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Me and my  makan kaki were loitering aroundOld Klang Road thinking of what to have for lunch, then we spotted a red sign board – Restoran Keong Kee. Charcoal roast and herb soup- just what we were looking for !

Keong Kee was a  set up on the pavement -y the road side and we had expected to be having our meal on Formica table top and flimsy plastic chairs but was pleasantly surprised that the table top were marble and we sat on solid wooden chairs.

 The menu include:

The basic ‘single mix rice’ – roasted chicken rice ( RM4.50), duck rice (RM5.50), BBQ pork rice (RM5.00), homemade bbq sausage rice (Rm5.00)

‘twin mix rice’- where you combine any two roast (prices range from RM 6 – 11)  and ‘three mix rice’ with prices ranging from RM 8 -12.Or you could order the roasts without it coming as a set with  rice. 1 whole roasted duck will cost you RM45, while half a roasted chicken is RM18. You can also various combination of roasts in portions of 1 , 2 or 3 pax. Other dishes on the menu are : claypot pork knuckle in vinegar (RM10) , claypot spicy & sour vegetable (RM6) and homemade fish cake. A variety of soups are available including : bittergourd and pork ribs , lotus root and peanut, old cucumber soup, ABC, watercress, ginseng chicken and etc

We weren’t sure of the portion of the dishes and decided to go for 3-mix roast for 1 pax, spicy and sour vegetable and oily vegetable ( this was not on the menu, but was available)

 When the 3-mix roast (RM12) arrived at the table, we were taken aback by the portion, RM12 for such a small portion ah ? this is just enough for 1 pax ler…err…yes, but we did order the 1 pax portion- so…correct lorr..? anyway, just to be on the safe side, we checked with the waitress and confirmed that this was correctly delivered to our table. Frankly speaking, it was kinda difficult to judge the roasts as there weren’t really enough of it to judge …the roast duck was not bad- duckish and fragrant , BBQ pork was lean but yet not tough- well seasoned and I love  the flavour of gooey sweetish char on the edges of the BBQ pork, roasted pork had that crispy skin and not too many layer of fat. Overall, not bad lah, the roasts…

While I am strongly against spicy & sour vegetable, my makan kaki is a great fan and it was an unspoken rule that we had to order this dish whenever and wherever it is available. (poor me). The portion of the spicy and sour vegetable ( RM6) was rather big but sadly it was lacking in flavour, there was no Ummp. This was rated a 2/10 by the sour vegetable aficionando. 

The ‘oily vegetable’ (RM6) we had was kailan, they were rather tender. This was ok lah, nothing to shout of cry about.

Chinese tea is available FOC albeit on a self service basis.

 For the above mentioned, plus two rice ( RM1.20/ serving) , we paid  a total of RM26.40 for our meal. Overall, an OK meal

Location :

Lot1361/37 & 1360/26 Gerai Tepi Jalan Sepadu,
TamanSepadu, 58200 KL
Tel: 016 6358834

( if you come from Old Klang Road market (with the market on your left), go towards Pearl International Hotel, turn left at the traffic light just before the hotel and you will be on Jalan Sepadu, take the  first  right after the traffic light, go along the road and you will see Keong Kee on your left.)