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S got a big fat juicy bonus and gave me treat (no, I didn’t beg, honest !).That’s what friends are for, to share your joys, pains and bonuses. If you received a bonus and would like to share your joy with someone, you know who to call. 🙂

We stepped into Restoran Overseas at around noon , the place was packed, lucky for us there was an empty small table beside the counter which could fit the two of us snugly.

 We ordered …

Crispy meat puff / Ham sui kok 咸水角(RM6.30), having mediocre experiences with ham sui kok so far , I didn’t expect too much from this but hey, this was not bad worr . The filing was tasty with Chinese sausage kind of a flavour. Me likeyyy. Char siu pau (baked bbq pork bun)  RM5.00– nice fluffy skin with tasty bbq pork filings  –the filing was not overly sweet . Good pau !Pan fried meat dumpling (RM6.30) 香煎锅贴饺– the dumpling was stuffed with vegetable and meat.The skin is kinda thick as per usual for fried dumplings  but it kinda worked. Not bad too. Pan fried raddish cake (RM5.50) – I find this a bit floury and not very outstanding. Maybe should have ordered the stir fried version instead to hide that floury flavour.Lotus Sesame balls 蓮 蓉芝麻枣(RM5.00) – the  bean paste filing was smooth and not too sweet. The outer -sesame laden skin was springy with a bit of a bite. I liked this.Overall, an enjoyable meal. Thanks S and may you have many more big juicy bonuses ! haliluyaaahhhhhhh

 Restoran Overseas Dian Xin

67, Jalan 1/149J, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,

67000 KL

Tel: 90589922

Business hours:  7 am – 4pm


First day of Chinese New Year

8:00 – 9:00 a.m  Breakfast :   preserved (waxed) duck + salted pork porridge- accompanied by yam shred fritters and lettuce. 

10:00  headed down to Boulevard Hotel at Megamall to meet up with the rest of the clan.

10:45 -11:30  Angpow ( red packet) giving/receiving session followed by photo op [Oh gawd…all the kids are growing taller than I am …I am just successful in growing horizontally by the day]

11:45 :  comfortably seated at  The Gardens Signature Theatre

2:00 pm : Frantically searching for a place to have lunch.Aiyaaa..most of the Chinese restaurants are not open one gehhhhhh ?

2:15 pm : McDonalds ?

2:30 pm : getting into our seats at Room Eighteen. I need food. NOWWWWwwww

 After we placed our orders, they gave us a printout Hunger is bad for creativity The tit-bits were nice – crispy something, with  shreds of seaweed and meat floss..Xiao long pau  ( mini dumplings) –The funny thing was- a lot of the dumpling ( or maybe more accurately the skin of the dumplings)  gave way as they were being lifted by chopsticks onto the awaiting spoons. There weren’t enough to go around, so I abstained (I can be such a saint sometimes) and couldn’t tell you what they taste like. Comments from the table : the skin was a bit too thick.Chu Cheong Fun ( rice flour rolls) – either with prawns of pork fillings. This was not bad, the rolls were smooth and thinWu Kok ( yam puffs) – smooth and fragrant yam paste, tasty filings, deep fried yet didn’t felt oily. I likeeyRoasted pork and BBQ pork – I blinked and nearly missed it as the contents of both plates disappeared very quickly. I guess that meant that they were good.Siu Mai ( meat dumplings) – I am not a fan of siu mai. They are always too compact with meat. These were no differentHar gau ( prawn dumplings)- prawns were reasonably sized and taste ok . The dumpling skin was a bit thick though.Char Siu Pau ( BBQ pork bun) – fluffy skin, good texture, tasty bbq pork not too fat not too lean. Yummy…Me greedy, Me had 2 of these..( greedy me).Wanton noodles ( both soupy and dry version ) – didn’t get a chance to try these, but those that had said that they  were nice. Waxed meat rice – waxed meat rice is like a old sweater , the presence bring out  a warm and fuzzy feeling. Tasting waxed meat rice is like balik kampong – the familiar aroma of meat sausage, waxed meat, ahh…. Waxed meat rice is like P.Ramlee movies  , you have it again and again and it’s still so enjoyable ..what’s waxed meat  rice to you ?Fried Raddish Cake – very good  in terms of taste and texture. Pan fried just nice to have a crunchy crust but not overly fried to be too dry. Me likeyyy.

