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Greetings from Sibu !  Some renewed focus on East Malaysia ( work la…not holiday ! boss say go, I go lorrr) , hence the recent opportunity to go makan-makan in East Malaysia- which has always been a pleasure.

After a brief discussion with Mr Host and his team,  shaking hands with the higher ups and catching up with some old acquaintances,  , we hopped off to lunch at New Capitol Restaurant, which was only a few steps away from our hotel – TanahMas

What we had for lunch …

Bidin / Midin  – this is a type of fern – which grows in the wild, the fern was stir fried in belacan ( prawn paste) .The ferns were tender , succulent and not a hint of rough fibers, The taste of belacan was very light and one could fully appreaciate the texture  of the Bidin.

Soup – not sure what is soup is called, appearance and viscosity wise- it resemble sharkfin soup minus the sharkfin. Among other ingredients ,there were mushrooms, crabmeat , egg shreds and some pickled vegetable in the soup , I find that the pickled vegetable bits caused a bit of ‘imbalance’ to the otherwise smooth taste.

Pomfret fillet in sweet sauce- I am not a fish person ( I think I mentioned in some past postings that I am the kind that preferred fried kembung fish to those big meaty expensive fish – yeah..such ignorance… ) .back to the fish…the fish meat was filleted , deep fried and served with the ‘original’ frame and bathed in a sweetish sauce. This was beautiful…ahh.. the fish was slightly crispy but although deep fried the freshness and sweetness of the fish can still be savoured. Mr Host dropped so many pieces of the fillet on my plate that it was embarrassing – I appear so greedy  with the many many pieces of the delicious pomfret fillet glistening in brownish sauce piled on my plate. I bowed my head  in shame and greedily empty my plate b 🙂 . The rest of the people at the table had to fight over the cruncy fins and fish head.

Tofu – this was topped with lots and lots of fried onions, deep fried dried prawns , spring onions and thick black sauce.  I wasn’t too keen for the tofu but after one bite..hey, this was delicious ! the crunchy topping ,  the firm tofu and the sauce was a pretty good combination in terms of texture and taste. Yum.

Steamed chicken and roast duck – the chicken was smooth and tender . The particular section of roast duck that was served to us was a bit too bony, weren’t that much meat but still it was tasty nice to chew on.

Mixed fruit platter – the pamelo was perfect – sweet and  tangy  , the pineapply – sweet and juicy, the papaya – sweet and firm. This was a perfect 10 fruit platter

Overall – an enjoyable meal.


 New Capitol Restaurant

46, Jalan Kampung Nyabor , Sibu

Tel : 084 326 066

When times were good , the company used to indulged in Chinese new year dinners for customers and for a few times, these dinners were held at Starview Restaurant, and I would most probably be in my new year outfit, something with a Chinese collar , in red probably …. and get mistaken for being one of the kitchen help…well, since times have not been so good…these were some of the perks that were discontinued…ah..that put me in a somber mood…

Anyway…back to the present..

At that time of our visit recently, Starview was having a steamboat lunch promotion thingy for RM18/pax- which seemed rather  reasonable but as we didn’t feel like cooking our own meal, we decided to have rice and order some dishes ( and ours was the only table to do so)

From the picture in the menu, 6 spring rolls fit snugly onto a plate, so we thought, ok- that will do…and when the popiah (RM12)  arrived..they were very much larger ! we could have been happy with just 1 .The filing was tasty- well seasoned meat and vegetable wrapped in beancurd skin ( fu churk) . Tasted kinda like woo kok (yam pastries). Nice..


Codfish in pounded ginger (RM30)  – when the fish arrived at our table,  covered in green gravy, I thought that there has been some mistake, ginger- where got green one ? anyway, there was no mistake lah. The flavour of spring onion seemed to overpower that of ginger but hey, no complaints, this was nice, the fish was steamed just nice –  sweet and succulent .


Broccoli with prawns (RM20) – it’s always like this, it happens everywhere …. when we order some vegetable with prawns, the prawns always manage to turn the table, shining the spotlight on itself screaming Me ! Me ! Look at Me! I saw more prawns than vegetable and some cold fear creep into my heart..…how much will we be charged for these delicious sweet, fresh and succulent M-sized prawns…


Fried Tofu (RM10) – Deep fried tofu….there were nothing in the tofu but more tofu, yeah..if this was fried tofu with know what could have happened ! anyway, plain it may be, but in taste- this was not bad, crispy deep fried outer layer and soft on the insides, the aroma of tofu permeates the taste buds with each bite..hmmm..


Overall, a rather enjoyable meal..and i hope they bring back the company Chinese New Year dinner 😀

Starview Restaurant (Prai) Sdn Bhd.,

2832-2834, Jalan Baru,

Bandar Prai Jaya,

13600 Prai

(Kompleks Megamall Penang- China town)

Tel : 04-397 1221/222

 The main Starview Restaurant is at Penang Island : Burmah Road –Tel : 04 226 6544/5213

The plan was to have dinner at 7 and then proceed to catch a movie at 8:45pm at GSC at Megamall. And what happened was we only arrived at the restaurant around 7:30. The restaurant seemed to be running a full house for dinner on first day of CNY.Luckily we had reserved a table and had pre-ordered – a la carte menu plus some new year dishes 1 week  before the occasion.  

At about 8pm, we managed to get the waiter to start serving and we asked for the dishes to be served quickly and the staff  were most cooperative. The sequence of the dishes served weren’t according to the norm, but we are not stickler for all that, what we want is to be fed ,finish all the dishes and not be late for our movie!

First up was Fried Imperial Crispy chicken (RM45), the kids fought over the keropok and unveiled the chicken. The chicken was rather good, crispy skin, tender and tasty meat, and the whole dish was gone after about 5 mins ( apart from rushing for time, we were seriously very hungry too ) 

Vegetable and fresh scallop (RM80), deja-vu ? we started to joke that we are having the same menu as what we ordered for our reunion dinner the previous night ( read here) . I must say that this was so much tastier that what we had the night before ! The vegetable were nicely fried, crunchy and fresh , vege include :  lotus root, celery, sweet pea, magnolia petals ( pak hup) and carrots. The scallops were fresh and juicy. Yummm..


A plate of wax meat combo was brought to our table and at the side table, the waiter was mixing up the rice in the casserole –Steamed rice with wax meat in casserole. My mouth is watering as I write this, remembering the warm and fuzzy feeling I had when I took the first spoonful of the rice. The rice was charged with the fragrance of wax meat, the oil, the aroma..aaayyaahhhh….so very the nice one..the texture of the rice was very good too. And you might have noticed that normally rice are served at the end of the meal, but then, in our rush,  there was no longer any order . Although I absolutely love the rice, I was reluctant to finish it..wanting to save space for the other dishes..but it was tooo tempting..i emptied my bowl.


Oh..i forgot to mentioned the wax meat : Chinese sausage ( lap cheong -nice, not too much oily bit),  Liver sausage ( yune cheong- an acquired taste , and I acquired that ..haha..i love yune cheong, this was nice too), wax duck ( lap ngap- not as salty , maybe all the flavours had gone to the rice ?), wax meat ( lap yoke- kinda tough and tasteless)


Roast pork and Char Siu (RM60), the roast pork was average. I find the char siu a bit too lean and maybe that was why it was kinda tough. But this  was also cleaned up in 10 mins.


Braised dried oyster & sea cucumber with mushroom, the mushrooms were thick and succulent, dried oyster with that distinctive taste..ahhh…springy sea cucumber in tasty gravy and surrounded by blanched broccoli. Again the comparison crop up with the earlier meal, and this was so much more tasty and enjoyable. Nice.


At this point, everyone at the table were showing signs of being full, i.e. they start to fidget, play with their food, walk to the loo, look around at the other tables, look at the CNY decorations etc and luckily we are down to our last dish :  Steamed cod fish. When the dish arrived, it was like wow…they are out to slaughter us la..sooo many pieces of cod fish ! do we need all much is this going to cost, back to the fish..this was slightly overdone. The section at the surface was a bit dry, although the insides were succulent and soft. The soy sauce was simple yet tasty.  It was pleasant, but maybe a bit too much for all of us at this point of the meal. (FYI, this dish came to ~RM140)


Overall- a good meal and the gang seemed to want to come back next year . The bill ( including some softdrinks ) came up to ~RM700, which was reasonable and for comparison sake comparison – then last night meal seemed a bit exorbitant !

And guess what ?  we completed 7 dishes in 45 minutes ! and even managed to get some popcorn for the show.

Spring Valley is part of the Tai Thong group

Spring Valley Chinese Restaurant

Lot G (E) 018, 19 & 20
Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall
Mid Valley City
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +603-2938 8668

Map above extracted from Tai Thong website.

Not that dificult to find , head towards Boulevard Hotel’s lobby, exit from the lobby and  Spring Valley is just a few doors