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Due to some unforeseen circumstances , I would have to take a mini break from posting the Philippines food adventure …

And another diversion, I was at Tesco a few months back, browsing by the toy section and was intrigue  by two of the toys.  The first  : The True Hero, power gun, and the description – Special gun and very funny. I examined the toy thoroughly to find something humorous about this toy but couldn’t, I guess you have to take the manufacturer’s word for it that it will be funny

The second toy, a bow and arrow set, described as :  High speed, amused funny and superior performance 🙂 

Ok, let’s talk about food now..

Another groupon deal :- [Up to 56% Off] 10 Choices of Wan Tan Noodles + Mixed Appetiser Platter + Fruits + Drinks at Pontian Wantan Mee. Choose Meal for 2 (RM13) / 4 People (RM23)

The herbal drink of the day was dragon eye ( longan), other available drinks include cincau, ice lemon tea, honey lemon, soya bean, tea, coffee, canned drinks etc

For the noodles- the prices range from RM 5+ to 6+ depending on the serving size ( small or big) and the type of noodles. There are a variety of wantan mee with a  selection of sauces including : black sauce, white sauce, tomato sauce,  chili sauce, tomato + chili sauce, or  the soupy version. Also on the noodles menu are : minced pork noodle, dry noodle with curry chicken , dry wantan mee. Rice were  also available : nasi lemak , chicken rendang nasi lemak, roast pork rice and BBQ pork rice

We chose for our meal : wantan mee in black sauce and dry noodle with chicken curry

The black sauce wantan mee  had a bland and one dimensional flavour – it was salt-ish  and that was it, the char siu was hard and dry. The wantan skin was too thick and they were not very generous with the filling. my makan kaki said that the sauce tasted funny…( almost as funny as the toys at Tesco ?)

I had the curry mee, sad to say, the flavour was again one dimensional, it was salty and that was it, the expected fragrant of curry was not present. There were 3 large pieces of chicken in the bowl , tenderness was ok but lacking in taste. The potatoes were soft and melt in the mouth and the deep fried wanton was much more palatable than the soupy version.

The side dish consist of 1 piece of fish ball, 2 piece of otak-otak  and 5 pieces of fried wanton. The fish ball was not too bad, springy and taste was good. The otak2 came covered in banana leaves, a bit of spiciness but I can’t make out what it was- taste wise was ok.

 For fruits- we were served papaya and watermelon.

The ambience was good, the place looked very clean and presentable.

Overall – a so-so meal. Based on what we ate, I don’t think there will be a follow up visit.

Location :

45G, Jalan Kuchai Maju 1, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 – 7982 8272



Tis the season for dimsum, tra la la la la, la la la la..

A few weeks back , we saw the advert for the Grand Opening  ( 25th Oct 2010) of a dimsum restaurant at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park and so today, decided to give it a try. Although a map was provided, we had to divert a few times ( no, it’s not that difficult to find – maybe I was arrogant and thought that I know Kuchai Lama too well ) and finally resort to calling up the restaurant to get their location. Kudos to the staff who answered my call, apart from being very patient to provide the directions, he also called me a while later,  to check that we have made it to the restaurant.

Stepping into Restaurant Dim Sum Yum Char, I felt like breaking into a song, kong si fa chai’s related songs that is, as the place was decorated with red and pink cherry blossoms, red lanterns, Chinese paintings on the wall, miniatures Chinese outfits etc etc. Pic below – the serving counter ( nope, u can’t see the red lanterns from this view)where the staff collect the food and deliver them to you.Unlike the usual dimsum place where you get to choose from the trolley laden with various dimsum, here – you get a menu and order from the waiter/waitresses. And the best thing is —- Chinese tea is for free ! and so’s coffee and tea ! The interesting bit  is- you get to brew your own Chinese tea, there is a corner where the teapots,  tealeaves and hot water  are stored ( there are 5 types of tea available ; iron goddess of mercy ( Thit Kun Yum), Chrysentimum and Pu Er ( KukPou ) , fragrant single tree ( Thuk Shue Heong), Fragrant bits ( Heing Phin) and  Pu Er. You choose the teapot that you like, you choose the tea that you like and you can refill your pot whenever you like ..This free drinks thingy must be a promo thingy, as the menu did say that teas are chargable at RM1.80/pax ( and for premium  teas- RM4.80/pax)  . Umm…for coffee and English tea , sorry – you don’t get to DIYChar Siew Pao  (RM3.60 ) – the pastry was a bit flat as opposed to a fluffy texture, the filing didn’t have too much of fatty meat , taste wise- ok lahSteamed beancurd roll (RM4.00) – the beancurd skin  was a bit tough and chewy but the filling was tasty  and so was the sauce – niceFried beancurd roll ( RM4.00) – we ordered this by mistake, must have given the wrong code, …but anyway, no harm done as we like beancurd rolls. This was nice, the filing was different as the steamed version, where the steamed version had meat, the fried ones seemed to be filled with fresh prawns, and ahh..who would have known that a western thing like mayo will go so well with dimsum  ? Turnip cakes (RM4.00) – this taste a bit floury to me, there were some bits of charsiew or some meat thingy  in the cakes, texture wise rather like yamcake ( I dunno, the turnip cakes that I ate before this were usually rather soft, crumbly  and maybe a bit more salty)   anyway-  this was ok lahHakka style yam dumpling ( RM4.00) – the skin was nice and smooth, the yam was rather subtle- I tasted more meat than yam. The gravy had vinegar in it, making it rather sour-ish .Overall-an enjoyable meal, service was good ( attentive staff) but food was a bit slow- but maybe it was the big crowd ( the place was packed). Total bill came to RM21.55 ( service + Govt tax included) .Hey, suggest you head down to  Restaurant Dim Sum Yum Char ASAP and take advantage of the promo !

