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Whenever we visit the OUG pasar pagi on weekends , we will pass by this particular vegetarian shop, at the corner of the street and made a mental note that we will have a meal here one day, days passed, months passed and years too….then finally !

Apart from ordering dishes ( to eat with rice) , there are also standalone meals available on the menu. On the day of visit, it was the 15th day of the lunar calendar and the place was packed. Service was rather prompt – the waitresses cleared the table quickly after meals and passed us the menu and was ready to take our order .

The first dish to arrive – Fried yau mak with beancurd preserve(腐乳) (RM 8), the vegetable came topped with some crunchy bits . The taste of the beancurd preserve taste was just nice and not overpowering,  the stir fried yau mak retained it’s freshness and crunchiness and the crunchy bits added an extra texture to the dish. We enjoyed this tremendously. Good !!


Sizzling beancurd (RM9) – I had to contain my saliva when this dish arrived, it was so full of promises  and YES, it didn’t disappoint. The blocks of tofu were bathed in rich, thick and ( slightly) sweetish gravy with cubes of (frozen) vegetable immersed in the matrix. ( minus Neo) .No lah, the vegetable cubes weren’t served frozen , they  were probably frozen prior to being cooked, you know lah, those type that are packed in bags at the frozen food section, with the frozen chips, filament sticks, hotdogs etc ….blah blah blah.. but I digest..err..i mean digress  . This dish is immensely tasty, but after a few mouthfuls, it appeared to be a bit too flavourful and i kinda felt like I need a break from the rather strong and dominant taste of this dish. That is what they say about too much of a good thing…


Mutton curry (RM10) – I would have preferred  the gravy a bit thicker , the texture of the ‘mutton’ was a bit ‘loose’ and a bit dry and the pieces were too small. ( I guess I preferred Mama Sayang’s chunky version) . Potato was melt in the mouth ,  soft and mushy .

Total bill came to RM31.40 including 2 rice and a pot of Chinese tea. Which was rather reasonable priced. Overall, an enjoyable meal. I would like to pay Tian Xiang Yuan another visit soon.


 Location :

65, Jalan Hujan,

Taman Overseas Union,

58200 KL

Tel : 7784 2348

(go towards OUG, do not turn into the BP petrol station leading  to the OUG market), go straight ahead towards the next traffic light ( before the lights, you will see an open area – MCA activity centre on your left), turn left at traffic light and you should see the restaurant as your turn in, as it occupies the corner lot on your left)