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It was the time of the year to locate a suitable makan place for the important reunion dinner at the eve of Chinese new year. A friend had recommended that we try out Loon Sing located in Nilai. About 6 weeks before the occasion, we called to reserved a table  and also asked for the Chinese new year menu. The set menu range from RM680 up to more than RM2000. A few calls were made to Loon Sing to discuss the menu , we selected the RM1088 ++ set. We were allowed to make a few changes to the set menu to cater for our needs.

 The journey from home to Loon Sing took about 1 hour and once we arrived at Loon Sing , wowww…we were impressed  by the sheer size of this restaurant. It was HUGE. As we walked to our table, we walked passed large rooms filled with tables ( and diners) ,  expectations were running  very very high, we must have finally found a restaurant that can serve good quality food even with the heavy crowd.Our Menu :First up- the highlight of the day – Buddha Jump Over The Wall. I dug into my bowl and found : dried scallops , piece of shark fin, mushroom, chicken, sea cucumber and abalone. The first sip..hmmm..nice strong aroma of abalone and scallops, halfway through the soup I found it a bit salty and it became a bit of a chore  to finish the soup. That’s what they say about too much of a good thing…..Braised pork ribs cooked in white lemon sauce – the pro : the meat was tender. The con – the taste was a bit too rich and overpowering, This taste like the cooking style of Mongolian ribs. I must admit at first bite it was delicious but after that,  the (over) richness of the taste got to me and it felt a bit ‘jelak’ and some of the pieces were more fat than meat.Prawn balls- ahh, the presentation was eye catching , as for the taste it felt short. It taste of more batter than prawns and the sweetness of the prawns were not present. The test was that none of the kids took up the offer of having seconds. They did not like the corn that was stuff in the prawn ballsSteamed fish –this was one of the redeemers of the day. The fish was fresh, meaty and cooked just right. Nice and simple. Loon Sing specialty Noodles (small)  – this was something extra we added, just in case some of the dishes were not suitable for the  kids. Sad to say, the taste was a bit off for us, I am not sure lah, maybe we are used to Cantonese cooking style and Loon Sing’s Hock Chew style might not be the style that we liked. And for the record – the fishballs were tasteless.We replaced the Yee Sang with ‘Loh Hon’ vegetable. Taste wise – you can refer to comments for noodles above.  The taste was one dimensional and boring. People were fidgeting in their seats . Things were not looking good.In the original menu, the fish maw was cooked in Hock Chew style – when we were deciding on the menu a few weeks back, the waitress said the flavour was sourish and sweet and could be an acquired taste. So she suggested to change the cooking style to the usual braised fish maw. Sad to say, another disappointment. I must say it reached a point where it wasn’t easy to distinguish this dish from the Loh Hon vegetable dish for both taste and appearance.Dessert – yam and glutinous rice. Appearance wise not very appetizing but glad to say that taste wise this was enjoyable, the yam mud was smooth and sweet and the glutinous rice wasn’t too heavy, a good combination.Dessert – Pamelo mango ( I think) puree. We enjoyed this. The flavour was good – mango-ish with the pamelo bits adding dimension to the smooth sweet puree.The total bill for 12 pax– plus soft drinks for the kids , beers and Chinese tea came to about RM1220

Overall – a mediocre dinner.

NB: another comment- Loon Sing must not forget to monitor the cleanliness of their toilet during the heavy crowd.


 Location ( map can be found at their website)  :

PT 2484 Kawasan Perindustrian Nilai 2

Block D, 71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Tel : 06 7997787

A friend loan me a book ‘Ang Pow Tanglong 2’, published by One Publisher. This is available at Popular Bookstore for RM18. I decide to save on CNY decoration and try my hands on making my own decoration.

 You will need : 48 angpow packets of the same size, cellophane tape, tassels , scissors , stapler, cardboards ( old greeting cards will do), string/rope  and a bit of patience .


1.Cut cardboards to be able to fit into the angpows . You will need 24 pieces of this.2.Put cardboards into angpows and seal.

3.Tape the angpows vertically  to form the shape as below. The final shape is a hexagon.4.Repeat No.3 with the angpow aligned horizontally 5. Unseal 6 angpows and staple to the hexagon. ( as this will be longer than the sealed angpow, we have created a protruding layer6. Repeat no.5  for the horizontal layer. Below is the end effect.

