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Sorry for my tardiness in updating this blog, the dog ate my laptop..

Parking is such an atrocious experience at Seri Petaling, where did all these cars and people come from ? Another contributor to the anxiety was, I did not have any idea where Pu’Er restaurant was and my GPS (Guna Pun Sesat) did not help, called up the restaurant and they told me that they are opposite the police station, well where the H*ll is the police station !! Anyway, once we got there, it was really not not too difficult to find also lah….hahaha..sign

The voucher mentioned Pu’Er Tea shop but another name was on the signboard , so I am not sure was the name change something recent or what was the story behind this.There were two types of seating area, one was in the airconditioned area and the other one without, the airconditioned area was full during the time of the our visit, it was rather cool on the outside too. The wooden chairs and table plus the chatter of other diners added coziness to the atmosphere.

We asked the waitress for the house speciality and her confident reply was there were too many, there were only the two of us, so we decided to order one meat dish-chicken, a tofu and a vegetable plus a pot of Pu’Er tea ..

Our pot of Pu’Er tea..kudos to the service, the teapot was magically topped up every time the need for a refill arises. RM1.50 per pax, with minimal order of 2 pax per pot.tea

Two taste kalian (RM13) , the leaves portion where finely shredded and deep fried and the stem plus young leaves were stir fried. The dish kinda remind me of my friend who had an afro hairstyle.This was an interesting combination, the deep fried leaves had a soft crunchiness to it and the stem portion was tender and crunchy. Expectedly the deep fried leaves were slightly oily , and it was the stems of the kailan that stole the show. Nice !kailan

Karaage chicken ( Japanese flavoured chicken) ( RM 18), this was recommended by the waitress, I have to say that this this was just like the usual fried chicken although the dip that came with the chicken was refreshing- lemon + pepper maybe ?chicken

Kumjum tofu (RM15), in the menu the dish was named as ‘ Flammulina with tofu ‘,Flammulina ? HUH ? anyway..this is the fine mushroom- Kam jum – that we usually add into steamboats. There were more that just Flammulina is the dish , there were straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, carrots and broccoli too. I couldn’t place the flavor, taste-wise it was pleasant and sufficient tofu

Overall, an enjoyable meal and would deserve another visit to check out the other dishes..

Location :
No. 76, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Bandar Baru Seri Petaling
57000 KL
Tel : 90562473
The restaurant is directly opposite the Seri Petaling police station, and on the same row as Alison kopitiam


I think Seri Petaling would be my next regular food haunt, there are so many eateries here..but it’s so difficult to get a parking spot …so how ? Maybe I should consider walking to Sri Petaling, not that it is not possible…it is not that far…might only take 2 hours or so, think of the calories I could have burnt ! Wahh…but nevermind, I think I will just learn to be more patient and ronda-ronda a few more times in my little old car to look for a free parking spot.

With my parking woes settled, let us talk about food..

The aesthetic value of Krathong Thai is great  : with its wooden construction including the nostalgic inducing attap roofkrathongThe verandahmenu

After soaking in the kampong house atmosphere, we studied the menu..there were 9 versions of the Thai salad/ Kerabu  including : kerabu  minced chicken or beef , kerabu chicken feet, sotong, prawn, seafood, four angle bean, mango , brinjal and tang hoon . the prices are RM14 for Small and RM24 for the big portions. 8 types of soup including 5 types of tomyam, assam mixed vegetable soup, beancurd soup with glass noodles: for the S portion , the price ranges from RM 14 to RM24 . Seafood dishes included sotong, prawns , fish and soft shell crabs. For the meat section, there are a variety of beef and chicken dishes. Vegetables include stir fried kailan, long beans or petai  with prawns or chicken and chili belacan. There are also tofu and omelet to choose from. The last page of the menu is a section named ‘our must have corner’ , interestingly out of the 11 entry, 5 of them were blanked out…what happened to these must-haves ?must have

After a few minutes of calculation  (we had  RM50 worth of vouchers to spend), we decided to go for 2 pieces of fish in otak-otak style- these were RM5/piece, brinjal kerabu ( I have never had the brinjal version of a kerabu before) , kangkong fried with chili  belacan (RM8) , Green chicken curry, Tamarind juice (RM3) plus two plates of rice, please..But alas, luck was not on our side  1- they ran out of kangkong, 2- they no longer sell the fish in otak2 style and 3- they ran out of brinjal kerabu 4. they run out of Tamarind juice too. Apa macam ini macam !! They have seafood otak2 in aluminum foil though-ok, we will take that, replaced brinjal with mango kerabu and let’s have taugeh with salted fish then, problem solved, mai phrean lai ( nevermind)

