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My earliest association with the Germany was my pen-pal – Sabine,  back in my secondary school days. I guess in the age of e-mails, FB, twitter etc , pen-pals might be something obsolete..ah..the joy of getting a letter with the foreign stamps delivered by  the postman. Exposure to the German language was when Chunny took up German in Uni-days, and from that I got to learn one word- guten morgen.

Anyway, as you might have expected, this is another meal we purchased from the Groupon promotion.  The deal was inclusive of :

 It was a Saturday night , not a good choice to go to Bangsar Baru as parking can be atrocious, Chunny- my makan kaki for the day managed to spot a free spot at a backland not far from the House Frankfurt, Bravo ! The place was packed and in full swing when we arrived at about 8 pm. The setting was cozy . Our table which was at an enclosure near the end of the restaurant was set rather close to the next table, if I stretch, I could probably nick some garlic bread from our neighboring diner

First up, the soup, there were two choices, soup of the day and goulash. We ordered one of each. Did a www search on goulash and got to know that this thick stew/soup originate from the Hungarian cattle herders. There were generous amounts of beef cubes in this beef soup, this could have easily have  been a meal on  its own, The soup was very flavourful, rich but not too heavy.

We were also served with some garlic bread. Crispy, warm and garlicky – the way garlic bread should be !

Grilled knuckle of pork (RM52) with sauerkraut, mash potatoes and gravy. The knuckle was a fairly good size. The knuckle was covered by thick crispy grilled skin which didn’t take too much of an effort to cut through to get to the meat. The knuckle was lightly marinate and one could still taste the porky taste from the meat, so I guess tThe meat was lightly marinated which , not too tough, not too soft. This was quite enjoyable. I guess the correct way is to eat this with the skin, but after looking at the layer of fat underneath, I got a bit worried and did  my best to remove some of the bad fat before introducing it into my system. I found that the skin lost its crunchiness and turned slightly rubbery once the knuckle loss its heat. I must say that the sauerkraut is an acquired taste which I have yet to master. After checking from the wikipedia, I got to know that the sauerkraut is fermented by various lactic acid  bacteria. The sour flavour is a result of the acid that forms when the bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage

The other main course that we ordered was : Thueringer bratwurst, fried pork or chicken or veal sausage served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes.  We were served two sausages, one big and the other one smaller, I am not sure which is which, was in pork and chicken ? pork and veal ? chicken and veal ? I don’t know. But anyway, the bigger sausage had a more even texture and from someone like me who is only exposed to (cheap) frozen hotdogs, this was delicious, the texture was springy and very tasty. The smaller sausage was a bit tougher and both Chunny and myself prefer the larger version. Size does matter ?

You can view the menu by clicking here

Overall, an interesting and enjoyable meal, and I have added sauerkraut and bratwurst to my vocabulary.

 Operating hours : Open daily from 12 noon to midnight
Location :
House Frankfurt Restaurant
12, Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru.
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 2284 1624