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A long long long overdue post ( wayyy back in Jan)  –the dog ate my notes

This was another meal from the Groupon promotion..goodness me, it is almost like every post you see here is  a Groupon meal… how har ? how did I survive before Groupon ? Below are the details of the deal

 Radhey offers vegetarian cuisine and is located at the 3 ½ mile of Old Klang Road, most prominent landmark would be HSBC and Old Town Cafe. Our visit took place on a weekend and there were no problem in getting a parking space, I am not sure about the parking availability during weekdays though. We paid a flat rate of RM2/entry

You will have to climb a flight of stairs to get to Radhey..a bit of exercise before a meal…

The official website and you can view the menu online

The all you can eat buffet is priced at RM27.30 , which ( according to the menu) include variety of rice, vegetables, lentils, complimented with naan/tandoori roti, achar, papaad, chutney cut fruits and dessert. Below is the spread

 For the Groupon deal, for starters- we had a choice of  Hara Bhara Kabab, Paneer Kurkure Kabab, Papadi Chaat, Paneer 65, Sheesh Kabab, Cheese Palak Kabab, Aloo Chaat and Aloo Tikki..Errr…what ? I am know that I am useless in Japanese restaurants as I am not familiar with the names of the dishes and now I can add Indian cuisine to this list of ‘things I am useless in’.  My makan companion for the day was as mong char char /blur sotong as my goodself – this shortcoming meant that the waiter had to explain what were each of the items  on the list. Lucky for us, he was very patient one lor…We decided to go for the Papadi ( Papdi) Chaat.

We were questioning our choice when the Papadi Chaat arrived at our table, it looked kinda intimidating with all that white gooey stuff all over the place. But…when I took the first bite , the combination of the  crispy base , the cold sourish yogurt and combination of spices and apa-apa ingredients camouflaged ( maybe potatoes and chickpeas are there too ?) under the white yogurt storm was wonderful. Ahh…very nice

There were 3 choices of soup : Manchow soup, tomato soup and hot & sour soup. We went for the Manchow and tomato soup.The Manchow soup had cabbages, carrots and what looked like strands of crispy instant noodles in it, the flavour was soup- perut-ish . As for the tomato soup, this was seasoned with some spice and therefore didn’t taste like the western meal type of tomato soup. To summarize – I prefer the western style tomato soup.

For our carbo rations we decided to have naan and rice. And as for the mains we had , Paneer Pasanda : deep fried paneer ( cottage cheese), tomato and mawa cooked in creamy cashewnut gravy; and Paleek Paneer :homemade paneer, cooked with creamed spinach is a delicate blend of Indian spices

 The paneer pasanda was mildly sweetish and mildly spicy. This was very rich, tangy and creamy. I had somehow mistook the paneer for tofu as they had ( according to me) a similar texture….yummyy. The paleek paneer was creamy, green and rich. I liked it so much and  was eating this in spoonfuls instead of with the naan, enjoying each mouthful of the smooth creamed spinach

 Extracted from Wikipedia –  Paneer is  an unaged acid-set, non-melting farmer cheese of curd cheese  made by curdling heated milk  with lemon juice, vinegar, or any other food acids.  Unlike many cheeses in the world, the making of paneer does not involve rennet as the coagulation agent,  thus making it completely lacto- vegetarian and providing one of the sources of protein for vegetarians in India. It is generally unsalted.

For dessert , we had mango and pistachio kulfi. The mango kulfi was delicious. It was creamy and rich. The pistachio kulfi was a bit of a disappointment- the flavour pistachio was overpowered by strong milky-ish flavour, the texture of the pistachio kulfi was a bit uneven as well

 Overall, it was an enjoyable meal

 Business Hours: Mondays 6:00PM – 10:30PM  , Tuesdays to Sundays 11:30 AM – 10:30 PM

 Location :
No. 23-1, 3rd Mile Square, 151 Old Klang Road, Batu 3 ½ 
Kuala Lumpur 58100
Tel : 012 3733225

I read about Nambawan on the blog scene and most if not all has been good, to ignorant old me, the name  had a sanskrit  ring to it or somehow related to the infamous Namewee until I realise it was ‘No.1’ in disguise.

