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A woman’s best friend

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Mumblings

A man’s best friend is a canine and a diamond is a woman’s best friend. What does that says about us womenfolk horr…The following posting is about a woman who has a man’s best friend as a friend…I am not sure would she have preferred diamonds though …

Time : everyday ( Mon – Fri)  at around 4 pm
Location : a commercial area
Cast : Auntie –  fruit seller , Dog A, Dog B, Dog C, Dog D, Dog E and Dog F
Theme :  a showcase of loyalty, affection, faithfulness and love  

At about 3:40pm, 3 to 6 dogs can be seen crossing the road…and why did the dogs cross the road ? (sorry, can’t think of any chicken crossing the road jokes )

 Their purpose – To meet their beloved owner – Auntie , the heroine in our story

The dogs greet Auntie and exchange pleasantries – there will be lots of sniffing , whines and jumping about from the furry pack. In order to protect Auntie’s  identity, as usual- the subject will be pumpkin-ed. 

Auntie will carry the emptied fruit-display box and walk home with the pack.

At about 3:50 Auntie will return to her business site , load the rest of her stuff onto her bicycle -with a little help from the mamak stall kakak

 After checking that  all her wares are secured, Auntie gets ready to push her bicycle . Dog A and Dog B show more affection to their owner  while Dog C decide to pose for the camera. What a diva !

The dogs can be seen prancing and running circles gaily around Auntie

4.00 pm : Time to head home.

Auntie and the dogs make sure that the roads are clear before crossing the road, can you see Dog D waiting- waggy tail and all smiles- across the road ?

Dog D, E and F join Dog A, B and C…ahh…happy reunion.

Usually, about six dogs will be make their daily pilgrimage to escort  Auntie home..and according to Auntie, there are another six waiting at home…

This dog parade phenomena is happening on a daily basis, and how do the dogs know when is the right time to make the journey to get to Auntie ? can they tell the time ?  I wish I had some friends to escort me home too…

And allow me to introduce Rex…said to be the handsomest dog in the universe- no this is no part of Auntie’s furry team..