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Chunny received a summon/sms from Myin that she was back in KL and would like to meet up for dinner. Chunny and myself ran through our database of promotional vouchers at hand but nothing  seemed to caught Myin’s fancy. Then Chunny suggested Meng Kee at Old Klang Road- then the rest was history…

We headed down Old Klang Road, we arrived at Meng Kee at ~ 7:15pm and the place was packed to the brim, apart from us, there were other people waiting for a table too. The easiest landmark for Meng Kee :  Tesco- Scott Garden which is located directly across the road.Tesco

Meng Kee is a non-airconditioned restaurant just by the road side along Old Klang RoadMing Kee

We waited a few minutes to be seated and we are ready to order, and guess what, some of the ‘speciality’ like la-la was already sold out, apa macam ini macam one ! We settled for the steamed fish head, pork ribs in soya bean paste and stir fried ‘wong dai miu’. The kitchen was churning out the dishes in fast and furious mode kitchen

Steamed fish head in mashed ginger (RM27) – there were tons of ginger but they weren’t overly hot , the simple combination of ginger, soya sauce and some chili and spring onion complimented the fish very well- the fish was fresh and sweet..ah..this was good..steamed fish

Pork ribs in soya bean paste (RM16) , the bean paste coated the ribs and I was worried that this will be overly salty but it  wasn’t and they ooze the wonderful fragrant of bean paste with a tinge of sweetness. The ribs were tender and oh so tasty..i want to lick the plate ! Finger licking good and so much more.pork ribs

Stir fried vegetable -wong dai miu (RM8)  –  one can taste the earthy flavour of the vegetable , it was crispy and cooked just nice.. another enjoyable dish .vege

The total bill plus 1 plate of rice and drinks came to RM50 which we agreed was rather reasonable…and I can’t stop singing the praises of the food. Go and try la..

Tel : 010-3442011