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When we arrived at Chili Padi on a Sunday lunch time, the place was packed, we were ushered to our table by a man clad in a  maroon flowery batik-ish  uniform. At the time of visit , there were some special  promotion on, for ‘ re-opening after renovation’ which was also the main reason for our visit ( and maybe also the reason for the other patrons ?)

The menu include stand alone meals as well a la carte orders , and include : salad lobster, Assam/ curry fish head, prawn petai, chicken rending, soft shell crabs, clay pot beancurd , lorhon style vege, foo yong egg, nasi bonjori etc etc.

The nasi lemak + cendol combo was on promotion for RM7.99, so that was a must order, (w/o the promotion,  nasi lemak was priced at RM9.90/ plate and the cendol , err..can’t recall, i think it was >RM4), we decide to order a curry chicken and for vege – kangkong belacan .We also had a cut out coupon for free iced jasmine tea ( normal price RM1.80) – freebies, then save a bit la.

Nasi lemak- ahh..the curry chicken was tender and rich with the flavour of santan, the ikan bilis and onion sambal was spicy and sweetish ( the version that I like), the acar ( pickled vegetable –cucumber, cabbage and carrot)  was tangy and crunchy,  and my favourite was the prawn floss..ohhh..the distinct flavour of prawn was brought up with each bite, what a wonderful combination. I loved this nasi lemak.


Kangkong belacan – this was slightly spicy and the taste of belacan was not over the top.It seemed that only the young and tender shoots were used in this dish as there were no tough chewy kangkong  to train our jaws, and there were also  enough of the wok-hei ( stove fire) . Very nice .


Curry chicken – well, if we had known that this was the same as the curry chicken served with the nasi lemak, we might have chosen to have the rendang chicken or some other dishes so that we could sample other flavours Chili Padi had to offer, but anyway, thank goodness that this was an enjoyable curry chicken, so we weren’t  overly upset about our blunder.


Cendol – the santan was slightly dominant over  the flavour of the gula melaka- which was a not a bad thing, meaning that it wasn’t overly sweet, I find the ice shavings a bit coarser than what I would like it to be, this was rather ok.


I find that the environment was good ( u can sit indoor ( air conditioned) or at the kaki lima( natural air))  service was efficient, the staff were friendly and the meal was yummy , overall – an enjoyable meal.

The bill came to RM31.50 for 2 pax ( plus 1 rice), without the promo, I guess you can add another RM8 or so to the bill.

NB: one thing we found a bit weird was that at each table packets of creamers were available, but we couldn’t find coffee or tea on  the menu (or maybe our menu was a misprint / we can’t read  / what creamer  ? there were no creamers, we were seeing things / creamers go with nasi lemak /creamers were for taking away/ those were paper weights, not creamers /those were salt in disguise/ etc etc  )


Location and business hours :

Chili Padi faced the main road and being  a corner lot, was s very easy to locate