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It was Chunny’s birthday treat and the initial plan was to dine at a restaurant that we had been before …but then- it was the eve of Fathers’ Day and the place was fully booked and hence we decide to drive around and see what caught our fancy… the Golden Elephant Bay caught our attention ..well ,anytime is a good time for Thai food, sawadee kha..

As there was only the two of us, it was not easy to order, we have to have a balanced meal and make sure we do not over or under order – well, you get what I mean, we studied the menu..and studied ..and studied..and decided on a fish, a salad and something from the BBQ . We seek the help of the waiter to help us to make the final decision for what type of fish to have . Mr Waiter recommended the Thai Style lemon fish, ok, we will go with that.

The mango salad (RM12) was nice but  deadly.. …there were some hidden ‘spicy’ mines, i.e. bits of chili padi in the salad. Both of us had to screen the salad by way of sorting them out and making sure that the chili were removed and also had to differentiate the spring onions from the chili padi, but I guess some got away too and pretty soon our mouths start to burn and our noses started to water. I wished there were more roasted nuts and dried shrimps/sotong in the salad as that would enhance the taste further but all in all, this was salad

Thai Style Lemon steamed fish (RM38). I panicked when  I saw the dish and the amount of reddish chili in this..wooweee..anyway, luckily this was not as spicy at it looked. The fish was fresh and the balance of the taste between lemony-spicy-sweet-sour worked very well. This was good…this started another round of sniffing and runny nose.. (The pictures in this posting is the courtesy of Chunny’s iphone….khop khun marg marg)fish

Thai Style BBQ Squid ( RM18) – I was so looking forward to this and so great was my love for BBQ squid that I had even ignored the cholesterol level that this dish will add to my blood stream.. the bbq menu is only available after 6:30pm. Well..the verdict- this was a bit of a disappointment, there weren’t the expected smoky fragrant from the bbq , this was rather bland and we had to enhance it by dipping in the sauces that came with the dish..i guess that was the idea of having the sauces on the side..squid

Overall, an enjoyable meal. The above mentioned meal, plus 2 plates of rice and 2 glasses of water and service charged totaled RM76, which I guess was not too bad.

Location :

No. 2G, Jalan Kuchai Maju1,

Dynasty 3, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,

58200 KL

Tel : 79717139