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S got a big fat juicy bonus and gave me treat (no, I didn’t beg, honest !).That’s what friends are for, to share your joys, pains and bonuses. If you received a bonus and would like to share your joy with someone, you know who to call. 🙂

We stepped into Restoran Overseas at around noon , the place was packed, lucky for us there was an empty small table beside the counter which could fit the two of us snugly.

 We ordered …

Crispy meat puff / Ham sui kok 咸水角(RM6.30), having mediocre experiences with ham sui kok so far , I didn’t expect too much from this but hey, this was not bad worr . The filing was tasty with Chinese sausage kind of a flavour. Me likeyyy. Char siu pau (baked bbq pork bun)  RM5.00– nice fluffy skin with tasty bbq pork filings  –the filing was not overly sweet . Good pau !Pan fried meat dumpling (RM6.30) 香煎锅贴饺– the dumpling was stuffed with vegetable and meat.The skin is kinda thick as per usual for fried dumplings  but it kinda worked. Not bad too. Pan fried raddish cake (RM5.50) – I find this a bit floury and not very outstanding. Maybe should have ordered the stir fried version instead to hide that floury flavour.Lotus Sesame balls 蓮 蓉芝麻枣(RM5.00) – the  bean paste filing was smooth and not too sweet. The outer -sesame laden skin was springy with a bit of a bite. I liked this.Overall, an enjoyable meal. Thanks S and may you have many more big juicy bonuses ! haliluyaaahhhhhhh

 Restoran Overseas Dian Xin

67, Jalan 1/149J, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,

67000 KL

Tel: 90589922

Business hours:  7 am – 4pm


After coming through the front door (and display cabinets holding eggs rolls in metal tins), you will be greeted by the reservation list, handwritten on a whiteboard, and after making sure that your name is on the list, proceed to kaypor about who else will also be dining with you  at the same establishment.


From Overseas Restaurant website, it says Restoran Oversea is widely known for offering exquisite contemporary Chinese cuisine with special emphasis on unique Cantonese themed restaurant. We feature traditional menus as the “Piece de resistance” of the restaurant. A grand total of seven restaurant located in the Klang Valley and Ipoh, Perak under its belt including the pioneer restaurant in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur which is the “talk-of-the-town “. The Restoran Oversea Group today has expanded its operation employing a work force in the vicintity of 700 people. To read more, please click here  

This whiteboard perched near the kitchen area, looked like the menu ( but can’t find some of the dishes on this board  ?) but also looks like an inventory ? I am not sure lahh….i don’t work here !!


And this is where the goodies ‘transit’ before reaching your table


We had ( pre ordered ) char siew + siew yoke (roast pork), how could meat have that melt in the mouth texture…but this was what the char siew did ,  coated in thick black gooey gravy…major YUMMMM… Roast pork, crisp outer skin , tender 3 layered fat…ahhh…No lahh..can’t get H1NI from eating char siew one lah..

 char siew

Soup was next, dried scallops and chicken soup, goodies sealed in a pot..


Perfect combination  of dried scallops, dried pak choy, mushroom and chicken,  the fragrant of the mushrooms, the delicious taste of scallops ..also found chunks of bacon in the soup I could almost feel the nutrition seeping into my blood stream…(after the second bowl, the soup felt a bit salty though, that is what they say about too much of a good thing …hmmm) 

 soup n chicken

We wanted fish and the captain recommended steamed  soon hork,  and she offered half a fish (we didn’t get to choose which half we were going to get, rather than leaving that to chance, we insisted that we want the head portion ) . The meat was a bit tough, I guess that is because  the fish was kinda big ( actually, I think we only got 1/3 of the fish rather than ½ , i.e. the mid portion between the head and the tail. The gravy appear to be plain old  soya sauce,  but this was very delicious  gravy .fish

We did not pre-ordered the specialty ‘seng kua + tofu ‘ (beancurd + petola) , and found that this was out of stock, so we settled for tofu +gluten..hey..this was delicious, .the tofu was so smooth that you could feel it slipping down your back of your mouth, down your throat, through the esophagus…( imagine CSI images and you get the picture) and the gluten was more like beancurd skin ( fu pei) rather than the tough gluten at the vegetarian shops, this was smooth with a bit of a bite and that distinct beancurd skin-ish taste..i prefer this dish to seng kua +tofu..more due to  that I don’t eat seng kua lah..


Ham yu far lam pou (Salted fish with pork belly) , another one of the specialties at Overseas –  thinly sliced fatty pork with dried chili  as well as salted fish…goes well with rice ( can be salty eaten on it’s own) and the best part is… that delight  from biting into an unexpected  piece of  salted fish..ada umpphhh

 far lam pou

We had to order some greens and went  with  ‘Mustard with crabmeat in smooth egg gravy (wart  tharn)   –  the chef must have prepared too much of the gravy as the  mustard , mushrooms and carrots seemed to be swimming ( or drowned)  in the overky abundant  thick wart tarn gravy , the mustard was thick and fried just nice, still maintaining the crunchiness. This dish was a bit bland ( kinda tasteless really) – could do with a bit of seasoning.


Sarng mien with soon hork + prawn…although soaked in sauce,  some part of the noodles still retained  that crunchiness,you  can almost hear the ‘kaarrakkkkk’ sound when you  bite into it, the fish meat was sweet and juicy, the prawns succulent and fresh. Nice ! This was in my bowl before i emptied it..


Overall, a very enjoyable meal.. Thank you Sam Ko and Sam Sou for the treat !


Business hours : 11:30am – 2:30pm  5:30pm – 10:30pm

Overseas Restaurant

84 – 88 , Jalan Imbi

Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 – 2148 7567

The location map is available here