Apart from the good food, one other comments from the blogs was that it could be a long wait until one get to be fed. With that in mind, we ‘cushioned’ our belly before we head towards Taman Seri Manja that Saturday evening. Parking was a bit of a problem but after a while we managed to find a vacant lot.

We took a table near the back  of the Cafe and studied the menu, although we already had some ideas on what we were going to have even before starting the journey. The menu include but not limited to the following :

Pasta ( RM 8.90)  : Bolognese, Amatriciana, tomatoes and meatballs, squid and prawns, cheese and mushroom, cabonara and meatball Grovalax

Fish (RM 8.90) : Pan fried white fish, fish in tomato and cheese, fish and chips tartar sauce, Charboil white fish and pesto

Chicken ( RM9.90) : the menu include Pan fried chest chicken, pan fried chicken and beacon roll, crumb chicken chop, chicken in tomato sauce and cheese.

Beef and lamb : black pepper charboil tenderloin / striploin, winesauce charboil tenderloin, Grovalax charboil tenderloin/ striploin and mushroom charboil tenderloin/striploin, grilled lamb couscous onion sauce ( RM14.90) , grilled lamb butter mint sauce ( RM14.90) , mixed grill platter ( RM24.90) .

Pork and sausage : Stone charboil pork belly / pork fillet, crumb pork chop, roast pork belly. Oxford English pork sausage

Sandwich and burger ( RM 6:90 – 9.90)  : club sandwich, Beacon lettuce and tomato fill roll, grilled steak sandwich, Ciabatta, Pesto Grilled chicken, 100% home made beef /pork burger.

Fresh fruit smoothies ( RM5.90) :honey dew, papaya, banana, orange, mango, pineapple

Fresh fruit juice ( RM3.90) : Sour plum, orange, lemon, watermelon , apple or pineapple

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced tea, iced lemon tea, iced coffee, coke and lemon , beer, Guinness,

Midway through studying the menu, the waitress handed us an A4 paper with  a handwritten list for  ‘specials for the day’  which included soup and Roast pork ribs.

I decided to go for watermelon juice and roast pork belly (RM14.90) , Chunny ordered pineapple juice and roast pork ribs ( RM25.90). and we get ourselves ready for a long wait. But hey, there was no long wait, the food arrived in reasonable time , we didn’t time it , but I guess it was between 15 – 20 minutes.

Our drinks : big mugs of fresh juice and they were nice and thick, Yummy..well worth the RM3.90

Roast pork belly : when this dish arrived, I was stunned by the many laters of fat… much fat one lerr..but that was what pork belly is supposed to be. I can’t get myself to eat the layers of fat ( I sincerely apologize to Nambawan for this wastage ) so, I  had to cheat and ‘dissected’ the lean from the fat. Mama mia…this was exquisite, the meat was so tender and  lightly flavoured with a tinge of herbs. The charred crunchy skin was to die for….love it , love it…

Roast Pork ribs : the ribs were served on a pile of chips sans sauce, which caused a bit of a concern that it might be a bit dry, but all doubts evaporated like dew drops on the daun keladi after we bit into the ribs…the meat was soft  and succulent yet with  a bit of bite,  well marinated and with  a coat of gooey sweetish sauce . this was superb..we raved about this for ages and ages…the pig didn’t die in vain…

 An excellent meal…we will return to try out the much hyped about pork burger and the sausages..and the crows roared ‘ Nambawan, Nambawan, Nambawan… ‘

 Business hours : 12:00pm – 3:00 pm ; 6:00 p.m. – 10:00pm  . Close on Monday
No. 10 Sri Manja Square One, Taman Sri Manja
Jalan Klang Lama, 46000 Petaling Jaya
Tel:  016 2241533 ( Yap), 013 2632772 Gilbert