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As I knew that I would be meeting BB later in the day and we will probably be dining at Suria KLCC again,  I did a bit of homework beforehand by checking out the reviews of the restaurants…and the Vietnamese Restaurant Du Viet had rather good, when we met , I was ready with a makan place to suggest.

From Di Viet website : The name “Du Viet” means to “do Vietnamese” for a meal as in “What would you like to do for lunch? Let’s do Vietnamese”. The “Du” is a play on sound as well as to imply the French influence in Vietnam.

Drinks, we ordered Ginger Lemon Tea, from the first sip, I felt my nose, my throat and my lungs cleared..this was a feel good drink –physically and psychologically .

 Apple salad RM 25.90, this is like a replica of the infamous Thai mango salad, just substitute mango with apple and you have it. Apart from the main ingredient : green apple, there were roasted peanut, dried shrimps, cuttlefish in the dish. This is a milder and lighter version compared to mango salad, mango salad has that umpphhhhh and gives you a kick with it’s strong flavours, this one is a bit of a sedated mango salad. But it was still very pleasant and we enjoyed this ( and I should probably stop comparing this with mango salad)

 There were not much of vegetable dish to select from the menu , so we went for bittergourd with prawns RM 22.90. This  was probably what I could achieve at home with  bitterguord and prawns, this was average lah

Lemongrass fish on banana leaves  RM29.90 , the thing we noticed about the food was that that when they arrive , they weren’t hot, they were just like at room temperature  .We weren’t too far from the counter, so the walk from the counter to our table  couldn’t account for so much of heat loss. So, I guess it could be that the temperature at the restaurant was set to too low and caused the dishes to cool quickly. The fish arrived at the table at a lukewarm temperature zone which reduce the appeal of the dish by half. Tastewise, I can’t really comment as when the food hit my taste bud the ‘coldness’ of the dish dominated the sensation. The texture of the fish was a bit soft, I would prefer a firmer texture.

Braised duck in special nut sauce RM 28.90- this was the saviour of the day, the gravy had that powderish / grainish kinda texture and the flavour was impeccable with peanut-ish undertones. The duck was tender and impregnated with the flavour of the gravy, I likeeeyyy

Deep fried stuffed tofu RM25.90, the tofu were crispy and firm with savoury filings, these were quite good too

The blogs highly  recommended the  durian pancake RM12, so we had to order it. The 2 tiny  yellow puffy pillows that arrived at our table looked flawless. We did some maths before cutting it up. RM12 for 2 pieces, so, each one costs RM6, cut that into half and it’s RM3 per section….  But all the equations evaporated  when we bit into the durian pancakes. Underneath that thin and flawness skin were durian puree and a layer of cream. This was oh la la…this was a ten ! I could almost hear angels twanging on their harps and fluttering their bleached flurry wings..

 Overall , an enjoyable meal. The bill , plus 3 bowls of rice and 2 drinks came close to RM200, which was again rather pricey , but this was KLCC !

Thanks again BB for the treat, please come back again soon !

 Location : Lot 416, Leval 4, Suria KLCC , Tel 21663630


Du Viet has 3 other branches at Uptown, Pavilion and Sunway.

BigBro was in town recently and after enjoying the breathtaking view from the hotel room, after coaxing me to stuff the hotel complimentary dragon fruit into my LV bag, we went down the spacious posh lift, and took a short walk to the adjoining KLCC. Well, I don’t own an LV but humour me lah, the dragon fruit was real though- actually, I had my eye on the Ming vase, but it wasn’t offered, so dragon fruit also we sapu, no prawns, fish also good, for that matter – plankton also can la..

We took a series of escalators to the fourth floor and  I was given the tough task to choose the restaurant – (I shouldn’t have accepted the dragon fruit) :   Thai ? Indian ? Vietnamese ? Penang ? Nyoya ? Malay ? Chinese ? We did a walkabout , and the allure of Indian food sealed our fate – Spice of India

BB was more familiar  with Indian dishes and was  thus assigned the task of ordering our meal. The menu is available online ( website wasn’t available at the time of posting- i wonder why) anyway,  the menu was at 

We had for starters,  Subzi pakora  – ‘Assorted vegetable  fritters dip in lentil batter, fried crisp’ RM12, the fritters were crispy and light. Taste wise – after a few bites, the assorted vegetables didn’t taste very different from each other.

We tried two different types of nan, Garlic (RM11) and Kashmiri nan (RM12) , Kashmiri nan was said to be stuff with dried fruit and nuts. Frankly, i really couldn’t tell the difference, they tasted the same to me. I think my taste buds were somewhat subdued that day, how can they taste the same ? BB commented that there were some lumpy flour bits in the Kashmiri nan, maybe the chef’s skills was also somewhat subdued that day like my taste buds ? Only after the meal did I realised, wahh..we, er..i meant BB paid RM23 for 2 pieces ( or 4 halves if you want to be exact) of nan, this is rather overated don’t cha think ?

Aloo gabi  ‘ Potatoes and cauliflower sauteed with cumin seeds and spices’  –RM20, the potatoes were mushy and the cauliflower were soft, the aroma of the spices had penetrated into the tubers and the flowers. Not bad

Murg prasada – ‘Chicken cooked in rich creamy almond and cashew nut gravy’ : RM30. The gravy was fragrant without being over powering, rich yet light, the chicken pieces were tender and a joy to the palate. This dish went well with nan.

Fish – I forgot which one it was, as BB was the one that did the ordering, i didn’t pay too much attention to the menu- this was either  that one…or.the other one..or…. – how can someone review food and forgot which dish it was, lucky I do not get any salary for this blog and have no taukeh to answer to , If this was my my day job, I would probably get a ‘mongkang’ response from my boss.My sincere apologies…the  remaining grey cells seemed to be  in a unresponsive mode too.  Anyway, we were discussing about the fish, well, the fish was a bit boring. It was a tad too dry which made the meat seemed tough.

BB insisted that we have dessert and asked for Rasmalai, sadly, they run out of this, and BB had to re-consult the menu and ordered Gulab Jamun  ‘Reduce milk buffs in rose flavoured syrup with a hint of cardamom’. The big and small orbs remind me of a snowman, a somewhat tanned snowman, I guess. This was sweetish – as expected. But not as rich as my expectation, if I could describe the dessert, the texture was somewhat like bread soaked in sweet warm broth

Overall, an average meal, BB gave it a 60% mark. The total bill -inclusive of 2 mango lassi ( excluding one dragon fruit) came close to RM200. Wow…kinda pricy huh ? But this seemed to be the  ‘normal’ rate for dining at KLCC. Thanks BB for the treat and the dragon fruit too.

 Outlets are open daily from 11.30am to 10.30pm.

Location :

Level 4, Suria KLCC. Tel : 2164 9221
There are outlets at : Pavillion KL and The Gardens