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Chunny received a summon/sms from Myin that she was back in KL and would like to meet up for dinner. Chunny and myself ran through our database of promotional vouchers at hand but nothing  seemed to caught Myin’s fancy. Then Chunny suggested Meng Kee at Old Klang Road- then the rest was history…

We headed down Old Klang Road, we arrived at Meng Kee at ~ 7:15pm and the place was packed to the brim, apart from us, there were other people waiting for a table too. The easiest landmark for Meng Kee :  Tesco- Scott Garden which is located directly across the road.Tesco

Meng Kee is a non-airconditioned restaurant just by the road side along Old Klang RoadMing Kee

We waited a few minutes to be seated and we are ready to order, and guess what, some of the ‘speciality’ like la-la was already sold out, apa macam ini macam one ! We settled for the steamed fish head, pork ribs in soya bean paste and stir fried ‘wong dai miu’. The kitchen was churning out the dishes in fast and furious mode kitchen

Steamed fish head in mashed ginger (RM27) – there were tons of ginger but they weren’t overly hot , the simple combination of ginger, soya sauce and some chili and spring onion complimented the fish very well- the fish was fresh and sweet..ah..this was good..steamed fish

Pork ribs in soya bean paste (RM16) , the bean paste coated the ribs and I was worried that this will be overly salty but it  wasn’t and they ooze the wonderful fragrant of bean paste with a tinge of sweetness. The ribs were tender and oh so tasty..i want to lick the plate ! Finger licking good and so much more.pork ribs

Stir fried vegetable -wong dai miu (RM8)  –  one can taste the earthy flavour of the vegetable , it was crispy and cooked just nice.. another enjoyable dish .vege

The total bill plus 1 plate of rice and drinks came to RM50 which we agreed was rather reasonable…and I can’t stop singing the praises of the food. Go and try la..

Tel : 010-3442011


I have been missing in action, it was a combination of reasons which include : work, have not been eating out, GE13, Candy Crush, floaters in my eye, the dog ate my keyboard  and the major one – plain laziness.

Putting my laziness behind me — I wonder why people put things behind them, I have to put it far far away, not just behind, what about putting my laziness apart from me for maybe 20 km- I think that sounds better and at least I have a better head start and that lousy ‘laziness’ would need to work hard to catch up with me again.., I digress..back to food, seriously..

I have been to The Scott Garden a few times, mainly to visit Tesco. And I always find the set up kinda confusing, I think I have to put the set up at The Scott Garden 20km behind me too.. anyway, managed to find our way to the destination : Totally Thai located at the 1st floor ( if it is of any help- this is on the same floor and the same wing as CIMB)

totally thaiIt was ~ 2:45pm on a Sunday afternoon—way way past our usual lunch hour, and so we were famished. There were about 4 other tables filled with patrons. We decide to go for Pamelo salad, kerabu fried rice, tomyam noodles and for dessert- Totally Thai ice kacang.


The place was spacious and cozy, high wooden ceilings, classical music floating in the air..setting

We were expecting the pamelo salad,  being an appertizer,  to be served first but nope, the Karabu fried rice / Khao phat mangsawirat (RM10.95) came first. I wasn’t very sure what to expect and I thought I remember the lady who took our order saying that the rice was fried with basil (this was what sold it for me) and other vegetables. What arrived at our table was fried rice plus shreds of mango, onions and some chili padi on the side. We attacked this like hungry hyenas minus the crazy laughs.  Taste-wise, this is so-so, beyond some saltiness, can’t say that there were another layer of exciting taste, luckily the accompanying sambal added some flavour to this overall rather bland flavour.fried rice

For tomyam noodles, we get to choose the type of noodles ( mee, mee hoon etc ) and whether one would prefer chicken or seafood tomyam, we opted for mee hoon and seafood tomyam- and not so spicy, thank you velimuchie. The tomyam noodles were RM10.95/bowl. Tastewise, this fared better than the fried rice, there were some refreshing fragrance from lemongrass but still I would have expected more flavour from tomyam. The seafood included prawns, squids and fish which were rather fresh and the portions were generous.tomyam noodles

After attacking the two dishes, there was a long pause, a very long pause…then the ice kacang came, ehhh !! where is the pamelo salad ??

The ice kacang came in a rather overly ‘melted’ if it was left for a long long time before being served..akin to iceberg after exposure to many hours of global warming  Or maybe that is the way that the Totally Thai Ice kacang ( RM6.95) should be served ? The ice shavings were coarse, or not as fine as I would like them to be. Apart from the usual  corn, cendol, cincau, red bean..the only not so usual content were a few cubes of canned mixed fruits ( which by the way,  didn’t taste too fresh).ice kacang

After another long long pause… the pamelo salad finally made its appearance .Tthe salad was served with a few pieces of prawns, this was a bit soggy- the taste was sourish like the raw papaya somtam version in taste rather than the ‘drier’ mango salad. This was ok, but we would have enjoyed it more if this was an appetizer rather than having to eat it after we have desserts. Pamelo salad somehow tasted slightly off after a sweet dessert. pamelo salad

Service was rather slow although there weren’t that many tables that needed to be served. Overall, a so so meal ,

Location :
Lot 1-38, 1st Floor The Scott Garden
289 Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: 0379821143
Business hour: 12.00pm – 11.00pm

Another meal from a  promo deal, come to think of it hor, I think I have spent more on meals last year compared to any other year due to purchasing all the ‘promotional meals’, hey, promo or no, we are still paying for them  mah..and this is not in any way a sponsored blog you know..although donations and sponsorships are always welcomed  🙂

This meal at Papa Cafe was a deal from Living Social for  : a main course of lamb hhop, chicken chop or fish fillet, served with French fries, coleslaw and 12 inch German foot long sausage ; mushroom soup, ice cream and iced lemon tea.As there were three of us, we decide to ordered all three variations offered for the main course.

The ice lemon tea- umm..this taste a bit watered down ..not the kaw-kaw version ..ILT

Mushroom soup- nothing to shout about, maybe just a whimper can lah . I finished mine, but the other 2 makan kaki didn’t finished theirs . Their excuses include : too thin, too salty, lumpy at the bottom. Well, as for me, I am an easy going kinda gal…mushroom soup

I had the chicken chop – I can’t really get to the taste of  the chicken taste, I think this was because  the section I was served was rather thin. One thing I liked about this was that this was not the heavy batter coated version. The sausage was nice though, the texture was great and it was tasty , it didn’t taste like al-cheapo sausages.Chicken

Carmen had the fish and chips- I was offered a bite but I refused as it looked like those regular fish in batter you get from the frozen section in the

Fen had the lamb chop and she didn’t offered to share this with the rest of us, she liked it too much, I guessed..she commented that this was rather goodlamb

We were there on a weekend, and more than half of the tables were filled and we found that none of the other patrons ordered the same meals as ours , their orders were more into noodles and spaghettis. The ambiance was ok, rather cozy and quite, the waitress were friendlyP1010010

We were offered chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream, no takers for the strawberry version …ice cream

Overall, an average meal..

Lot 3, Citrus Park, Plaza OUG, Jalan Klang Lama, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : +603 – 7980 9757