 Hours : Mon – Sun ( 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Location :

Kuchai Avenue Block KA 2, 1-10. Lot 2-10,

No, 39, Jalan Kuchai Maju 13,

Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,

Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 KL

Tel : 79808966, 016 3056751

( After you see McD (on your left) , there will be a block /commercial area (Sri Desa Entrepreneur Park) which houses the infamous Kam Hin ( highly recommended -you should give this a try if you hadn’t) and beside this is another commercial area Kuchai Business Park, which housed Kafe Indulge  , between these two commercial area is a road leading to the Kuchai Avenue Condo –turn into this road , Restaurant Dim Sum Yum Char  is at the ground floor of the condo block, turn right after the gate – and you will see the restaurant – you can park at the basement ( chargeable or park in front of the restaurant if there are  empty slots . A word of caution – dun cincai bo chai park your car when you are in the condo compound, we saw a few cars with the wheels clamped by the  security guards , anyway, you get to redeem a plate of dimsum with your parking ticket ( we were a bunch of cheapskates, we parked outside the compound 🙂 )

Nowadays, almost every conversation will either be about : our more-scandalous-than-a-Jackie-Collins-novel politicians or  how-can-you-compare-Malaysia-petrol prices- to-a non-oil-producing-country- petrol-prices or why-everything-increase-already-but-salary-not-yet-increase conversation.


I think that Malaysians are now more cautious about spending on the unnecessary, better save up for a rainy day horr ?  With that in mind, it was a surprise that when we arrive at Kim Hin (~ 9a.m) it was a full house, full full house, not an empty table in sight, which raise the expectation of the quality of the food even more.


We didn’t order the usual har-kau or siu mai or fish balls. But being partial to yam, I can’t resist ordering the Wu-kok and I am glad I did, the outer layer was crunchy and the inner yam layer was thick and melt in the mouth.

The fried dumplings – I think they are dumplings anyway, and I may be wrong-( the one in the longish plate in the pix above) that was very good. The round stuff on the top right  is a bit oily and the taste is pretty bland-not something I would order in my future visit.


The fish paste in nori sheets..hmmmm…the  taste of  the seaweed blends so well with the fish paste that nothing can go wrong (unless you have very lousy fish paste).


Fish paste in beancurd skin ( fu-chork)-  good .

Samosa prawns -you have the whole prawn (and more) wrapped in the wan-tharn skin –good



The porridge- I was expecting century eggs in the porridge but it was salted eggs instead and the texture was so fine and smooth- another good choice




To me, a  dimsum meal  would not be complete without char siu  pao, – just look at the picture, looking at it makes you happy , got or not ? say yes, say yes..

there were a bit of parsley  in the pork filling , which makes it even more tastier.



I am no fan of Chu Cheong Fun so that didn’t get to our table, but they seemed to have a lot of fans at Kam Hin.

The crowd waiting patiently for a table:                                       





Saw an interesting signboard for a restaurant beside Kam Hin,  in case you don’t read Chinese, the name of the shop is  ‘No signboard ‘ seafood restaurant ( M.C.P is the abbrev for  ‘mou chiew phai’)






Location : Jalan 1/116B Sri Desa Entrepreneur Park, Kuchai Lama ,

Go straight into Kuchai Entepreneur Park shophouse , Kam Hin is at the row of shophouses just after  Shell . Opposite is Sri Desa Condominium.