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I would have gladly go for the Logganisa (pork sausage) at the hotel for breakfast that day but being the kind host that he is , D  wanted me try some other food, so off we went to Dencia’s at General La Luna Street .

 Dencia’s seemed to be the place to go to for Davao-Chinese type of cuisine. I wasn’t sure what was good and what D wanted me to try  so  I leave it to them to do the ordering. So nice lah , no worries in the world , with good company and just wait for food to be served. I must have done something right sometime somewhere 🙂T had this fried fish thingy plus 2 sunny side up eggs – served with rice B had beef tapa which he said was good.

And I had lugaw ( porridge) – the chicken lugaw ( plus 1 boiled egg as an add on) was good. The porridge was smooth and very tasty. Hey, now I know the Filipinos can cook a mean porridge !

And we also ordered  Tokwat Boboy to go with our lugaw . Tokwat Baboy is tofu ( tau kwa – i.e those hard tofu) with pork – tender piece of pork from the pig’s ear to be more exact. I checked  some sites for  Pinoy recipes – ingredients for  tokwat boboy normally  include soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, onions and garlic. This is the perfect partner for lugaw – it was full of rich flavours, the pork pieces were tender and tasty,  the braised tofu had absorbed the gravy and with each bite the release of the gravy whet your appetite for more lugaw. Yummm

Then, D said, you should try the roasted pork, nothing like what you get in Malaysia. So, we ordered more pork ( no one was complaining, definitely not me) to the table. And D was right, this is not like our siew yoke ( BBQ pork) , I am not sure how to describe it, but the pork tasted really good, the meat was tender and succulent. Mighty good pork !

Overall, a very enjoyable meal. Thanks D !

Davao Dencia’s Restaurant
General Luna Street, Davao City
across JS Citimall Ilustre
Telephone Numbers: (082) 227 6777;  226 4336