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I like Indonesian food, nasi padang, bakso , soto, gado gado errr…yes, I like Indonesian food and I can’t name them ..err..that is how much I like Indonesian food, seriously, I like Indonesian food. It was with glee that I saw the Groupon promotion for Bumbu Desa. Yehawww…buy buy buy.

We arrive at Bumbu Desa at Level 2, Mid Valley Magamall at lunch time and the place was rather full, and the thing is that being halal and Indonesian, this restaurant seemed to be able to cater for a wider range of crowd , I see Malays, Chinese, Indians, Indonesians and maybe a few dan lain lain , having their lunch at Bumbu Desa.

We showed the waiter our Groupon printout and were immediately handed a menu specially created for this occasion, we look see look see and finally decide to go for Set B because of the squid curry, and that we can exchange the Dendeng goreng ( something to do with beef) with a chicken

The setting was distinctively Indonesian- with the Indonesian puppets adorning one of the walls, the waiters were clad in sarongs and headgear. I check the net for the meaning of ‘bumbu’ and wikipedia tells me that this mean- spices mixture or seasoning.


The first dish was  brought to our table, and then they seemed unstoppable, the dishes came – fast and furious in a continuos many of

The rice came in a quaint steel potrice

I had to get my hands on the Gado –gado first, remembering the good stuff I had during my Indonesian trips, did I tell you that I like Indonesian food ? From the menu , the ingredients in Gado-gado were said to include – steamed mixed vegetable plus eggs, potatoes, tofu, tempe and keropok ( crackers) served with peanut sauce , which is kinda like the satay sauce. The Bumbu Desa version of gado-gado was a bit disappointing, the sauce lacked richness and the fragrant peanut-ish flavour- as the sauce is the major ingredient that determine the tastiness of the…this was not to my liking lah.gado2

Gulai cumi ( squid curry) – the squid was hard / overcooked, I think most of dishes came from a buffet-like selection at the counter- which maybe mean that the food were overly exposed or maybe cooked too long. The pieces of squid had some kind of stuffing in them , the texture of the stuffing was like chicken. The curry that the squid were swimming in  was watery and taste wise- average.cumi

Chicken curry—I am not a fan of chicken breast,  so to see a piece of chicken breast  in the curry was something that did not particularly bring a smile to my face. Luckily the meat was not that tough but the curry taste rather similar to the sotong curry.chicken kari

Ayam bakar – in the menu it was supposed to be ayam bakar, and what arrived at our table was well, a chicken that was probably bakar-ed ( grilled) although instead of being dry, the chicken piece ( OHH NO..more chicken breast !!) was coated with a tomato-ish paste kinda gravy. The gravy was not too bad- tangy and sweet-spicy-ish. But being served chicken breast- ( which by the way,  was tender and moist)  I had to discount this by 50% . ( anyway, if we had known- we should have requested for other parts of the chicken rather than leaving it to fate, hor ?)ayam

Perkedel jagung ( corn fritters) and tahu goreng ( deep fried tofu), the menu described the perkedel as – a blend  sweet corn, egg and flour, deep fried to a golden crisp. The fritters had a nice sweetness of corn and it was crispy on the outside and a bit of a chew on the insides. deep fried tofu had a nice tough texture. This was nice.tofu and corn

Tumis kangkong ( water cress tumis-ed) , this was too spicy for me..ah ah…so spicy one..and also so salty one..kangkong

Gulai daun singkong – cassava leaves ( daun ubi kayu ?)  cooked in spicy yellow curry.  A bit salty and taste wise -nothing much else.daun singkong

The above dishes were  supposed to be what was in Set B, but then we also had a soup delivered to our table- this must be sayur asem ( which was available in the other two sets) ? if this was saying asem which means salty vegetable, then the menu described it as a variety of vegetables steamed in water that was already ‘bumbu’-ed  and cooked traditionally . It was extraordinary salty !! Images of kidney failure flitted across my mind .2013-05-18 12.56.11

Overall, I would say this was a so-so meal. The servings were generous though and the staff were nice and friendly. Iced or plain water is on the house.

