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This year,  for berbuka puasa fare,  we took a drive to Putrajaya, actually, I am not sure where the pasar ramadan will be at, but decided to head on to the masjid area where I thought it could be at, after asking around and driving around, we saw some buntings with the information that we were looking for  —- the Putrajaya Pasar Ramadan is at at  Precinct 2, the open area opposite the Ministry of Finance. The pasar is open from 4:00 – 7:30 pm.

After disembarking from our car,  parked along the same row as the Ministry of Finance, noticed that the were yellow lines along the road but as it was a Sunday, should be ok guarr  ? We walk across the road to the pasar where even more cars are parked by the roadside ( also with yellow lines) ,  we then saw 1 policeman busy writing summons and another was lifting a car wiper to secure a summon . And  before you can say ‘keropok lekor’ , we got back to our car , drove further up the road, make a U-turn ( legal, of course) and then parked our car at the designated car park area which was in front of the pasar.

Ahh…you could smell the aroma of food, see the smoke where some deep frying or panggang-ing are taking place before stepping into the pasar..


A lot of stuff on sticks to choose from : fishballs, fish fingers, chicken liver, hot dog, filaments sticks, and stuff not on sticks too, fried chicken, fish etc…

 on sticks

Noodles in big kuali…


Rows of Otak-otak being grilled


There is a stall where you can choose the sotong, ikan pari, other ikans that you fancy and the abang will slapped  some sauce  on these, and cook them on a banana leaf  over the grill

 panggang everything

I was surprised to see a queue, maybe it’s just the courteous Putrajaya folks, but..this is the only stall where people are queuing up rather than crowd around the stall..


And it’s all for …. ten ten tenn….Roti John, must be good stuff…

 roti john

The innovative air tebu seller, I checked the’s clean..don’t worry..


Ikan and ayam percik – the colour, the aroma…


Many species of Ikan being panggang-ed 


The infamous Kampung Baru Bubur Lambuk..

 bubur lambuk

The more ‘modern’ buka puasa fare – pizza , wasn’t that popular with the Putrajaya crowd..


Apam in various stages of gestation ..


BBQ Lamp shanks..the abang manning the stall said to me ‘ you want a whole kambing also got, please call me, I can arrange, anytime..’


Jus Ori..

 Jus ori

My buka puasa choice :  Nasi kerabu + a piece of chicken wing + solok lada ( stuffed chili ) = RM5

I noticed that there weren’t that many stalls selling  kuih-muih at the Putrajaya pasar ramadan , there were more stalls selling ‘proper’ meal  rather that the ‘dessert’ part of the buka puasa fare. The 2 most popular stall  : the Roti John stall ( mentioned above) and the ‘ayam golek / ayam pusing’ stall .. this is a more hi-tech version, where the ayam were pusing-ed  inside an oven rather that in the open fire


Pasar Ramadan Putrajaya

Precinct 2

( To avoid summonses, please park your car at designated parking area !)


Although I never sahur or puasa, I can still berbuka puasa, right ah ?

chicken wings

chicken wings


Ayam golek

Ayam percik
Ayam percik
Ikan cencaru sumbat

Ikan cencaru sumbat

Ikan Pari goreng etc

Ikan Pari goreng etc




Murtabak is also commonly found in Yemen ,  where it is called Motabbag (Arabic: المطبّق) which means “The Folded” so the name could be of Arabic origin. ( 

Nasi ayam

Nasi ayam

All packed and ready to go

All packed and ready to go

fishballs, nuggets and friends

fishballs, nuggets and friends

Buat baik berpada-pada

Buat baik berpada-pada

Roti John

Roti John

Origin of the name Roti John according to Wikipedia : The origin of the ‘John’ in the name is allegedly due to the Western origin of the Baguette and the tomato sauce used in the dish. During the years of British Colonial rule, all Caucasians and Westerners were colloquially and affectionately referred to as ‘John’ in Malay,  and as such, the nickname of ‘Roti John’ (literally ‘John Bread’) was easily arrived at.

Water colours

Water colours



 Selamat Berpuasa!!


C was invited to a Ramadan Preview Dinner from The Gardens Hotel & Residences and asked me would I like to come along. And of course I said yes.

 Our group consist of a mix of colleagues and family members. Some  of us left from the office ( and it was actually one of the guys that had to go home for a shower plus a change of clothes, whereas the ladies just did some  lipstick touch-up at the office )  and arrived  at 7.15 pm. We started our food exploration without any delay. That is the beauty of buffet dinner lah, dun need to wait until everyone is at the table. I was afraid that we might be too early and show too much of eagerness (greediness)  but found that more than half of the tables at The Spread were already taken up.

In the invitation, they mentioned the  ‘must-eat’ items  :- roast whole lamp with mint jelly, seafood on ice, selection of suishi and sashimi, BBQ counter, authentic Malay dishes and mouth watering desserts.

There were 2 soups – pumpkin  soup or soup ekor, I opted for pumpkin soup but the soup ekor looks pretty good with lots of meat and stuff .

The BBQ counter,  tenggiri or ikan pari wrapped in banana leaf, sotong, grilled prawns, some other fish species ( I forgot, sorry). The tenggiri was nice and I enjoyed the sotong.

 Not a fan of raw stuff, I didn’t check-out the sashimi although this seemed to be the most popular counter as everytime I walk past, there will be someone filling or re-filling their plates, and  I see thickly cut salmon slices on the counters. There were also oysters, prawns at the seafood counter

 There are also some hawker fares counter  like – curry laksa, soto ayam, chicken rice, fish balls soup.

The Salad bar,


The Malay dishes include :  lamb curry- tender and tasty, nice, ayam masak merah, la-la, curry prawns, curry fish, crabs, lemang+ ketupat and serunding,And also some rojak, plus tempeh, tauhu, taugeh etc

The staff will do refills for the plain water,  there is also a self service counter for drinks with include : ice lemon tea, air bandung or soya bean drink. Tea, coffee and teh tarik are also available

The cut fruits are placed beside the local desserts, but if you would like the fruit to be ‘exclusive’ to you, alone, one can go to the counter and select a fruit ( including : pears, plums, guava, dragon fruit or mango) and pass it to the staff behind the counter and these will be cut specially for you.

For desserts :- Some local desserts plus some ‘western cakes- cheese cakes, black forest, carrot cake, self service Ice kacang, waffles, Tau Fo Far ( soya bean curd) – very smooth, kwai leng kou.


The ice-cream flavors was ‘interesting’ – the only 2 flavors that I normally associate with ice cream – vanilla and chocolate ( very very rich, bittersweet) and the rest include  : dried jackfruit, black sesame, wasabi..will we have mee-goreng flavoured ice cream next?

 Comments from around our table : The spread seemed pretty extensive to me, although when someone at our table commented that it’s not really that big- and that the  sauces takes up a lot of the counter space – and when I walk about again-  I think that I will have to agree. Other comments include that for some of the items – they do not replenish the items – I am not sure, maybe as this preview is complimentary, there are some constraints ? and also some comments for the ambiance, it’s a bit too bright- if the lights are a bit dimmer, it might feel a bit more exclusive and cozy.( and the yellow tiles at the lifts lobby looks a bit ‘Jang’-lah, looks a bit out of place in a 5 star hotel setting  wor.

The overall food quality rating from our table : average. ( the buka puasa spread is @RM98/pax and from 6:30 – 10:30 pm)


The Spread, Level 6,

The Gardens Mid Valley City,

Lingkungan Syed Putra,

59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 22681188