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HA ! You thought I have outgrown Groupon huh ? Here I am, back with my discount vouchers and belacan breath.

Hong Fong was ready for the Groupon patrons, we were given a menu as well as the Groupon ‘package’ : Siu mai, chili chicken feet, stuffed tofu, spring onion biscuit, lao sa pau, chi cheong fun ( char siu)

Drinks weren’t included, so we ordered a pot of Jasmine tea ( RM3). The majority of the dimsum prices range from 3.30 – 4.80 / plate. The usual dimsum : lo mai kai, yam cake, sesame balls, seaweed roll, ha kau, yong tau fu, all got lah. One interesting item on the menu was Muar Otak2 at RM4 for 5 pieces.

Siu mai (RM4.30)– taste wise not bad, and I like that it wasn’t heavy and didn’t give that feeling that you are gorging on too much meat. What I do not quite like was there were some rather tough bits – tendon or what ah ? that I had to pick out from the siu mai

Chili chicken feet ( RM3.80) – from the look of it, I was expected somewhat overpowering flavours from the feet but luckily, it was not so, it had a bit of a spiciness to give it a bit of kick. Not bad lah.

 Lao Sa Pao ( RM3.40) – the dough had a strong yeasty taste but this was compensated by the lovely  filling, I honestly don’t know what was in  the filing, it had the colouring of custard, yet it was very flowable and got all over my fingers, it wasn’t all smooth but had a grainy kind of texture, could be something to do with salted egg ? but I wasn’t salty and I couldn’t detect the taste of salted egg. They should do something about the yeasty flavour in the dough lah

Stuffed tofu (RM4.30)- there weren’t much of a stuffing in the tofu, just a teeny weeny part at the top.i wished that the tofu could have been softer and more moist..

Char Siu Chu Cheong Fun ( RM 4.30) – the layers of CCF were thin, light and smooth, not bad lah…

Spring Onion Biscuit ( RM4.80)-.. don’t let the label ‘biscuit’ mislead you, I would say it was maybe a cross between a soft biscuit and a, not muffin, er..biscuit and that Indian deep fried donut thingy with lotsa herbs  …. it was crispy on the outside and fluffy inside,  the dough was light and with the hint of aroma from the spring onions… nice one… this was my favourite

Overall, the dimsum  were not bad. Frankly, I find the setting a bit of a contradiction . Imagine a a bistro kinda setting, with the bar counter and big screen TV showing the sports channel – and eh, and one corner  you slowy devour dim sum and slurp on jasmine tea…weird..

Location :
5-0-1, Jalan 3, 109F, Taman Danau Desa ,
58100 KL
Tel: 79879600

 Look for the Shell station in Taman Desa, Hong Fong Dim Sum is at the corner lot across the street Or look for Seri Kota , Hong Fong is at the block beside S.Kota.