it was not easy to make a decision, so we look for the recommendations, ‘thumbs up’ signs  and there were also some dishes with  some ‘explosive’ signs  on the side too, I wonder does this indicate the level of spiciness ah ?

There was a 5 thumbs-up rating for Sun Tea, but I am not that into tea lah, so we didn’t try that.  For drinks we ordered : Fly to the sky I ( orange +cocktail + strawberry, RM9.80)  and Lucky leave ( kiwi fruit+ apple +sour plum, RM7.90 ). Fly to the sky tasted a bit ‘artificial’ to me, ..and it’s red jellies that you see at the bottom of the glass, (I thought the waitress said strawberry, my mistake probably). Lucky leave- was not bad, a refreshing drink, sourish, sweet a good combination.


And I will reveal that myth #2 : puzzles, no, we weren’t offered any puzzles while we wait. Then i start to wonder , was I at the same restaurant that Wiki Lim recommended..hmmmm ? at this point, the family of four had completed their meal, and we were the sole occupant in the restaurant.

My makan companion likes fish and as the Blue Fish had a 4 thumbs-up rating on the menu , we decide to go for this, ( mild hesitation due to the price tag of  RM25.90), well..deep sea fish mahh..sure more expensive one lahh..


I would rate the fish as average, it was meaty but find that the meat was a bit flaky ( not firm), the salad was good through and so were the thick crispy chips.

I had the Grill Cheese chicken  RM16.90 ( rated 3 thumbs up on the menu), this was ok lah, although from the name,  I was expecting the chicken to be drenched in cheese, it wasn’t. There was a piece of ham on top of the  chicken, which was interesting. Although the meat was tender ,  there were  a lot of ‘tendon’ / tough cartilage kinda thingy throughout the piece  of chicken, i wonder why ?


At 1:45. the waitress approached our table and asked if there are anything else that we would like to order, as this is the last call. We declined and after a short while, we heard the clanking of the metal doors and ohh..they are closing already.. we quickly finished our meal, I wanted to check out myth #3, the bathroom, but couldn’t locate it as there was no one around to ask for directions ( they were too busy with the doors, I guess)

There were 2 dining areas, one with air-conditioning ( where we were)  and one without (outdoor). When we were settling the bill at the cashier (the cashier was at the ‘outdoor’ area), I saw little baskets fill with  those puzzle thingies (those IQ stuff, metal thingies with 2 twisted / entwined  members which you are suppose to dislodge, wooden blocks etc).

I met up with Wiki a few days after the meal and complained that there were no torchlight, no puzzles and the missed opportunity to visit the bathroom, and his comment was ‘ Ceehhh..where got people eat chicken chop in the day time one , people go for western meal at night one maahhhhh’. Huh ? like that one mehhh ? cannot eat chicken chop in the day time one ahh, no one told me about this ?  

I would rate the food as average, and after checking out reviews from other blogs, I am glad to say that the reviews were much more positive than mine , so, if you do visit, please go at night ( which is the right time for chicken chop) and make sure that they provide you with the torchlight, puzzles  and don’t forget to visit the acclaimed bathroom ! NB: Wiki mentioned that the place is packed at night. 


Star Village Wastern Food

75, Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3,
Taman OUG,
Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 KL.

Tel : 7784 3117

Location map is available here