7. Cut an angpow into 2 , roll each piece to form a hollow cylinder,secure with cellophane tape .  repeat until you have created 24 cylinders.8. Stick a cylinder each to the top and bottom of the vertical hexagon9.Repeat the same to the horizontal layer10. String a rope between the section of the vertical hexagon . If you would like to include a tassel, tie it at the bottom of the hexagon11. Place the horizontal hexagon on top of the vertical hexagon. and secure the rope. You have now in possession  – a beautiful lantern. 12. If you would like a simpler version of the lantern, You could stop after step 4 , apply 6  cylinders to the edges of the horizontal layer and continue with step 10. for this simpler version you will need  27 angpows. 

The plan was to have dinner at 7 and then proceed to catch a movie at 8:45pm at GSC at Megamall. And what happened was we only arrived at the restaurant around 7:30. The restaurant seemed to be running a full house for dinner on first day of CNY.Luckily we had reserved a table and had pre-ordered – a la carte menu plus some new year dishes 1 week  before the occasion.  

At about 8pm, we managed to get the waiter to start serving and we asked for the dishes to be served quickly and the staff  were most cooperative. The sequence of the dishes served weren’t according to the norm, but we are not stickler for all that, what we want is to be fed ,finish all the dishes and not be late for our movie!

First up was Fried Imperial Crispy chicken (RM45), the kids fought over the keropok and unveiled the chicken. The chicken was rather good, crispy skin, tender and tasty meat, and the whole dish was gone after about 5 mins ( apart from rushing for time, we were seriously very hungry too ) 

Vegetable and fresh scallop (RM80), deja-vu ? we started to joke that we are having the same menu as what we ordered for our reunion dinner the previous night ( read here) . I must say that this was so much tastier that what we had the night before ! The vegetable were nicely fried, crunchy and fresh , vege include :  lotus root, celery, sweet pea, magnolia petals ( pak hup) and carrots. The scallops were fresh and juicy. Yummm..


A plate of wax meat combo was brought to our table and at the side table, the waiter was mixing up the rice in the casserole –Steamed rice with wax meat in casserole. My mouth is watering as I write this, remembering the warm and fuzzy feeling I had when I took the first spoonful of the rice. The rice was charged with the fragrance of wax meat, the oil, the aroma..aaayyaahhhh….so very the nice one..the texture of the rice was very good too. And you might have noticed that normally rice are served at the end of the meal, but then, in our rush,  there was no longer any order . Although I absolutely love the rice, I was reluctant to finish it..wanting to save space for the other dishes..but it was tooo tempting..i emptied my bowl.


Oh..i forgot to mentioned the wax meat : Chinese sausage ( lap cheong -nice, not too much oily bit),  Liver sausage ( yune cheong- an acquired taste , and I acquired that ..haha..i love yune cheong, this was nice too), wax duck ( lap ngap- not as salty , maybe all the flavours had gone to the rice ?), wax meat ( lap yoke- kinda tough and tasteless)


Roast pork and Char Siu (RM60), the roast pork was average. I find the char siu a bit too lean and maybe that was why it was kinda tough. But this  was also cleaned up in 10 mins.


Braised dried oyster & sea cucumber with mushroom, the mushrooms were thick and succulent, dried oyster with that distinctive taste..ahhh…springy sea cucumber in tasty gravy and surrounded by blanched broccoli. Again the comparison crop up with the earlier meal, and this was so much more tasty and enjoyable. Nice.


At this point, everyone at the table were showing signs of being full, i.e. they start to fidget, play with their food, walk to the loo, look around at the other tables, look at the CNY decorations etc and luckily we are down to our last dish :  Steamed cod fish. When the dish arrived, it was like wow…they are out to slaughter us la..sooo many pieces of cod fish ! do we need all much is this going to cost, back to the fish..this was slightly overdone. The section at the surface was a bit dry, although the insides were succulent and soft. The soy sauce was simple yet tasty.  It was pleasant, but maybe a bit too much for all of us at this point of the meal. (FYI, this dish came to ~RM140)


Overall- a good meal and the gang seemed to want to come back next year . The bill ( including some softdrinks ) came up to ~RM700, which was reasonable and for comparison sake comparison – then last night meal seemed a bit exorbitant !

And guess what ?  we completed 7 dishes in 45 minutes ! and even managed to get some popcorn for the show.

Spring Valley is part of the Tai Thong group

Spring Valley Chinese Restaurant

Lot G (E) 018, 19 & 20
Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +603-2938 8668

Map above extracted from Tai Thong website.

Not that dificult to find , head towards Boulevard Hotel’s lobby, exit from the lobby and  Spring Valley is just a few doors