Overall, an enjoyable dim sum meal. Yayyy

Room Eighteen is part of the Tai Thong Group of Restaurant. Other Room Eighteen branches can be found at Berjaya Time Square, Hartamas shopping Centre, Fahranheit88 and Tropicana City Mall ( PJ)

Business Hour : Daily 11:00am – 10:00pm

 Location :

Lot G(E)-009, Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel :03-2938 3311

Website :

Tis the season for dimsum, tra la la la la, la la la la..

A few weeks back , we saw the advert for the Grand Opening  ( 25th Oct 2010) of a dimsum restaurant at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park and so today, decided to give it a try. Although a map was provided, we had to divert a few times ( no, it’s not that difficult to find – maybe I was arrogant and thought that I know Kuchai Lama too well ) and finally resort to calling up the restaurant to get their location. Kudos to the staff who answered my call, apart from being very patient to provide the directions, he also called me a while later,  to check that we have made it to the restaurant.

Stepping into Restaurant Dim Sum Yum Char, I felt like breaking into a song, kong si fa chai’s related songs that is, as the place was decorated with red and pink cherry blossoms, red lanterns, Chinese paintings on the wall, miniatures Chinese outfits etc etc. Pic below – the serving counter ( nope, u can’t see the red lanterns from this view)where the staff collect the food and deliver them to you.Unlike the usual dimsum place where you get to choose from the trolley laden with various dimsum, here – you get a menu and order from the waiter/waitresses. And the best thing is —- Chinese tea is for free ! and so’s coffee and tea ! The interesting bit  is- you get to brew your own Chinese tea, there is a corner where the teapots,  tealeaves and hot water  are stored ( there are 5 types of tea available ; iron goddess of mercy ( Thit Kun Yum), Chrysentimum and Pu Er ( KukPou ) , fragrant single tree ( Thuk Shue Heong), Fragrant bits ( Heing Phin) and  Pu Er. You choose the teapot that you like, you choose the tea that you like and you can refill your pot whenever you like ..This free drinks thingy must be a promo thingy, as the menu did say that teas are chargable at RM1.80/pax ( and for premium  teas- RM4.80/pax)  . Umm…for coffee and English tea , sorry – you don’t get to DIYChar Siew Pao  (RM3.60 ) – the pastry was a bit flat as opposed to a fluffy texture, the filing didn’t have too much of fatty meat , taste wise- ok lahSteamed beancurd roll (RM4.00) – the beancurd skin  was a bit tough and chewy but the filling was tasty  and so was the sauce – niceFried beancurd roll ( RM4.00) – we ordered this by mistake, must have given the wrong code, …but anyway, no harm done as we like beancurd rolls. This was nice, the filing was different as the steamed version, where the steamed version had meat, the fried ones seemed to be filled with fresh prawns, and ahh..who would have known that a western thing like mayo will go so well with dimsum  ? Turnip cakes (RM4.00) – this taste a bit floury to me, there were some bits of charsiew or some meat thingy  in the cakes, texture wise rather like yamcake ( I dunno, the turnip cakes that I ate before this were usually rather soft, crumbly  and maybe a bit more salty)   anyway-  this was ok lahHakka style yam dumpling ( RM4.00) – the skin was nice and smooth, the yam was rather subtle- I tasted more meat than yam. The gravy had vinegar in it, making it rather sour-ish .Overall-an enjoyable meal, service was good ( attentive staff) but food was a bit slow- but maybe it was the big crowd ( the place was packed). Total bill came to RM21.55 ( service + Govt tax included) .Hey, suggest you head down to  Restaurant Dim Sum Yum Char ASAP and take advantage of the promo !

 Hours : Mon – Sun ( 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Location :

Kuchai Avenue Block KA 2, 1-10. Lot 2-10,

No, 39, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13,

Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL

Tel : 79808966, 016 3056751

( After you see McD (on your left) , there will be a block /commercial area (Sri Desa Entrepreneur Park) which houses the infamous Kam Hin ( highly recommended -you should give this a try if you hadn’t) and beside this is another commercial area Kuchai Business Park, which housed Kafe Indulge  , between these two commercial area is a road leading to the Kuchai Avenue Condo –turn into this road , Restaurant Dim Sum Yum Char  is at the ground floor of the condo block, turn right after the gate – and you will see the restaurant – you can park at the basement ( chargeable or park in front of the restaurant if there are  empty slots . A word of caution – dun cincai bo chai park your car when you are in the condo compound, we saw a few cars with the wheels clamped by the  security guards , anyway, you get to redeem a plate of dimsum with your parking ticket ( we were a bunch of cheapskates, we parked outside the compound 🙂 )