 Location :
 Lot S045, Level 2, Mid Valley Megamall,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603-2282 2825
Website :

At Little Jakarta you can order  ala carte dishes like Sambal petai udang balado  (small RM15, Big RM25), crispy fried dancing fish ( RM11.90) , sotong goreng mentega ( S: RM15, B: RM25) , sotong bakar (RM12.90) , Javanese sambal sotong ( S: RM15, B: RM25), rendang beef (S: RM9.90 , B:RM15) , rendang chicken ( S: RM8.90, B : RM12) ,  pepes tenggiri (RM7.50) , ayam kremes (RM7.90) , fried kangkong belacan /garlic ( S: RM10, B : RM15) , Gado Gado (RM7), long beans tempe (S: RM10, B : RM15)  soups include : rawon (RM7.90) , soto ayam and  bakso.

Set meals are available and include  –served with rice : pepes tenggiri special (RM11.90), Javanese sotong balada ( RM9.90) , nasi goreng petai (RM10.90) , ayam bakar set (RM8.90), ikan goreng joget.. ..oh. pretty much what is on the ala carte dishes, can come as a set meal too.  They also serve nasi goreng, mee goreng etc

For drinks..Yikes..i just realised..they serve fresh humans…take a look below : Fresh Orang/ Apel..

 During our time of visit, there was a special promotion…

But of course, we have Groupon and our package as below- although it said for 2 pax there were only 2 choices, during our visit, Little Jakarta gave us three  options : pepes tenggiri special,  ayam bakar nasi goreng and nasi rawon. We decided to go for pepes tenggiri and ayam bakar nasi goreng.

The setting was kopitiam-ish with marbled table tops and wooden chairs, the waiters were efficient and friendly.

Ayam bakar nasi goreng,  –this was described as :  quarter BBQ chicken served with Indon style fried rice, ikan bilis tempe orek, lalapan and keropok bawang. The chicken taste like ayam masak kicap and the rice taste more like rice with kicap rather than fried rice lah. The ayam was tender and the kicap flavour had permeate the chicken thoroughly although we can’t really taste any BBQ-ish fragrant.  The deep fried tempe and the ikan bilis, these were crispy and so tasty- would be something suitable to go with beer. The were a few slices of tomatoes and cucumber with the set – this is the lalapan or vegetable salad

Pepes tenggiri special – this was described as – tenggiri fish cutlets wrapped in banana leaves, served with nasi uduk kuning, telur balado, ikan bilis tempe orek, lalapan amd keropok bawang. The tenggiri cutlets were fresh and I love the fragrant of lemongrass in the curry gravy. Nasi uduk is rice cooked in coconut milk ( like our nasi lemak) with cloves, kayu manis and lemongrass  I was afraid that the nasi uduk would have a strong spice-laced flavour- luckily it wasn’t overpowering. Tempe—yumyum.

For dessert, we have 4 choices : ice kacang,  cendol special, es cincau ijo or cincau ijo limau . We went for the ice kacang and cendol. The ice kacang – a hill of delightful goodies- cendol, cincau, peanuts, red beans, lychee with gula melaka and red syrup, this was sickly sweet—nice…

The cendol was served with the usual cendol and red beans, plus : cincau and lychee, I ate many spoonful of ice kacang before tasting the cendol and I think my tastebuds must have been overpowered by the sweet and flavourful ice kacang as the cendol seemed rather  bland . so a tip for you, please eat the cendol before the ice kacang. I find that the santan was a bit too diluted so this wasn’t as rich as what I would like it to be.

 Overall, an enjoyable meal, I will return to try out the gado-gado, soto and bakso

Location :
GF, Lot 1-0-23, Pearl Point Shopping Mall,
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur.