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Will be taking a break from the Myanmar travel series for the time being ..let’s go makan-makan first !

We ran out of places to see in KL and decide that for this years’ Chinese new year get together, we will have it at A’Famosa Resort in Melaka. The major concern for the family was what about the meals while we were at the resort, anyway, we will cross the jambatan when we come to the jetty.  We drove from KL to Melaka at about 11+ a.m, and got caught in the jam and a 1 hour plus journey became an almost 3 hour journey , the initial plan was to drive down to Melaka for lunch and then head back to Simpang Ampat and checked into the Villa. But we got to know that there was a worrisome congestion in Melaka and decided not to take the trip and thus ended up having KFC for lunch for the first day of the year of the snake.

Fast forward  : check-in into the 4- bedroom Villa ( yes, the water in the swimming pool looked clean), the water heaters were working, there were enough beds and towel for everyone. Fast forward : got into the Water World , there was an overcast sky so the water at the canal/ pool was cold,  we had an exiting time sliding down the chutes at the water park. Fast forward : dinner time. After the earlier KFC lunch, we had to have a proper sit down Chinese meal mah, we found out that at the Cowboy Town ( which we are supposed to head to anyway) there was a Chinese restaurant ; Huang Di Chinese Restaurant

As it was Chinese new year, the a la carte menu was not available and we had no choice but to go for the set menu.

First up – yee sang. Huatt Ahh…Good Health Ahhhh..Prosperity Ahhh…All wishes come true Ahhh…The yee sang was rather nice, a good blend and balance of flavours and textures. Huatttt AHHH..yee sang

There were a few protest from the older kids about the sharkfin soup..and my (wise) 9 year old nephew solemnly said  to his parents that he will eat the soup because ‘ well, it is already dead anyway’.

Steamed Kampung chicken – this was surprisingly good. The meat was tender yet firm and succulent. I think this version was better than chicken

Steamed pomfret – this was so-so, the fish tasted a bit too fishy for my liking, I think this was probably due to the freshness level of the fish.steamed fish

Roast duck with mango – an interesting blend, I like roast duck and I like mango, I can’t say that the combination worked because to me the flavour didn’t jive, maybe it is because that the mango wasn’t ripe ( sweet enough) . The roast duck already tasted good, with or without the mangoduck

Glutinous rice parcels – these were a surprise, instead of coming in one big serving, the rice where individually wrapped in leaves. This was clever as it made the rice looked more inviting and the smaller portions create an illusion that there weren’t so much to finish. By the way, these tasted good too. we actually thought of taupau-ing some of these for breakfast the next day 😛parcels

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the good taste of the food as we did not expect that a restaurant at a theme park can serve good food..haha. The serving staff made a few mistakes  but the friendliness and the helpfulness more than made up for all the minor errors.P1020233

Huang Di Chinese Restaurant,
Cowboy Town, A’Famosa Resort,
Jalan Kemus, Simpang Ampat
78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka