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After a day filled with meetings and discussion, strategizing, BS-ing, trying hard not to fall asleep, trying hard to look intelligent, trying hard to resist the temptation of the buffet spread and other very trying experiences, it was time for dinner. What type of food do you suggest to a mixed bag of international nationalities? Well, Nyoya food sounded pretty interesting.

We asked the hotel concierge to recommend  a good nyoya restaurant nearby and he stopped three taxis for us and told the taxi drivers where to take us. After a few minutes, we were dropped off in front of a double storey row of houses. We spotted the lot with  ‘Nyoya Baba Cuisine’ sign, ahh..the front door was pretty and distinctively nyoya-baba stylenyoya baba

Inside, the place was rather small, if I remember correctly the owner said that they have 7 tables available.  and ours was the only table filled . There was a nice paper lantern hanging over our table.lantern

We saw the logo of Tripadvisor on the door and Mr Husband also mentioned that they were featured on Lonely Planet . The menu was simple and I noticed that some of the numbers were not in sequence, nosy me asked the owner why is that so..err.i don’t think they were too pleased that I asked such a questionP1020279

We decide to start the meal with pie tie –these were RM1.50 a piece. Taste wise, I would say ok lah, I might have enjoyed it more if the fillings were a bit more moist.pie tie

We were told that one of the cooks had returned to Vietnam and at the time of visit, there were only 3 persons running the place, the wife is taking orders cum the cook, a maid to help out with preparation and the husband taking orders and chatting with the guests (Typical male ! haha).    We were rather surprised that being so shorthanded the kitchen could whip up the dishes so quickly and our table was soon piled with dishes.

Mix platter of spring roll and lobak ( pork roll) – these were RM5 a piece. These came with two different types of dips. I don’t particularly liked the spring roll as from the taste I couldn’t tell what the filing was as they didn’t taste like the usual bangkwang based filing, and the popiah skin were a bit too thick as well.  Ms Wife was very painstakingly going around the table making sure that everyone is using the correct dip for the spring roll or the lobak. Kinda like a headmistress making sure that we do our sums correctly. The lobak luckily didn’t deviate from the  expected lobak flavour, so I was ok with the lobak.lobak spring roll

Ah Char awak ( pickled vegetable in peanut sauce) , there were rather too much  of gravy ratio compared to the vegetable content lah . This was ok, not too sourish or too tumeric-ish.acar

Curry tumis assam fish  – the fish wasn’t fresh- enough said.assam fish

Jeu Hoo Char – this was ok – tasty  but I missed the fragrant aroma of the  cuttlefish shreds. One other comment is that the temperature of the dish was lukewarm when it arrived.Jiu Hue char

Duck soup with kiam chye ( sour vegetable / pickled mustard) missing was the sour and the fragrant of the pickled mustard – this didn’t taste anything like kiam chye soup. AURRggggggghhhhh ! what a disappointment.P1020299

Tamarind prawns – ah, the best dish for the night, the blend of taste was just correct- the sour plus sweet , the gooeyness of the gravy sticking to the prawns , which later find their way to your fingers, ah..nice..prawns were fresh too.prawns

Inchi Kaybin ( fried chicken)- we asked Mr Husband what is the meaning on Inchi kaybin – which sounded a bit like the Japanese language , but he ain’t no Wikipedia. did a bit of a search on the WWW and from i learned that –  This dish was popularly cooked on the ship for sailors. Usually when the meal is ready, the chef will inform the sailors ‘Encik dalam cabin, chicken siap”ici kabin

Otak-otak – the otak-otak  bundles didn’t look very pretty or particularly appetizing, but luckily the taste was better , I find the texture a bit tough though. The Mat Sallehs didn’t quite like it as the Kadok leaves have a distinctively strong odour which could be a put-off for some.otak2

Overall, a so-so meal, and I was rather surprised that some of the online articles had some good reviews of the restaurant ..did we catch the cook on a bad day ?

An  interesting incident :  when the RM600+ bill came ( the bill included a large number of beers ), we were told that they only accept cash….it was rather embarrassing to have to pool our money to make up that figure on the bill ..well, on the other hand that is better than having to stay back and wash dishes in the kitchen

Location :
44 Jln Nagor , Georgetown, Penang
Tel 04 2278035

Baba Low’s 486 @ Bangsar

Posted: March 10, 2009 in @ Bangsar
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Chunny has been eyeing Baba Low’s since we saw the shop during our visit to our visits to Baan Ah Haan Thai  , so it was a dream come true ( err..slight exaggeration there) when we finally stepped into Baba Low’s on that Saturday pm for lunch.

 A party had occupied a long table and were just leaving when we entered the shop but mostly there were patrons of two or fours having their meals and most of the tables were taken up.

The writing’s on the wall or more precisely the menu is on the blackboard lah, as u can see …


There are main dishes like nasi nyoya ( this is either chicken rendang or fish), nyoya laksa, nasi lemak, mee siam, ayam O ( said to be something like chicken rice- but u can either have rice or noodles) . Side dishes like tauhu sumbat, pie tee, popiah ( spring rolls- the unfried version), otak2, chicken wings are also available.

we squinted for a while to read the menu and bargain amongst ourselves on who will order what and finally decided on Nyoya laksa for Chunny and Mee Siam for myself, with 1 side dish of Otak2 to share and 2 cendols.

A Pakcik in songkok came to deliver our bowls of cendols.


Taste wise, this was average, the santan/gula melaka ( palm sugar)  taste wasn’t thick  enough for me, the cendol also appeared intensely green , we found 3 red beans in the cendols

The Mee Siam came in a basket lined with brown waxy paper, sorry, I deleted the pix by mistake, so you would have to take my word for it. there were shreds of cucumber on the side plus some other stuff ( I forgot as I didn’t take notes and I don’t have a pix to refer to, what a bad reporter I am !)  half a boiled egg as well, a limau kasturi too. I squeezed the whole limau of which I probably shouldn’t as the mee hoon turned out a bit too soggy ( my own fault). The mee hoon texture was ok, but the lime juice + the already present chili sauce in the noodles tasted just ok.

Chunny’s Nyoya laksa looks more promising


When delivering the bowl, the waitress explained  that because the egg was very small, she put in the 2 halves instead of just one – so if you order the same bowl, don’t expect to get 2 halves, ok ? there were pieces of tau fu pok, shreds of cucumber, prawns and cockles,  the gravy is like what you get with curry mee, although  ingredients like cucumber is probably not what you will find in a bowl of curry mee.  According to Chunny, it lacked some Ummppp..  this was average,

There were some commotion at the counter, and we could hear the lady at the counter apologizing that it’s the particular staff’s first day at work, blah blah blah, at that time, we had finished our noodles and there were still no sight of the Otak2. After a reminder, the waitress came to our table and said that she will re-heat the dish for us as it had gone cold. The Otak2 arrived flanked  on both sides with slices of cucumber and bread.


I hadn’t seemed Otak2 served with bread before..well, maybe it’s the Nyoya’s version, , the texture was dry, rough and grainy, the fish meat was still in a whole piece rather than the blended pasty version  , the taste was spicy and ( overly) sweetish, , i would  rate this average  and surprisingly Otak2 and bread is a pretty good combination !

Baba Low’s 486 is open daily from 7 am – 10 pm. Breakfast is all day long , they have a traditional breakfast set at RM2.50 and RM5.00 for the western set. This place serves halal food ( judging from the patron anyway) and u also get free Wi Fi



 Baba Low’s 486

Lorong Kurau , Bangsar,

Kuala Lumpur

 If u need help with the location , u can refer to the map from this posting , click here , Baba Low’s is just 2 shops away.

After the colour burst from Central Market as well as feeling lighter after having my feet nibbled at the fish spa, it’s down to the main agenda of visiting Central Market – i.e. lunch at Precious Old China Restaurant and Bar.


Stepping into Precious, you can’t help but let your eyes wander and wanting to take in all the objects and images around you, the medicine cabinet, the vases, the cengal bar counter , the bright painting of the Chinese opera figures….

We were led to a two seater table, and I was grinning like humpty dumpty ( before his mishap) as I sat on the antique looking chair and admired the stained-glass decorative panels, later the sight was more than what was absorbed as we caught the whiff of cigarette smoke , lucky we hadn’t ordered, so we asked to be seated at the non-smoking area.

Let me briefly  run you through the menu :

Appertizers : Pie Tee ( top hat) , spring rolls, Lobak, Jiu Hu Char

Soup : Itik Tim, Ginseng Chicken

One dish meals include: Nasi lemak ( RM10.80), Nyonya laksa, Mee Sua, Nyoya belacan fried rice.

Chicken : Fried Chicken, Ayam Pong Teh, Cincalok chicken, Devil Chicken curry, Nyoya rendang chicken, Kapitan chicken

Duck, Beef

Seafood : fish Head curry, sweet & sour, Sambal tumis fish, Asam fish fillet

Squid : fried sotong, sambal tumis, sambal petai sotong

Prawn: Lemak nenas prawn, fried asam, butter prawn, sambal petai,

Vege ” baby kalian, pucuk paku, okra kerabu, nyoya chap char

Tofu, eggs etc.

The Jiu Hu Char (RM10.80) presented to us was very dainty, the sengkuang/ turnip shreds were very finely cut with generous chicken pieces, mushroom and cuttle fish, there were some lettuce and also side dish of  sambal. Step one, take 1 leaf of lettuce, fill lettuce leaf with Jiu Hu char, dabble generous amount of sambal, roll the lettuce and … was very delicious


The rendang chicken curry was.. …yummyyy…the gravy was rich and thick and fragrant and the chicken pieces are well marinated and tender…I almost felt like  licking  the plate but managed to maintain my composure…


The pucuk paku came with lotsa toppings : peanuts, prawns, lemongrass, onion, chili padi etc. This was good as well..all the condiments complimented each other and flavoured the dish very well indeed.


The interesting part of the furniture is each (almost_ of the tables and chairs differ from the other tables, there is no uniformity here, there are  even Victorian style chairs here, these are said to be the props used in the movie Anna and the King. Directly facing me was an altar with a pair of deities ( said to be from Vietnam), one was riding an elephant and the other a tiger.


One other interesting thngy is the ‘traditional door’ in the washroom.


While waiting for the bill to be settled, we wandered to the table at the opposites of the bar counter and there were numerous Southeby auction catalogues- art, jewellery etc  these catalogues are for sale, and according to the staff, proceeds goes to charity, the smaller books are RM5 and the large books are priced at RM10.

Location map Precious Old China Restaurant and Bar and Old China Cafe