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Another meal from the Groupon deal..really, sometimes I wonder do I save more or spend more because of all the Groupon deals…

Details of this particular promotion –  for RM22, you get a premium Australian beef rib eye steak served with garden salad and steak fries (RM39.60 value), plus a soup of the day (RM5.40 value) Total value –  RM45

The setting at El Toro was cozy .. wooden chairs and tables.. low lightsAnd while waiting for our orders, we manage to learn a bit about the parts of the baa-baa and the moo-moo..and just in case you would like to know too…


One could order one’s preference weight of steaks, ribs and lambs , prices range from RM15 /100g for premium grass to RM55/100g for wagyu rib eye.  Other items on the menu include : mixed grill for RM32.90, Pan fried salmon in teriyaki sauce @RM24.90, Classic beef burger @RM14.90, double beef burger @RM28.90, lamb burger @RM17.90 etc .

My makan companion ordered Iced lemon tea ( RM5) which came out of a cute bottle ( which we later took away as well- greedy folks that we are)Soup of the day was homemade mushroom soup and this is the absolute mother of the mushroom soups that I have tasted so far. This was so very delicious. The moment the soup was making their way towards our table, the aroma of mushroom filled the air  and brought out uncontrolled tears of appreciation and uncontrolled flow of was so very mushroomyummyyy. Every drop was so precious and when it came down to the final spoonful , I felt rather melancholy ..Ah ..yumyum…
We were asked about the doneness of our steak, for me , I have only been ordering one doneness my whole life i.e. well done , but the server who took our order urged  us to try ‘medium well’ as well done can be too dry. We decide to accept the recommendation and although the still pinkish centre caused a bit of a hesitation but after biting into it, hey this was not bad , i.e. not as raw as it looked. The steak still had some juiciness and was rather tender. The 200gm premium grass fed rib eye steak came with garden salad and parmesan shavings plus fries. Both of us enjoyed our steak very much..After our meal, we kaypor at the counter and found that apart from makan-ing your steak at El Toro, El Toro is also a butchery where one could get a wide range of meat . I forgot to ask the servers what is the meaning of El Toro, while writing this- i did google translate and learnt that in Spanish this means The Bull

Overall, a very enjoyable meal..and i will be back for the mushroom soup..

Subang Avenueis located beside Carefour Subang Jaya, the building looks rather new but apart from a few restaurants and bistros at the boulevard, the building was rather empty. Saw some cute signs at the ladies : 


Location :
SG-07 Subang Avenue,
Persiaran Kemajuan,
SS16, 47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 56117713