While waiting , we admire the wooden interior of the restaurantinteriorAnd then..we waited..and waited and waited…it was a long wait…not helped that we were already half starved when we stepped into Krathong Thai..finally, after close to 25 minutes..the mango salad arrived. The waitress told us kindly, don’t complain about the long wait, only the other day they had people waiting an hour for food, eh ! Was that supposed to cheer us up ka ?Mango salad ( RM14) – the mango shreds were drenched in some funny tasting sauce. I like my mango salad sharp, acid and wake-me-up flavours . Not some iffy neither here nor there tasting sauce, for me  this dish missed the salad Green chicken curry (RM16), this had chicken pieces plus brinjal and long bean in it. This came piping hot which was nice. Taste-wise not too bad but could be better if the curry was a bit curry

Seafood otak-otak ( RM16) – this dish redeemed the anguish caused by the mango salad. The aluminum package was filled with squid, mussels, prawns and fish meat- and all of them very fresh. This had the right blend of flavours, aromatic and rich . Wonderful.otak2Taugeh ( beansprouts) with salted fish (RM8) : succulent crispy taugeh, fried just right that they were no longer green but yet not overcooked so that the crispiness of the taugeh was retained. Tastewise not too bad , Carmen had a few encounter with the salted fish but I didn’t get a bite at all…mai phrean lai..taugeh

Overall, an ok makan experience and hope that they can improve the waiting time for food to be served.

Open daily except for the Seri Petaling pasar malam day ( i think they said Tues)

Location :

D1, D2, Glass City,
Jalan Radin Tengah,
Bandar Seri Petaling
57000 KL
Tel : 8932 9908

Look for Bank Islam which is at a junction , when Bank Islam is directly in front of you, make a left turn, you will see Kings and Caring Pharmacy on your left, Krathong Thai will be on your right, there are ample parking space.

I am a magnet for getting lost, maybe the magnet short circuited the compass- hence the reason I am always getting lost..for that reason I got myself a GPS unit and err..i must have bought a defective unit for the unit will  always either be in a   ‘unable to locate satellite’ mode or telling me that I am in Jinjang when I am not any where near . Maybe the magnet short circuited the satellite too…and offense to the people in Jinjang, I am sure it is a nice place and all that..

When I use the GPS, I also want to impose my ‘gut feel’ as well ( of which I have none but that didn’t stopped me )- which resulted in the GPS having to work overtime to ‘recalculate’ when I make a left turn instead of following the mat salleh accented  directions telling me to make a right turn..

Sorry, we were talking about food horr..i somehow got lost..

The meal at Herbs and Spices was a Living Social promotion where we paid RM20 and got a RM40 worth of spendomh . Good eh ? Finding the location was not too difficult, look for The Store at Sri Petaling and drive along the road and you will be able to see Herbss and Spices at the shoplots opposite The Store. Parking is a bit of a problem though, so good luck and be patient.

We were lucky to find a parking space ( that made up for lost time – no pun intended) , we were shown to a table and given a colourful menu full of pictures. The front page of the menu condense the variety of the food served at the restaurant as : Chops and Steaks, Pasta, Nasi Lemak , Nasi

The choices for western food  include steak ,  lamb, chicken and seafood. The prices seemed rather ok –  examples : – grilled ribeye steak @ RM28.80, Sirloin steak @RM26.80 , braised lamb shanks @RM26.50, chicken chops for RM15.90 , Fish and chips RM13.90and seafood

The noodles and rice category include : Mee Hailam, Mee Mamak, Seafood laksa, nasi goreng Seri Petaling with prices ranging from RM7.90 – RM12.50. Pastas- Spaghetti Bolognese, spaghetti pesto , seafood fettucine with prices from RM12.50 – RM 16.50

And there is one section of the menu dedicated to nasi dagangnasi dagang

Salads and soups are available, including a breakfast menu .Desserts include : apple pie, cream caramel, sago Melaka, banana split. Peach melba. One of the wall was covered with pictures of what I guessed to be the chef recommendation – made my saliva also drop lah.on the wall

For drinks, we ordered a cold honey lemon drink ( RM4) and Assam Fizz ( RM3.50), the Assam Fizz was great, a gassy drink ( Sprite ? Ice Cream soda ? 100 plus ?) and 2 assam boi- yummy. I wanna try making this at home..drinks

I ordered the Roast Herb Chicken ( RM15.90)- quarter chicken served with mash potatoes and coleslaw. The drumstick plus some, was tender and nicely flavoured, the herb-ish flavour wasn’t overpowering ( lucky). The black pepper sauce wasn’t heavy handed and went well overall with the mash potato, coleslaw and steamed vegetable- this was not bad.roasted chicken

Carmen had the Grilled salmon ( RM19) – when I saw that thick chunk of salmon, I was envious, it looked really good , the  thickness ensured that the salmon would not be overly dry and maintain a juicy and moist textute. This was yum !Salmon

Overall, the food was enjoyable, the service was prompt and friendly and the environment was cozy.setting

The bill came to RM44.50- which meant that we have to pay an extra RM4.50 on top of the Living Social Coupon-  the actual damage was  RM20 + RM4.50 = RM24.50 . Sweet !

 Location :
51, Jalan Radin Bagus
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 90575592